AN: I own nothing and no one portrayed here. "As the World Falls Down" belongs to David Bowie. I watched Labyrinth while working on "Starting Today" over the weekend and just had to include this song, the ballroom scene just seemed to match the mood I was setting with the Mardi Gras party, but somehow this felt like it should be separate.

{As such a sad love Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel Open and closed within your eyes I'll place the sky within your eyes}

*...tonight play make believe with Remy... *

Rogue was caught in a dream. That could be the only explanation for the strong arm that wrapped around her waist, holding her close against a lean but muscular body, the hand that cradled her smaller gloved one. If she's in a dream she doesn't have to admit that the warm mouth near her ear swears allegiance to her greatest enemy, that the hand that now held hers hadn't passed her a kinetically charged playing card just a week ago. If she suspended reality she could pretend, pretend that she wasn't the Death card in fate's deck, that her beautiful-eyed partner wasn't a demon with fire in his touch. That she was just an ordinary girl in the arms of a handsome stranger, dancing on a magical night.

{There's such a fooled heart Beating so fast in search of new dreams A love that will last within your heart I'll place the moon within your heart}

{As the pain sweeps through Makes no sense for you Every thrill has gone Wasn't too much fun at all But I'll be there for you As the world falls down}

She couldn't stop to wonder, couldn't allow herself to think of why he was doing this. That would wreck the mood, wreck the dream that she was surely in, because there was no possible way that she could be awake.

*Let me pretend, Swamp Rat. Let me pretend. I'll hate you for this tomorrow; I'll hate myself for it too, but right now I don't care. Let me have something sweet and dreamy, something I can lie about tomorrow but then keep close in my mind at night. I have so few dreams of my own anymore, my mind is so full of others. I need this. *

{I'll paint you mornings of gold I'll spin you valentine evenings Though we're strangers till now We're choosing the path between the stars I'll leave my love between the stars}

{As the pain sweeps through Makes no sense for you Every thrill has gone Wasn't too much fun at all But I'll be there for you As the world falls down}

Remy's head moved apart slightly from hers and she was caught in his glowing red gaze again, trapped as she was a week ago but that gaze was deeper this time, more intense and the room fell away from them both, catching them in the dream he was spinning. Nothing mattered anymore, just the beat of the music and the heat of their stare; the dream all the sweeter for how fleeting they both knew it was. Moments like these weren't to be questioned, regardless of how they came about or what came after; they were just to be experienced and remembered afterwards, separate from their normal flow of life. Isn't that what make believe is for?

{Makes no sense at all Makes no sense to fall Falling As the world falls down..}