Note: This is rated PG13 on the safe side

A/N Like my charmed Fanfic Paige/Cole instead of Phoebe and Cole I am doing a Kane/Jade Fic, Don't get me wrong I love Kane and Kirsty as they remind me of well me. Long Story short see my mum doesn't like a girl that I happen to fall in love with and I want her so badly. And 2 thing I wanted to try out Kane and Jade she an hottie but the storylines and Fanfics lately are Kane/Kirsty/Dani and Rhys And keep in mind the other story called Lose a Halliwell Love, To Gain Another is mine to so don't report me because of this **************************************************************************** *****************************************
To Lose a Sutherland Love To Fall in Love with another Summary: What if Kane didn't come back for Kirsty but came back for another Sutherland Jade, Things stir up when Jade and Kane kiss by accident **************************************************************************** ******************************************

Kane Phillips Didn't think he was going to go back to Summer Bay but he was attracted their for some reason, an unknown Feeling kept bubbling up The Love Feeling but it wasn't for Kirsty, it was someone else, he couldn't get the Image of Kirsty his Girlfriend and his Victim Dani youngest sister out of his mind. Jade Sutherland.

Even thought he wasn't even close to Jade and didn't know all about her that well he never took notice of her, Yet he was driving down the road of Summer Bay on the way he saw Dani and Kirsty walking he hopped neither of him notice him or remember the car.

He drove near the Wharf where he saw the Youngest Sutherland standing without realising it he strolled down their, he stopped behind her, What am I doing She will just reject me and probably throw me of the Wharf he started walking back to his car When Jade turned and asked "Who are you?" Kane stifled if he ran off Jade might take it the wrong way if he turned Jade would know who he is "I asked who are you?" she said her sweet voice growing a little stronger, Kane who detect a little bit of Fear in her.

Then she grabbed him and turned him around then he faced the next Sutherland Jade eyes grew in shock she took a few steps back and fell, "Jade!" Kane yelled as Jade fell into the water. For a minute Kane couldn't see her but then Jade head bobbed up "Help!" Jade screamed "My leg is Caught!" He shouted Kane didn't know what to do then he made a split decision he jumped into the water. Jade spitted water out and tried to keep herself surfaced and not let her instinct try to hurt Kane as he was trying to help then the current pushed her under water. A few seconds passed When Kane Dragged the unconius Jade onto the Wharf, he started doing mouth to mouth, Finally Jade come to they both stood up.

"You saved me, but why I am not Kirsty" Jade asked Kane, Kane was dumbfounded Jade closed her eyes and Kane leaned over the two kissed Kane pulled back "God I am sorry' he said then he ran off. "Wait!" Jade called out but Kane kept on going she looked out to sea unaware of a dangerous figure that was watching her, waiting for the Moment, Two sets of other eyes burned into her neck, Dani and Kirsty were looking at her unbelievable, Kirsty because Jade kissed the one man she was truly happy with and Dani looking horrified that her second sister kissed her rapist.

Dani and Kirsty walked into the house "Hi Girls" Shelley said the look on their faces told Shelley something was wrong "What wrong" Rhys said coming up behind her "Kane is back" Dani said as Kirsty said "Jade kissed my boyfriend, Kane." Shelley and Rhys didn't know what to say their youngest daughter betrayed the family like Kirsty but also took Kirsty Lover away.

"Where is he" Rhys growled angrily 'He ran off" Dani said remembering the scene for some unknown reason Kane ran from Jade when it should have been the other way around, and why was Jade wet? Dani questioned herself.

"I can't believe it she kissed the only guy I ever loved" Kirsty 'What are you talking about" Dani asked "You went out with Kane!" Dani said

"That why you ran away to be with him" she said in a outburst "But one thing he took me back here because he wanted me to be happy with you guys now he back" Kirsty said Shelley was torn up she didn't know what to say Jade kissed Kane, Dani found out that Kirsty loved him. Dani ran to her room without another word Kirsty then ran to hers.

"What do we do now" Shelley asked Rhys, Rhys just glanced at her and hugged his wife.

Jade walked inside when the family was eating dinner "Where you been" Rhys asked "At the Wharf I had to clear my head" Jade replied Then she sat down between Dani and Kirsty neither of the older girls were talking to each and weren't going to talk to Jade.

"So how is everyone" Jade said 'What did you do" "Nothing close to kissing" Kirsty said sharply "Or betrayed somebody" Dani said rudely "Oh, you saw didn't you, but their a reason it was an accident and Kane saved me" Jade said "Just shut up" Dani said then she fled once again to her room "Jade listen" Shelley started to say but Kirsty ran off to her room. "I don't want you to see him again" Rhys said "Okay I am gone I am not taking this" Jade said then she ran out of the out. "that went smoothly" Rhys said "Give it Time" Shelley said.

Kane woken up as their was a thumping at the door, he got up and answered the Sutherlands except Jade was standing their 'Where is my Daughter!!" Rhys yelled "What?" Kane said 'Don't play games we know you kissed Jade" Kirsty said "Jade is missing?" Kane said in shock