Seductive Darkness

Title: Seductive Darkness

Author: SqurlieJack (Me)

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Category: Harry Potter

Genre: Romance / Dram / Angst/ Humor

Ratting: R/ M

Warning: rape, child abuse, under age consent, slash, m/m, het, m/f, ooc-ness, h/c, incest

Paring: Severus/Harry, Fred/Draco/George, Lucius/Remus, Voldemort (Tom)/OFC (Akia)

Summary: Harry is being abused by the Dursley's and Voldemort sends help.

Setting: Set after the fifth book.

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Seductive Darkness

A/N: Thanks to DeadRose and Anna Hutcherson for betaing

- Chapter 01 -

Harry James Potter, the-boy-who-lived, the-boy-who-just-wouldn't-die was in his cupboard under the stairs of Number Four Privet drive. Weeping silently, hot fat tears running down his apple cheeks, cleaning rivers through the blood and dirt that had been collecting there since the beginning of the summer. His tears hit the dirty, dingy, blood stained sheets that he was now laying on. He had to curl up into a ball while cradling a broken wrist; there was hardly enough moving space for a childe much less a young man of 5'5.

It was dark inside the cupboard; his uncle had taken the light bulb away from him for no apparent reason other then pure hatred. Harry didn't like the dark; he hadn't been able to sleep properly in the dark since Cedric Diggory had died at the end of fourth year. The dark always brought back the horrid memories of that night, along with the fact that it was his fault that Padfoot, Snuffles, Sirius Black, had died that night, in the death room. As much as he tried to blame Severus Snape, he couldn't.

Now he could sleep in the dark, if you could call it sleeping. If he waited long enough he'd pass out every time from sheer exhaustion or pain. None of it mattered to Harry, not anymore, he no longer blamed Voldemort, and he now wished the Dark Lord had killed him all those years ago.

Albus Dumbledore, he was the reason Harry was in the situation he was in now. Dumbledore, who had left him with the Dursley's, those filthy muggles. Dumbledore, who kept things from him. Dumbledore didn't care; if he had cared he would have done something about the 15 years of abuse Harry had received.

Only one person seemed to care, and what was most surprising was that it was Voldemort. Voldemort sent him comfort through their link, all most like a parent comforting a small child after a terrifying nightmare. Harry had never been comforted before, and he cherished the feeling, even more then the comfort Sirius had given him, when he could, which were rare occasions.

He had never told Sirius how bad it had gotten at the Dursley's over the years. He had never told anyone, for fear of what they would think of their savior. He didn't want anyone pitying him, which he knew he would receive from his friends and most certainly Mrs. Weasley, whom pitied him enough as it was. Everyone did, everyone but Snape that was, Snape never treated him differently, Snape was his constant he never changed.

Harry had changed much over the summer in more then just his opinion of people around him. His black hair was now down to the base of his back, slightly tangled but still a silky smooth mass. His eyes were still emerald green but nowhere near as bright as they once were. His skin was paler then even Draco Malfoy, and there were whip lashes covering his back.

He cried softly to himself, waiting. Waiting for Voldemort to send him the comfort he so desperately needed, as the pain and exhaustion swept over him, taking him to the black abyss. The clock struck midnight indicating that Harry had just turned 16.

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