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To Lose a Sutherland Love To Fall in Love with another Summary: What if Kane didn't come back for Kirsty but came back for another Sutherland Jade, Things stir up when Jade and Kane kiss by accident **************************************************************************** ******************************************

"Don't play games with me Kane I know you have her!" Rhys replied "I seriously have no idea here she is" Kane said Rhys lost his cool and busted through the door shoving Kane up the wall. "Where is she!" Rhys yelled "Dad! Let go of him" Kirsty said Rhys let go Then Kirsty slapped Kane "You betrayed me twice! What kind of person does that!." Kirsty yelled "Okay one at a time, The Kiss was on accident I saved Jade life and we ended kissing, but I pulled away Kirsty you gotta believe me" Kane said to her "Kane right now I don't know anything, I loved you and now you want Jade" Kirsty said "You have no idea where she is do you" Shelley asked finally speaking Glad that Shelley was going easy on him he answered her.

"No I just got back, I thought she was Kirsty standing on the Wharf then I turned when I realised who it was I walked back but Jade demanded to know who I was and turned me around when she faced me she took a few steps back falling into the water then I jumped and saved her then we kissed that all" Kane lied well some of it was the truth. "you have to believe I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you or anyone else" Kane said.

"You except us to believe that junk, you hurt me remember I know you did something to Jade and I want to know what!?!" Dani replied in a sharp tone "Dani I didn't do anything to her at all!" Kane said to Dani "Kane you can stand their and say that but we aren't going until you tell me the dam truth!" Dani started yelling "Dani! When are you going to appect the fact that I have changed" Kane also started yelling Rhys, Kirsty and Shelley were caught in the crossfire "I am never going to, as long as you are here and I will never forgive you if you KILLED JADE!!!!" Dani shouted Kane was stunned Dani actually thought he could murder someone "Is she dead?" Kane said "we don't know Kane" Shelley said getting worried "Kane if you don't where she is then where is she?" Kirsty said it finally dawning on her. "I don't know but I will help" Kane replied.

Kane and Kirsty went into Kane's car, Shelley drove her own car while Rhys and Dani went into Dani's car.

"So why did you really came back Kane?" Kirsty asked Kane didn't answer "Kane!" Kirsty said sharply "Because I think I have feelings for Jade" Kane replied Kirsty went slient.

The group met at the beach "Nothing" Dani asked Shelley and Kane they shook their heads, then a thump came from the boot of Shelley's car "What was that?" Rhys asked Shelley looked at Rhys in confusion they went to her car and opened the boot, "Jade!" Shelley yelled seeing her daughter tied in ropes in the car. "Were you trying to set me up!" Kane said to Shelley. 'I don't know how she got their" Shelley said Rhys and Dani untied her "Jade are you okay" Kirsty asked Dani got up "You tried to set my mum up didn't you!" Dani yelled

"Oh that right when something happens and it couldn't be somebody else even thought she was in Shelley's Car for godsake!" Kane yelled.

"Kane didn't do it Dani, somebody else did" Jade said "He put me in mum car to look like Kane was trying to set mum up" Jade said "Jade you are still a little wonky, I know it was Kane" Dani replied "Dani, Jade right the guy must of put her in the car when we were talking to Kane" Kirsty spoke up "I hate to agree Dani but she right" Rhys said. "Who side are you on?" Dani said "Dani I know what I saw besides, Kane saved me from the Wharf why would he save me then try to kill me" Jade replied "I don't know to trick us" Dani replied, "Dan faced it Kane has changed" Kirsty "He changed from a rapist to a cheating asshole!" Kirsty said.

"Okay I am confused who side are you on?" Jade asked "Jade you are fine now, but I am still mad at you, you kissed the guy of my dreams!" Kirsty replied then she ran out of the beach. "Kane I think you should leave" Dani said then she got into her car and left. "We will meet you at home" Shelley said to Jade then she and her husband got into the car and went. Kane started to leave "Wait! Kane I am sorry about yesterday if I could change it then.." "Jade! Duck!" Kane shouted Jade ducked as a bullet went pass and hit Kane windows a guy in black came up and point the gun at Jade "Goodbye girlie" he said but then Kane jumped in saving the day "Give me the dam Gun!" Kane shouted they wrestled with it then the guy shoved Kane off and pulled the Trigger it missed Jade by an inch then he fired again this time Kane pushed Jade getting hit himself "Kane!" Jade yelled "Hey!" a voice yelled the man turned and saw two couples walking their way he decided to take a chance and shot three bullets the female jumped behind the strong man but all three bullets. He tried to fired some more but their were none "Dam it" he said then he got into Kane's Car with the keys still in it and speed off. "Jesse!, Leah!, Help" Jade shouted "Call help" Jesse said to the Greek woman Leah wasted no time and ran to the surf club Jesse reached them "It okay mate you going to be okay" Jesse said then a bullet shot two of them, one hit Jade in the arm another hit Jesse in the back "Jesse!!" Jade screamed. Then Jade noticed blood running over her belly then she fainted another bullet was in her back leaving all three to die on the beach if Leah didn't make it in time.

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