Chapter 21: The ending of all things good and bad.

I love you all, never forget that, even if this is the last chapter of this story!

Jou flipped around and stared at the figure across the room from him in shock, then horror. "No! NO more! You're not him! You can't be. I killed Seto, I-I killed him, and I-I didn't want too." Jou stood and stared defiantly at Seto. "I want no more of this! I wish to stop seeing your ghost everywhere I turn." The blonde crumbled to his knees, shaking and holding onto himself. "No more. Just please, go away."

Seto stared at the boy, heartbroken. Jou didn't know he was alive? Quietly walking over the shaking and crying blonde Seto cautiously wrapped his arms around Jou. "Do I feel dead to you? Do I look dead. Jou, it's me, Seto, I am right here."

Jou violently shook his head. "No! NO! I am dreaming again, that's all this is! A dream!" Jou shot himself from Seto's embrace, locking himself in the connected bathroom. "Please, stop haunting me! I know what I did was wrong, but I didn't mean too, isn't that enough?" He screamed through the wooden barrier. "Just please, stop torturing me!"

Seto sighed, he was getting no where fast. 'Mokuba! He'll believe I am alive.' Seto ran through the bedroom door, running straight for Mokuba's room, slamming the door open with his speed he watched the boy jump about three feet in the air and stare at the him as though he had done something weird. "Mokuba?"

"S-Seto? Is that you?"

"Why does everyone keep looking as though I died or something?"

"'Cause you did Nii-Sama!" Mokuba cried, running up and swinging his arms around Seto's neck. "We were certain you had died! Why are you here, alive?"

"Because I didn't die. At least I don't think I did. I don't remember honestly." Seto looked down at his little brother. "What is wrong with the puppy, he didn't believe I am alive."

"You saw Jou? Big brother, he has been plagued with visions of you walking through your room, and each time this 'you' told him that he was nothing more then a murderer and needed to die." Mokuba released his brother and stared at his lush green carpet. "So he tried, a lot, to die, he hasn't eaten or drank anything for five days, and has been slitting his wrists repeatedly." Mokuba looked into his brothers scared and sad eyes. "He probably thought you were another of his phantoms."

Seto stared at brother for a moment before bolting back to his room. Jumping over his bed he slammed his fists on the bathroom door. "Puppy! Open this door immediately." He suddenly felt a cold chill as there was no answer, not even a whimper. "Puppy?"

'Why won't he answer me?' Kaiba's mind screamed as he slammed his fists on the door, screaming Jou's name. Giving into himself, he rammed his left shoulder into the door, hearing a satisfying crack as the door started to split. Ramming his shoulder into it once more, the door split open, Seto falling on the floor. "Jou?"

He looked across the white marble bathroom to see the blonde hunched up against the opposite wall, staring at the floor sadly. "Why won't you just leave me alone?" He asked quietly, turning blank eyes to Seto. "I didn't want to kill you. I love you Seto, so why keep haunting me. I tried to grant your wish and die, but my body just won't allow it." He stared at his wrists, then Seto again. "If you truly are alive, please prove it, I don't want this grief any longer."

Seto never got to his feet, he just crawled across the floor on all fours, at a slow pace, keeping his eyes trained on Jou's. "It is me puppy. I can promise you that." Seto slowly lifted his hand, putting his palm to Jou's cheek. "Feel that? I am alive if I can touch just as Mokuba can." He pushed a little closer to the boy. "I promise you, it is me, attitude and all." He grinned a little bit as he saw a smile tug at the sides of Jou's mouth. "Look at me puppy, please, I missed you."

Jou did look up at him, tears cascading down his pale face. "You promise, that, that you won't disappear on me if I try to touch you?"

"I promise puppy. I am not going anywhere ever again." Seto stared as more tears filled Jou's eyes. Finally getting fed up he pulled the blonde into his lap. "Please puppy, never leave me again, I missed you terribly."

"You missed me?" Jou asked incredulously. "I missed you Seto, so much it hurt."

"All is better now puppy. I will never leave you again, I love you, my pure Angel of Earth."

"I love you too."

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