Angel of Earth


The demon Rain

"You piece of shit! Where have you been?" A man screamed from inside a white colored house and a quiet street. The people walking by were use to this by now. Every day it was always "Where were you?" or "I'm talking to you Katsuya! Don't ignore me!" Than a loud wail or scream coming from the young boys mouth when his old man beat him for not obeying. But no one did anything about it for fear of old pops coming after their kids next.

"I didn't do anything! I got home a little late, that's all!" Jounouchi Katsuya screamed as his father struck him in the stomach. 'I will not cry out.' He screamed in his mind as another blow struck him in the head. "I came straight home, promise, but that ass Kaiba started shit with me."

"I told you to fight him off and get home on time!" Jou could smell the alcohol that was on his father's breath. It was making him sick.

'I can't stand this anymore! I need to get away! But he'll find me, he always does.' He thought sourly. 'Great, the day I get my ass kicked by moneybags just had to be the day dad goes and gets drunk, yippee.' He thought as he watched his father take off his belt and forcefully swing it down, his vision went blurry before everything went black.


Jou groaned slowly as he opened his eyes to get hit full force with a bright ray of sunlight. "Gah." He moaned as he blinked his eyes a few times. A headache pounding as he looked around. "Oh, what happened?" He asked aloud slowly as he tried to stand up, finding that he was in his living room, lying on the floor. "Damn." He hissed. "No, wait, I remember. I got in a fight with Kaiba, and got home late… and dad threw a fit and…" He bit back a shriek as he moved when he noticed a sudden pain in his back.

"Not again." He slowly crawled to his feet and walked to the bathroom. Taking off his shirt he looked at his back in the full body mirror. "No wonder my back hurts. It looks like a fucking road map!" He also noticed the large bruise appearing on his left cheek. "Damn! How do I explain this one to Yug' and the others?" He turned around and went for the shower. Turning on the cold tap and shredding himself of his bloody clothes. "I need to get away from here. I just can't live like this anymore."

'To make matters worse.' He thought bitterly. 'Not only does he beat me if I'm late or get a low mark in school. But he thinks it's funny to rape me.' Right at that moment there was a loud knock on the door, startling him. 'What do you know, right on Que.'

"BOY! Open this door right now! I have to talk to you about leaving blood on the floor!"

No answer. 'I left the blood? Well, it wouldn't be there if you would never touch me!' His mind screamed as the cold water pelted down onto his skin. 'I have got to get out of here!'

"KATSUYA! OPEN THIS DOOR!" His father was now pounding furiously on the door, making cracks under the pressure. "KATSUYA!"

'I'm getting out of here!' Luckily for him, there were two doors to the bathroom. One led to the hallway and the other to his second floor bedroom. He snuck through the door and locked both doors to his room. Throwing on his school uniform and grabbing some spare cash he hid in his drawer. He grabbed his bag and walked to the window, quietly opening it and stepping out onto the porch roof, wincing at the amount of movement he was doing and how much strain it was putting on his new wounds. He walked over to the drainpipe and shimmied down slowly, trying not to make to much noise, and also trying not to hurt his back.

He reached the ground and started to walk away. "KATSUYA!" His father growled from the second floor! "Get back here you piece of filth!"

"Just Leave me alone and go find some of your drinking buddies! They're the reason moms left you were they not! Oh no wait! It was you!" Jou screamed from his perch on the sidewalk. Than turned and ran, knowing his father wouldn't be very far behind.

"Katsuya, over here." An old ladies voice whispered form his right.

"Old lady Karu." He breathed, with a sigh of relief and bolted towards her, she motioned towards the back and he went around the house, jumping down into the cellar below the pink colored house. "Thank you ma'am."

"Hey! Yah old hag! Where the hell's my son!"

"Now Mr. Jounouchi Mendou, why would I know where your son is?"

"Because this is the street he ran down stupid!"

"Now, now, now. Why take that tone with an old lady young man? Verbal abuse on an old woman? You think you could get sent back to prison with that?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Mendou growled from his spot on the sidewalk.

"Oh I would sir, take one step on my property and the cops will come." She said in a quiet tone.

"Stupid bitch!" He turned and stormed off back towards his house.

Old Lady Karu rolled her way back into her house. (Oops, forgot to mention she's stuck in a wheelchair, sorry.) And opened the cellar door. "He's gone Katsuya. You can come out now."

She caught a glimpse of honey golden locks as Jou walked up the cellar steps. "Thank you ma'am."

"That's old lady Karu to you." The old lady cooed as she watched the young man rub his cheek. "You know where the bathroom is, go clean up and get to school."

"Thank you Karu." He rushed down the hall and into the bathroom where he found some ointment cream and rubbed it on the bruise. "That should slow the swelling." He turned and bent under the tub faucet and washed his hair with Karu's strawberry shampoo. Dried it and walked back out into the living room. "I have to get to school now. Thank you very much Mrs. Karu."

"You come back here after school yah hear. I don't want you around him."

"Yes ma'am. I'll try." With that he ran out the door and towards his school. He ran as fast as possible until the school building came into view. Sitting on the curb, and brown-eyed boy was waiting for someone to show. He looked up and spied Jou running towards him.

"Hey Jou, where yah been?"

"Hi Honda."

"Hey man, what happened to your face?"