Chapter 1

She slowly turned around, with a fixed smile on her face, while she contracted her muscles, as she prepared herself for a fight. "Pardon?" she replied venomously, as she looked straight at the felonious drunkard.

"I said me and me mates need some assistance and we believe you can help us so come over here." he half shouted in a drunken slur.

"I can't help you, I have to go now!" She replied again dangerously. "Sweetheart I want your help so come here now!" he shouted amid raucous laughter.

"I told you no!" she shouted back.

The laughter suddenly broke off. "Do you know who I am?" he threatened "I am a lieutenant in the royal army!" he shouted, "If you know what's good for you, than you will do as I say and get over here now!"

"I wouldn't waste my time; you're not even worth the fight!"

"You insolent little urchin!" he spat, his dignity hurt. There was total silence from his men now, who sat on wooden crates that were next to the stone wall in the narrow alley. They all looked stupidly at her and the lieutenant.

"I'm going to teach this one a lesson", he said laughingly as he tried to regain his self-esteem, he looked around at his men, who started to laugh and shout encouragement to the lieutenant and insults at the young lady. The lieutenant slowly slid his sword out of its sheath.

Already prepared for this action, she pulled her knees into her chest as she jumped off the ground, she then extended her legs in one sudden movement. She slammed both her feet directly into his chest, knocked him too the ground, and cracked four of his ribs.

His men who up until that point had laughed and encouraged the lieutenant in his cruel joke, suddenly fell silent, they all stared dumbfounded at the lieutenant, who gasped for breath and held his chest where he laid on the ground. Their stare moved from the injured lieutenant to the young lady that stood in a fighter stance a metre away from him.

"Don't just stand there, you idiots, get her, arrest her." Came the rasped order from the lieutenant. The armed men jumped out of their silent shock and into slow action. As the men surrounded her, she quickly counted the odds: nineteen to one. Completely surrounded by nineteen well built drunk guards, she steadied her feet, tensed her body and prepared to go down with a fight. The men around her had stopped where they waited for the order to attack.

"Get her!" shouted the lieutenant. The armed guards advanced on her. One asked her to come without a fight. To answer his suggestion she kicked the man that had spoken, and crushed his knee which made his leg bend out toward her. He yelled out in pain and collapsed to the ground. When they saw what this young lady had done to their comrade they gave a roar of anger and they screamed out insults to her.

She kicked out twice at stomach height and brought down the man that was next to the one with the crushed knee. She jumped into the air and spun around with her leg extended. She slammed her foot into the side of the guard's head, who was directly behind her. This guard immediately crumpled, because he had been hit directly on his left temple. The rest of the men yelled with rage and came all at once. She kicked and spat, her arms and legs struck everything that they could reach. It took six of the grown men to hold this warrior vixen down until one of the guards grabbed his spear and brought it's butt down on the young ladies head.

" Have you finally captured her?" asked their lieutenant who looked down at the unconscious lady who had cracked his ribs. " Come on pick 'er up, we'll chuck her in the cells and see how she fights her way out of them." He said as he spat on the ground beside her. The guard who had hit her across her head effortlessly picked her limp form up off the ground.

"She killed Staven,!" Exclaimed one of the guards, "Come on help me pick him up." He said as he motioned to the guard next to him. With difficulty they both heaved him off the ground and slowly made there way after the other guards, who travelled towards the centre of the town where the castle stood.

As they entered the gates, they called for somebody to 'fetch the captain of the guards and the king's armies', so he could sentence the young lady who had been slung over the shoulder of the guard that carried her. Unknown to any of her captors there young prisoner had regained consciousness. She immediately sized up her situation. She carefully eased her captor's sword half out of its sheath.

Everybody was too busy as they tended to the injured and explained to the captain of the guard, who had just arrived what had happened, too notice that there prisoner was conscious until too late. She was draped across her captors shoulder so that her head rested on the middle of his back. She bended her right leg back and kicked him hard in the face, his nose broke with a sickening snap. She grasped the sword with both her hands, swung her legs over his shoulder and her own head doing a back flip. In her momentum she pulled his sword out of its sheath and held it steady as her feet landed on the ground and her arms brought the sword up straight through his arm.

She turned around and brought the sword straight through his middle. All of this happened before his severed arm had hit the cobbled stones that he stood upon. The screams that had issued from him as his arm had been chopped off, alerted his companions who stared at the dead guard until the captain shouted orders for his men to 'capture her.'

Armed now with the sword and a dagger that she had also stolen from the guard, she stood fast. As she gathered her strength she slid the dagger into her sash that she wore around her waist. She grasped the sword in both hands held it in front of her, gave a war cry and charged the next guards. She sliced the air with an ominous and sophisticated pattern as she showed her advanced technique in an attempt to deter her assailants. The guards hesitated at her display of superior swordsmanship. As she approached the first guard he swung his sword at her. She immediately countered the attack with one sword stroke and knocked him off balance with the force of the blow. She spun around quickly and swung her sword. The whir of metal as her sword swung through the air announced her next attack. There was then the sound of metal as it sliced through flesh, and the dull thud as the guard's head hit the ground metres away from his body confirmed it. As she stepped over the decapitated body that twitched on the ground, she faced the next two guards. As she swung her blood covered sword at her opponents she cut deep into the side of one of the guards, which caused a fountain of blood to spurt from his mouth. Then in a diagonal movement she swung the sword and sliced from the guard's left side of his pelvis through the guard's muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and vital organs to his heart.

The next guard ran at her, his sword held out. She swung her sword and sliced straight through both of his hands. She then swung her sword again at head height, she sheared into his neck tissues and decapitated him. The next two guards ran at her at exactly the same time. One guard was a little bit shorter then his comrade, so when her sword came swinging through his friends neck and decapitated him it swung through the top of his skull which revealed the bloody insides of his head. The next three guards that charged at her were quickly disposed of, all three heads were sent flying across the courtyard. The next two guards both swung there swords at her head. She ducked just in time and swung her sword through both of there middles. She cut the next four guards down, with several quick sword strokes, she then moved onto the next two guards that ran at her with vicious looks on both there faces. She sheared the head of one of the guards, and then swung her sword which sliced the next guard's torso open, which let his entrails wriggle and spill out onto the cobbled stones in a pool of blood and body fluids.

The last two guards out of the original twenty were one of the guards who had carried Staven back to the castle. The other was the lieutenant. She swung her sword in an arc above her head, and brought it down straight through the middle of the guard's head, straight down to his jaw where she left it. She pulled the dagger out of her sash, and slowly approached the lieutenant. As he slowly backed away from the blood covered lady, he stumbled on the cobbled stones. In an instant she brought him to the ground where she knelt on his stomach. She held the dagger in both hands and drove it deep into the lieutenant's chest. As he breathed hard and spat blood he screamed as the dagger was twisted around in his chest and then slowly pulled out. She grabbed the dagger, and with a dark look in her eyes and an evil grin on her face, she started to skin the dead man's face. Unaware of the screams of some bystanders that had come to see what all the commotion had been about, or the shouts of the commander, or the troops that advanced, the young lady began to feast on the freshly skinned flesh of the dead lieutenant's face. Disgusted by this sight several of the weak stomached guards began to retch. One guard knocked her over the back of the head while two guards bound the blood covered lady's hands, and lifted her up by the arms and let her feet drag. As they held her this way they carried her down to the dungeons of the castle.

They made there way down to the dungeons surrounded by an escort of guards so the prisoner would not escape. The captain opened a door and travelled down the stairs followed by the two guards. They travelled down the straight corridor with solid oak doors on either side which issued violent screams and the murmurs of the deranged. They travelled down to the far end of the passageway where they stopped at a door that opened to reveal a dank, dark small cell. They pulled her over to the far wall where there were shackles attached to the wall. As they locked the shackles all the guards left the cell.

Later that night the captain of the guard and the royal army entered the passageway of the dungeon. The sound of his feet against the stone was drowned out by the screams of the hysterical prisoners. As he arrived at the cell that the young lady had been locked in, he heard unusual howls, snarls and snorts of rage and frustration from behind the door. As he unbolted the door the sounds suddenly stopped and were replaced by dead silence. Inside was the young lady, her hair a mess, her clothes ripped and blood stained, her face covered in dried blood and her mouth filled with foam. She had obviously been in a violent struggle to free herself from her bonds. As he entered the room he left the door half open, she glared at him in silence.

"What is your name?" he asked forcefully.


"I said what, is your name?!"

Again silence.

"I am the captain of the guard and the kings army you will answer me?!" he bellowed. She then began to slam the shackles against the wall, repetitively, as she continued to glare at him.

"Stop that!" he shouted.

"Stop it!" he screamed again and with that he moved forward to strike her into silence. As his hand moved toward her face, she exerted all her strength and wrenched the shackles of the wall. With her hands no longer attached to the wall, she quickly grabbed his hand with her own, and his neck with her other. She hurled him to the ground, and then released her hands from the shackles that had come off the wall. She grabbed the captain's arms and forced the shackles onto his wrists, she then brought his arms straight over his head which dislocated both his shoulders.

"Guards!" he screamed as she picked him up off the floor and pinned him against the wall which made him howl in pain again as his already dislocated shoulders were pressed into his back.

"shutup" she hissed at him, suddenly she lashed out at him with her long, sharp, claw like nails, which dug deep into the flesh of his tanned face and made him scream. His blood seeped down his face and dripped from his nose and chin onto his torn shirt that lay over his chain mail, and then on to the cold hard stone on which he stood. He winced as she smeared his blood all over her hand, she then licked his blood from her hand.

"Now," she whispered so close to his ear that he could almost feel her lips, "I shall teach you a lesson." And with that she savagely bit of his ear lobe, made him shriek in pain. As his ear slid down her throat she let out a soft moan of pleasure and as she licked his blood from her lips a soft purr escaped from deep inside her. He could hardly believe it this young, small woman was a vicious, cannibalistic, psychopath who seemed to enjoy herself as she inflicted pain upon him. He suddenly came back to reality as he felt a weird sensation in his injured ear. He felt enormously sickened and light-headed as she continued to drink his blood.

When she saw that he had fainted she stopped, her thirst quenched and saw that the flow of blood from his ear had stemmed considerably. As she removed her hand from his chest where she had pinned him against the wall his legs crumpled and he hit his head on the ground as he fell.

She walked to the door, slowly poked her head out and looked around for any signs of life. She walked back to the unconscious captain and she suddenly heard the sound of a door open and then the sound of boots on the stone as they came towards her cell from the end of the passageway. She stepped out of the cell into the light. The guard that saw her immediately became suspicious.

"Hey you who are ya' and what are you doin' down 'ere." She put on a hysterical voice and shouted, "Come quickly, he's injured, help him."

"Who's hurt now, where?" He asked.

"In here," she said still hysterical, "He was attacked. Help him please, he's hurt really badly, help him please!" she screamed as she started to cry.

All the while he had moved closer to her, she moved to the side and he could see directly into the cell where the captain lay in a bloody heap. He gave a horrified gasp, "Who did this?" He asked as he moved past her into the cell.