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Chapter # 2

He slowly awoke, groaning at the pain that coursed throughout his body. As he slowly opened his eyes he was engulfed by the darkness that surrounded him. He closed his eyes again. He found that he could not remember a thing. He couldn't understand why he was here, chained to a wall, but he supposed that was why his shoulders were searing with pain, and why his hands had gone numb from loss of blood circulation. He had no idea why his face felt ripped apart or why his ear was burning with pain or why he felt as though it was bandaged. He also found that he had no memories, no recollection of what he had done to arrive at a place like this. He had no idea who he was!

One hour passed with the pain throughout his body becoming unbearable, he had broken into a sweat and his breath was coming in pants. The view whenever he opened his eyes never changed, it stayed pitch black. Suddenly a noise caught his ear; it was the sound of the door being unlocked. After the complete silence of the cell the sound seemed to ring in his head.

The door slowly opened from directly opposite him, letting in the light which blinded him after the utter darkness of the room. Silhouetted with the light shining from behind, throwing the form into the shadows; she appeared to glow like an angel. It was as if she was floating as she glided into the room, coming to a halt directly in front of him, she looked directly into his eyes saying nothing.

"Wh... Who are you?" He whispered completely taken back by the beauty of this dark headed angel.

"The question here should not be who I am, but instead who you are." She replied in a mysterious voice.

"I can't remember who I am." He replied in a worried voice, hanging his head.

A small smile slowly spread onto her face, as an idea began to form itself inside her head.

"You were found outside of the cities walls, we did not know whether you were friend or foe so we had you imprisoned after your wounds were seen too, to see if we could trust you." She said taking out a set of keys from her waist pocket.

"My wounds?" He replied curiously

"Yes your wounds, it looked like you were attacked by something." She explained further as she leant over to unlock his arms. She took the manacles off his red and raw wrists releasing him, as soon as she let go his legs gave way from underneath him, she caught him before he hit the hard cold stone floor and laid him flat on his back. She explained that he couldn't fall any further then the ground. Then explaining that it might be best if he stayed where he was for now until she could get a room for him and until he was steady enough on his feet, she left closing and locking the door behind her, leaving him lying on the cold stone floor feeling exceptionally sore.

When she finally came back she found him lying on the floor sweating in a troubled sleep, as she glided into the room he began murmuring something. She slowly knelt beside him listening for a while to his faltering speech. She then knelt over him and gently shook him awake.

"Your room awaits your arrival." She said in a gentle voice when he awoke.

"Thank you." He replied as he brought his hands to his face, to feel the extent of his wounds. As he traced the cuts in his face he winced, he then felt his bandaged ear and looked up at her questioningly.

"You were attacked." She said simply.

"By what, and what exactly did it do?" He asked

"Well from what I can gather, it scratched your face quite deeply, and it also bit off your ear, you must have also hit your head quite badly to lose your memory. Now enough questions. I must take you too your room." She said kindly helping him up off the floor and letting him lean on her. They both walked out of the cell.

They took so many turns that if he had been here on his own then he would have gotten himself lost in a matter of minutes. They finally made it to a long stair case which led them out of the dungeons. They then walked through corridors of polished marble and through doors that lead to more of these corridors. The palace was if possible even more confusing then the dungeons had been.

"It's beautiful." He said breaking the silence between them.

"Yes... yes it is." she said looking proudly around.

"Is it all like this?" he asked also looking around.

"No this is only the middle of the castle the; sleeping quarters and such, the outer sections are more practical, they are for the armoury and all the things that are needed for my warriors." She explained finally coming to a halt outside a door with handles of gold.

It opened to reveal a most extravagant room. The walls were a whitish yellow with golden patterns tracing all around the room. There was a polished wooden cabinet with a glass front that held many stunning objects; solid gold statues, beautiful crystal and many precious jewels. In the middle of the room was a four poster bed with posts of solid gold engraved with different patterns, drapes of yellow silk and sheets of satin. On all the walls there were many skilfully painted portraits of dark haired and dark eyed people that greatly resembled the beautiful lady standing next to him. The room was stunning; he stood there gaping at it all completely overwhelmed.

"I hope this is too your liking." She said smiling at the look on his face, "You should get some rest; I will come and check on you later." She then turned and left, closing and locking the door behind her.

He jumped slightly as he heard the door lock; he turned his head to look at it. Then casting his gaze around the room his eyes settled on the gorgeous bed, and only then realised how tired he actually was. He walked over to the bed, looking closely at the engravings on the golden posts. It was a scene of several half naked ladies being chased around a pole by fabled creatures. He then moved to the side of the bed and quietly laid down, feeling himself sink into the bed. He closed his eyes feeling fairly at ease and only remotely worried about what lay ahead and what he was doing here. He then fell into a sleep that was troubled by scenes of carnage and death though when he woke the next morning he would not remember his dreams but just the feeling of unease and that something was wrong.

Halfway down the corridor she heard quick hard footsteps.

"Mother!" Came an angry voice.

"How did I know?" She muttered under her breath then out loud, "Yes?" she said slowly turning around looking directly into the dark eyes of this golden haired boy.

"What is it doing in there? Why is it not in a cell!?" He asked angrily.

"He has no memory, there is no reason to keep it locked up." She explained tiredly

"No reason! He is one of them!" he exclaimed in anger as if this was good enough a reason.

"He is not a threat!" She said quickly matching his anger.

"Not a threat! He is one of them, they are all threats!" he half shouted.

"How can he be a threat if he doesn't remember, if he doesn't know who or what he is?!" she asked in a deadly tone.

"How can it help if it doesn't remember!?" He retorted

"He will remember, I will make him, but not just yet, and until then he is not a threat so he will stay here!" she said finally.

"Whatever...You are the queen after all, just when he harms somebody, just remember, kali I warned you!" he said before he stormed off.

"Leofwin!" she half shouted, though when he didn't respond she stormed off in the opposite direction.

Storming down the corridor she came to a turn, not watching where she was going she turned the corner running straight into a weird looking creature that was coming the other way.

"Lina I am so sorry I wasn't concentrating." Kali said as she took Lina's hand to help herself up.

"It doesn't bother me; I should be the one saying sorry to you." She laughed as she pulled Kali back onto her feet.

"How are you? How's Bertram and Gladwin?" She asked the centaur.

"They are both fine," she said her face smiling, "how are you? You do look a little distracted." Her face then changing to a worried look.

"It's Leofwin," she said as they both began to walk down the corridor, "he's questioning my orders."

"Leofwin's young and headstrong, I remember when you were his age you were exactly like him, always questioning your father. He takes after you." She said with wisdom.

"I know but he is still so difficult, I wish he would just accept my judgement and not question it." She said frustrated. "this whole thing is so hard. He can't remember anything."

"Then make him remember. Kali sort this thing out, wake his mind up."

"No, Lina the time is not right. I'll search his mind, I'll find it myself. It's too hard to explain, it's just that it feels like he is not ready to remember. I know he is going to remember eventually but it feels like I have to do something before, before he becomes my enemy


"Kali he is still, and always will be your enemy, no matter whether he remembers who he is or not, Kali he is still a threat. I will stand by you no matter what your decision is but he is your enemy and he will remember sooner or later."

"Lina he doesn't have to remember yet, I will be able to find what I am looking for. It's just

going to take a little while, it always does.

"But his mind is going to wake up, and when it does he is going to be a threat."

"I know that but I would never let him hurt my people, you know that. His mind will wake up later, and when it does he will be properly detained. I want to find the information when his mind is still asleep otherwise it is going to be very painful for him."

"Does that matter?"

"It does to me. Look I want to find it the harder way. It'll be easier for him, and then I want him to see who we really are. I want to show him that we aren't the bad guys here. He must understand that his people are wrong, they are the evil ones not us. He will remember later."

"I understand, I would rather this whole thing didn't have to happen. Bertram and Gladwin are both going to go. It's going to be a tough time for us all and not just the ones going to war but also those that are staying. I wish it would all just go away." Lina said in a solemn voice.

"Lina I am sorry I also wish that it would all just go away and we could live peacefully."

"I know and I am not blaming you I just hope that we are the victors because if we are not then they will destroy our city. They are animals; if they win then they will kill all the women and children. I am afraid, Kali. Promise me that you will lead our people to victory." She said with tears coming to her eyes.

"I promise my friend," Kali said placing a comforting hand on Lina's shoulder, her mind focusing on the plans that she had made, praying that they would work.

He awoke, slowly opening his eyes taking in his surroundings. He was in a majestic room that was painted in a light yellow covered with portraits and golden patterns and filled with golden ornaments. He lay in the soft, feather, four poster bed that had silk sheets with satin drapes. The posts on the bed were solid gold, engraved with beautiful artwork. He closed his eyes snuggling deeper into the bed, pulling the silky sheets up to his eyes, feeling completely content and only slightly feeling the pain in his shoulders, face and ear. Smiling slightly as he felt his face being warmed by the newly risen sun, he heard a tinkling little laugh. Opening his eyes he saw Kali standing there in a pale yellow night dress that revealed most of her flawless body. Coughing nervously he quickly averted his eyes, with an embarrassed look on his face. She laughed again.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" She said smiling.

"Yes thank you ma,am." He said, still trying to look anywhere but at her.

"None of this ma,am nonsense, my name is Kali." She said smiling, "you're so cute Kaeko."

She laughed noticing that he wasn't looking at her.

"Kaeko?" He asked finally looking at her.

"Well we have to call you something and I quite like that name." she said walking forward carrying a tray laden with food. "Here I brought you something to eat." She said placing the tray on the bed, and sitting down next to it. Sitting up hurriedly, he quickly looked Kali up and down then just as quickly removed his eyes from her when he saw that she was watching him with a smile on her face.

"Eat up." She said taking a grape from the tray and placing it in her mouth.

The tray was laden with many grapes, plums, juicy peaches and nectarines, oranges, mandarins and other rare fruit that where only found in that rare land. There was also a fresh, crusty loaf of bread, with many spreads on the side; there was also a jug filled with a light pink liquid, which had a sweet fragrance.

Eating as fast as he could, he began to demolish the contents of the tray.

"Slow down," she said laughing, "or you'll choke yourself."

His mouth filled with a chunk of bread he grabbed the jug and took a long swill washing down the food. Finally full he stopped eating; only now and then taking sips from the jug.

"Where are we?" he asked slowly.

"You are in my castle at, Tetl." She said proudly.

"Are you a Queen?" he asked looking at her with awe.

"Yes Kaeko, I am queen of Tetl." Kali said