Harmony in the light of the moon

The Potions class flew by, Severus seemed to be the same old snarky bastard, but the Slytherins noticed the change in their Head of House. Not that they minded, they had been worried about their very own father-figure. Against the common believe, the Slytherins did have feelings. And now they were the feelings of happiness.

"Bottle up your potions and leave them on my desk. Class dismissed!" Severus bellowed.

Everybody scattered quickly out of the classroom, all except Harry, who stayed behind to have a word with Severus. He smiled fondly at his beloved, who was quite oblivious to his presence. Grinning widely Harry tiptoed to his desk and jumped over it to Severus' lap. Severus almost screamed, but growled playfully when he was greeted by Harry's innocent smile.

"Hello luv." Harry chirped.

"You should know better than that. Honestly, jumping on cranky potions professors with fine-tuned reflexes and a wand…" Severus said, mock-glaring at Harry.

Harry kinda giggled, earning a raised eyebrow from Severus. "And you know better to keep an eye on your surroundings."

Severus snorted and hugged Harry tightly. "Anyway, did you have something to say, or was this just an experiment to see just how high your poor professor would jump when attacked by a overly cute Gryffindor?"

"Oooh.. Sweet talk.. Never saw you as one of the sugar tongued." Harry grinned and tested his theory by covering Severus mouth with his own, gently coaxing Severus' tongue to come out and play.

Chuckling softly Severus brought his hands up to tangle on Harry's hair, bringing his head closer to his. Gently he kissed Harry back, flicking his tongue over Harry's, receiving a soft moan in return. Harry slightly adjusted himself in Severus' lap, getting more comfortable before diving to the kiss with more passion than earlier.

Groaning softly Severus gently pried Harry off, reluctant to let his love go. "I have next class coming on in few minutes. And don't you have classes as well?"

Harry whined petulantly and tried sulking. "But I don't wanna!"

Severus kept his face stoic and gave Harry a stern glance. "Don't whine and go to your classes."

Harry opted on shoving his tongue out. "You're no fun."

Severus gave Harry his own version of pouting. "Please Harry."

Harry sighed deeply and got off Severus' lap. "Fine, fine." Stealing one last kiss he jogged out of the potions classroom and headed towards Transfigurations. Severus stayed on his chair, with a silly grin on his face.

'I must done something great on my life to deserve such miracle.' Still smiling he prepared for the next class.



meet me at the Quidditch field at 10 pm. Bring your cello with you.

Much love,


Harry read the note many times over and smiled goofily. He didn't have faintest clue what Severus was planning, but he didn't care, he trusted the man with his life. The checked the clock. 9.30.

Sighing he settled back to his bed. Half an hour. Too much..

Slowly a devilish smile crept to his lips. He jumped off of his bed and to his trunk. He pulled on his tight black jeans and then fumbled around it for a while. When he found what he was looking for he yelled with victory. It was a net-shirt the size of a circus tent. It was Dudley's hand-me-downs from the time he thought he would look cool with some exposed skin. Harry shuddered with the thought. It was terrible time.

The shirt was white, but that was changed by a flick of his wand. The next flick shrunk the shirt a bit, but Harry put it on before shrinking it further. When the shirt was almost skin-tight, he was pleased with the results. The netting showed his sculpted abs and otherwise very nice figure.

He finished his look with some army-boots he had. Then he raced down to the dungeons with his Invisibility Cloak over his head to get his cello. On his way down he barely dodged Filch and Mrs. Norris, but remained unscathed and got his cello from the room.

Little charm made the Invisibility Cloak little bigger so Harry and the cello fitted underneath it properly. On tiptoes Harry snuck to the Entrance Hall and out in the crisp night air. Little shudder traveled through Harry's lithe form and he cursed under his breath. The net shirt was delicious looking, but it wasn't made for outdoors. But Harry opted for the appearance part and swallowed the feeling of cold.

Harry stopped in the middle of the Quidditch field and waited for Severus to arrive. The moon shone bright in the star-filled sky and around it were little tufts of clouds, not big enough to cover the sky, but veiling it coyly. Harry inhaled the fresh night air and sighed happily.

Arms came around his waist and he couldn't suppress a flinch, but he relaxed when he felt familiar figure pressing against him, chuckling softly. "What were you thinking?" Severus whispered, lips touching Harry's ear.

Small shudder went up Harry's spine and he sighed. "Nothing special. Just the night and the stars."

Severus chuckled softly and spun Harry around, enveloping the younger man into a warm hug. When he registered Harry's revealing clothes and slight blue tinge on his lips he opened his robes and wrapped them around both of them. Harry snuggled happily on Severus shoulder and smiled against the alabaster white neck.

He felt lean muscles shifting underneath his hands and cheek as Severus fished his wand out of his sleeve. Gently murmuring Severus cast a charm on Harry that would keep him warm. Harry's smile doubled it's intensity and radiance.

"Come, I want to show you something." Severus whispered, lips grazing Harry's ear. Taking the young man's hand, he started to walk towards the Forbidden Forest.

Harry swallowed nervously, but his trust to the man was winning over his apprehension, so he followed Severus silently.

They stepped inside the forest and the only light leading them was the Lumos from Severus' wand and the slight light filtered through the canopy of the forest.

Not even ten minutes later they stepped into a clearing that was, in one word, perfect. Little river divided the circular plain in two, and the gentle music of moving water soothed their ears.

Harry slowly turned around, taking all the beauty in. Carefully he lowered his cello to the ground and hugged Severus tightly. "It's so beautiful. Thank you Severus."

"Your welcome. Now, the reason why I asked you here and to bring your cello with you, was that I wanted us to play together."

Harry smiled widely and transfigured a chair from a small pebble on the ground. He took his cello out of it's case and carefully checked the strings, and in the same time Severus brought out his violin.

Smiling to each other, they brought their bows to the strings and started playing. (A/N: for those who want to know what kind of music I'm listening, the song they are playing is André Previn's Adagio. I don't remember how I got it, but it's the most beautiful song I've heard.)

Light and slightly dark notes danced around the still night, touching the hearts of the players and awaking deep feelings inside them. In harmony they played, eyes closed, feeling the others' presence with their hearts.

Unbeknownst to them, small forest animals started to come out of the forest, curious about the music played in the middle of their home realm. Many of them came closer and stayed, captivated by the melodies.

Severus and Harry were both lost to the world and when they played the last notes, they were reluctant to leave the peace they had created with their instruments. Sighing in loss, they opened their eyes and for the first time they saw the animals around them. But the greatest shock came to them, as they saw two beautiful unicorns standing few meters away from them, soulful eyes closed in happiness.

The two wizards could almost swear that they saw smiles on the unicorns' faces. Neighing softly they turned around and returned to the darkness of the forest. The little animals followed them, leaving the two men behind.

Harry turned to look at Severus and he smiled happily. Neither of them said a word, they packed away their instruments and came together in the bank of the small river. Harry stepped inside the protective circle of Severus' arms and sighed in happiness. At the same time they brought their lips in to a kiss, in to a seal for the night.

The end.