For your information, there is some swearing and some sexual situations Just so you know DragonBallZ, Not mine. You have been warned.

(1-2) Author's Notes

"So, how do you intend to get Gohan to enter the Budokai?" Erasa asked as she placed a big bowl of popcorn and a liter bottle of coke on an end table next to a leather easy chair, "I doubt it will be as easy as just asking him." She stated as she traveled pass the chair on her way to the entertainment center where she turned on the PS2 as the PS2 loaded the game to it memory Erasa return to the easy chair and flopped down into and reached over the side and scooped up the controller in her hands. "Will it?"

Videl put her soda and a bag of chips on a table behind the leather couch, "You're probably right on that." Videl stated as she walked around to the front of the couch, "I'm not sure how to convince him to throw in with us." She continued while she picked the remote to her plasma TV, "I would like to test Gohan to see if he is as good as we suspect." Videl added as she turned on the plasma screen and surround sound system that was built in the plasma trumpeted the Lego version of the Star Wars theme through Videl's Entertainment room.

"That shouldn't be necessary from what we have heard in the old tapes of previous Budokai with members of the turtle school in them they use the afterimage trick a lot and I'm convinced that's what I saw Gohan use to escape the class room this afternoon." Erasa said as she made her character slashed through a squad of droids.

"Why didn't you tell me this sooner!" Videl said she turned her full attention to her best friend, "What did it look like? Did he do anything with his hands like hand gestures?" Videl asked, her voice full of curiosity and sparks of excitement in her eyes as she waved hers hands around.

Erasa let a giggle at strange creature that her best friend had turned into, "Sorry, no he didn't do any hand gestures or anything like that. It looked like a ghost or a hologram, you know it was um… translucent, yah that's the world."


"Very much so." Erasa agreed, "But we still don't how to get Gohan to enter the Budokai."

"I know." Videl replied.

"Maybe, we could sell his mom on the idea? After all that is where she got married."

"Definitely an option." Videl agreed, "Who knows maybe we could Blackmail him like Angela did."

"Are you sure he would fall for it again and what if he asks for proof this time."

"Tell him we have proof that he is Saiy-man."

"Or the Golden Warrior, faking that picture would be easier." Erasa pointed out

"How so?" Videl asked.

Well, You could pay Rose to alter a picture of Gohan, so it looks like the Golden Warrior."


"Yah, you know Rose Leto, the girl with purple hair with pink highlights and big round glasses she always wears some type of black top and those plaid skirts with the chains around her waist and don't forget the knee high boots." (1) Erasa moved a little closer and placed hand to the side of her mouth like she was going to whisper something, "Rumor has it she has more than her ears pierced." Erasa said with a smile

Videl rolled her eyes, "Whatever, I know who you are talking about now, but we don't what Gohan looks like when he is the Golden Warrior the few pictures there are of him are of pretty bad quality."

"I bet Gohan doesn't know that there are any picture of him as the Golden Warrior."

Videl caved in, "Let's at least ask Rose to take that picture and change the eye and hair color to that the Golden fighter."

"Right, I will call her right away." Erasa stated as she reached for the phone, "Oh yah, we are going to need some cash after all she is a starving artist."

Videl sighed, "Of course."

To Videl's opinion, Rose Leto was overdoing the artist's lifestyle. The studio apartment where she lived was on the edge of the artisans community towards the rougher part of town probably only reducing the rent by a couple hundred Zenni to her it looked just like the places she checked while in search of a safe house for to escape to if she felt it was time to leave her father sooner than he ever planned for if ever. "I would be hiding right now, if I had used my head and change what I was wearing but no I had to have a case of the stupids and I didn't disguise myself so every Landlord I meet knew exactly who I was. Some days I swear, I'm starting act more and more like Gohan." Videl could see all sorts of unfinished pieces scatter around the room filling the room. the scent of the incense was choking, Videl was sure that she could smell something else but it didn't matter to her.

"Let me get this straight. You want me to alter this image as it looks like Golden Warrior?" the Goth girl asked as she flopped down into her computer chair.

"You got it, Rose." Erasa answered.

"I am an artist, I cann't just degrade myself into some Thomas Kincaid lackey." The young woman said as she stuck her nose up and threw out an open hand in Videl's direction.

Videl had been expecting the demand for the money to graceful but it was the great Hercule money and she didn't mind throwing at every charity that she stumbled on. "I don't need Thomas Kincaid, I need a Marilyn Manson." Videl said as planted the cash in Leto's hand.

Rose's eyes bugged out at the wad of cash sitting in the palm of her hand, "I will be any thing you want." she stated as set the photo into the scanner.

Videl quickly slapped her hand over Erasa's mouth, "From the reported sightings of the Golden Warrior he has blue or teal eyes, the hair of course you know about, but this wasn't mention in the papers or T.V. is that he looked like he was on fire with golden flames."

"Like the group from the cell games?" Rose inquired as she work the scanned image.

"Exactly." Videl answered.

"I think I have seen this guy before." Rose commented.

"More than likely, he goes to our school." Videl answered.

"And you think that he is the Golden Warrior." Rose said not as a question but as a statement.

"You got it." Erasa yelled out from across the room.

"Too bad you didn't have some video, I would have sent you to an AV guy I know..." Rose said.

"For the right price." Videl cut in.

Rose to turned to Videl, "Exactly." She said with a blink.

"Where do you get barbed wire in the city?" Erasa asked from the other side of the room as She studied a piece hanging on the wall

"Well, at first I collected it off the top of chain link security fences till I fell and broke my arm. I came across a Farm supply catalogue and order it from them. It is so much easier plus I use the empty spools as bases on some of my productions." Rose answered.

"And cheaper medical bills." Videl quipped.


"Erasa, I don't think the blackmail is going to work." Videl stated as she and Erasa walked from Rose Leto's apartment."

"Why not?" Erasa asked then smirked an evil little smirk, "Could it be you are having a guilty conscious about tricking you chief love fantasy into rescuing you like some knight shining armor?"

"I'm not having sexual fantasies about Gohan wearing leather chaps and holding…" Videl instantly blushed, "And I said that out loud didn't I." Videl said more as a statement of truth than a question."

Erasa had a pink twinge to her cheeks, "Oh yea, you need to learn to not say exactly what you're thinking when you're mad and on a helpful note, that was way too much information." She said with her You can expect this to come back to haunt you later smiles.

"Anyway, as I was saying the blackmail might not work, because after that little incident with Angela some one namely you gave Gohan some pointers about blackmail."

"Oh yea, I guess blackmail is going to have to be a plan B, maybe we could try guilt or a combination of the two?"


"Yea, If you guilt trip Gohan about yesterday and he starts to hesitate We can corner him with the blackmail."

"We need a more solid anchor than guilt it has to be more…" Videl threw her hands up in disgust, "I don't know, something."

"I know, you could…"

"No!" Videl interrupted.

"But you didn't hear what I had to say."

"I didn't need to."

"Well, ok, Gohan seems pretty well whipped by his mom," Erasa scratched her head, "What if we made a deal with her?"

"It might work What should be offered?"

"I know, you could…"

"No!" Videl interrupted.

"But you didn't hear what I had to say."

"I didn't need to."

"Hmph, you take the fun out of life." Erasa huffed.

"Thank you."

"Well, let's see, Goku of legend was a bottomless pit and Gohan certainly follows in his dad's foot steps so I would be willing to bet his little brother is too and that must cost a lot to feed them."

"So long as this is just another way spend dad's unearned income, I don't want to end up married Gohan just to avoid getting married to some stranger."

"It could be worst."

"How's that possible?"

"Your might have be betrothed you to Sharpener, His family is very well connected you know old money."

"Or Benny."

"Ewww." Replied Erasa as involuntarily shuttered at the thought.

"I know."

"How much cash can you put up?"

"I get two point two million every month for selling my soul to a couple companies for me to sponsor their stuff. That is a third goes to charities, my agent and a pair of lawyers get a piece and the rest goes to my trust fund."

"Whoa, You have lawyers?" Erasa broken in.


"What do they do?"

"One of the does the tax law and writes the checks to the charities and the other deals with the people who sue me."

"Why didn't you ask them to break Your dad's deal?"

"They were working on it already when I called, but I have a feeling that it cann't be broken."

"So, you're still screwed."

"Yup." Videl sighed.

"Back to your money or should we say Chichi's."

"Who?" Videl asked in confusion.

"Gohan's mom, remember?"

"Uh, oh yah, I'm with you now."


"Duh on me. Anyways I have my escape cash of ten million buried out in the woods south east of the city, plus my trust fund that I can pull five hundred thousand form every month without having to have my Dad signature."

"You have ten million zenni burried out in the woods!" Eresa cried out.

"Yes! Yell it a little louder, I'm sure Gohan didn't hear you." Videl hissed as she looked around.

"Opps, Sorry." Eresa said as she also looked around.

"Whatever." Videl stated A little more calmly as realized that there was no one with ear shot.

"Lets see we have a little less than five months till the Budokai."


"That means there is only one thing to do."

"What's that?"

"Time to go shopping!" Erasa cheer as she latch on to her friend's arm and dragged to the mall.

"What!?!" Videl cried as Erasa dragged her away.

Erasa lead Videl towards the classroom with her usual cheerful smile. "Come on, Videl, its not going to be that bad."

"How can you say that?" Videl asked from just outside the classroom.

"Because today I'm going to be getting a bouquet of flowers with a big box chocolates and a new piece of jewelry." Erasa smiled.

"Not today." Videl mumbled.

Erasa smiled as she listened to her friend's mumblings. "She's not just hooked on Gohan but she swallowed the hook the line and the sinker!" (2) She thought as spotted her best friend's love interest looking very nervous as they approached it was clear that Gohan didn't see them enter the room. "So, Gohan, are you still fantasizing about Videl's boobs?"

"What? No!" Gohan managed to say with little stuttering.

"So, should I take it you have you moved on to other parts of my best friend?"

"Yes, I…" Gohan paused, "There is no right answer to that question. At least Videl didn't hear that" Gohan thought.

Videl stepped out from behind Erasa, "What part of me were you thinking about, Gohan?" Videl asked irately as she cracked her knuckles.

"Um, uh, oh, um." Gohan struggled.

"If we run him over the coals too much he might not be willing to help when the time comes." Videl thought as Gohan struggled with his current problem. "Ok, here is an easier question. What's in your hand?"

"Oh, um its for you." Gohan answered as he handed her the capsule. "I'm sorry, Videl, I didn't mean for that to happen. I hope you're not mad at Me." Gohan apologized.

"I'm not mad at you." Videl stated as she accepted the capsule.

"Videl is only mad at her father and his lawyer." Erasa injected.

"They make me want to punch them in the face."

"Why?" Gohan asked.

"Its not important." Videl blurted out before Erasa could answer. "Yet." Videl thought.

Erasa shot Videl puzzled look which Videl fired back an I will explain later look.

Gohan watch as Videl and Erasa passed looks between themselves, he had seen looks like that passed between his Mom and Bulma the most recent was when he was told that he would entering high school for purpose improving college entrance points. "Its still so strange, I'm smarter than most the teachers here. How would going to public high improve my chances into college?" Gohan had been puzzled by this same thought after the first couple weeks of school.

"So, Gohan, can I open it now?" Videl asked as she beamed a bright smile at Gohan.

Gohan smiled back, "You sure can, could you smile like that more?" "Wow what smile I wish she did that more often." Gohan thought.

"Why?" Videl asked as she activated the capsule.

"Because you look very cute with it." Gohan responded.

A pink twinge formed Videl's cheeks, "Thank you." Videl said as deployed the capsule on the desk.

With a poof and a breathe of wind from the air displacement of a object being pulled from capsule space and to the here and now. Where once a tiny capsule once laid, now sat a overnight bag.

Videl was decidedly confused, "Luggage, you got me luggage?" Videl asked with most confusion she could recall from some time.

"I don't get it." Erasa said as pulled her eyes off the travel bag and looked at Gohan. "Oh, Oh, I know, your telling Videl you want to go on a quiet romantic weekend, just the two of you and it with all sorts great stuff for you two to do alone." She said with a huge smiled and wiggled her eyebrows when she said alone.

Videl rolled her eyes, "Erasa..."

Gohan paled, "Videl, open the bag."

Author's notes:

.Well, I'm back form the dead, I have a new job that consumes a lot of my time so updates from this will be random at best.

(1) Think of eye glasses worn by Harry Potter.

(2) Not the most girlie of sayings since its about fishing, I do know some girls who say it but then again they are not the most girlie of girls