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February 21-6 months

Olivia was sitting at her desk doing paper work. She was handling desk duty quite well, even surprising herself. Every time she got the itch to want to go out on a case she remembered the baby and that the smallest thing could hurt the baby.

"Olivia, I'm expecting your fill-in soon. When she gets here just direct her to my office," Cragen said from his door.

"Will do."

Cragen, after discussing it with his detectives, felt it was necessary to get a replacement for Olivia. Cragen was hoping that the replacement could become a permanent part of the team. He liked having the 5th detective around when Cassidy and Jeffries were there.

About 15 minutes later Olivia saw a woman walk through the squad room doors.

"Can I help you?" Olivia asked.

"I'm looking for Captain Cragen," the woman replied.

"His office is right there," Olivia said pointing behind her to the door.

The woman walked to the door and knocked.

"Come in," Cragen said. "You must be Alayna," he continued when he saw the woman.

"Alayna Doherty."

"Nice to meet you," Cragen said shaking Alayna's hand.

"Glad to be here."

"Have a seat," Cragen said pointing to the chair as he walked around his desk to his chair.

"As you know you are here as a replacement for one of my detectives, but I would like to add you permanently if everything works out when she returns," Cragen said.

"I'd love to stay."

"It says here that you are returning from maternity leave."

"Yes, I had a little girl December 15th."

"Your first?"

"Third actually."

"Wow. How long did you work patrol?"

"A little more than 5 years, in between my maternity leaves."

"You were promoted fairly quickly."

"When I was on desk duty I did a lot with the detectives and things just fell into place."

"I want to introduce you to the detective you will be replacing," Cragen said as he stood up. Alayna did the same.

Cragen led her to Olivia's desk.

"Olivia, I would like you to meet Detective Alayna Doherty, Alayna, Detective Olivia Benson."

"Nice to meet you," Olivia said.

"You too and congratulations."


"Olivia, while you're still around I'd like you to show Alayna how things work around here."


With that Cragen left the women and headed back to his office.

"It'll be nice having another woman around here," Olivia commented.

"I know, I was the only woman on my watch."

"The guys here are pretty good though."

"Good to hear."

"Cragen tell you about them?"

"No, I don't even know names."

Olivia quickly explained each of the other detectives to Alayna. Olivia said it would be easier to do once they all returned. Munch and Fin were in court and Elliot was out catching up on a couple of small leads.

Olivia explained the flow of things and what needed to be done when. She was confident Alayna would get a handle on it when she actually started going through the motions herself. Finally Elliot returned and based upon the look on his face he wasn't too successful.

"Nothing?" Olivia questioned Elliot.

"Nothing new," Elliot replied.

"Elliot, I would like you to meet my replacement and your new partner for the next couple of months," Olivia said motioning to Alayna.

"Alayna Doherty," she introduced herself and shook his hand.

"Elliot Stabler."

"Cragen wants to add her permanently after I come back," Olivia said.

"That's great, we could always use an extra hand and brain," Elliot replied.

"Can I see the three of you in my office?" Cragen asked from his doorway.

The three detectives got up and followed each other into the office.

"Now I just want to explain how things are going to work now that Alayna is here," Cragen began. "Starting now, Elliot, you and Alayna are partners. Until Olivia leaves she will be back here available to do any look ups you need quickly or various things like that. She is not here to pass paper work off onto. Understood?"

"Understood," Alayna replied.

"Got it," Elliot added.

"Good, now get back to work."

The three left the office and went back into the squad room.

"Alayna, I forgot to tell you, they will be bringing you a desk either later today or tomorrow, I'm sorry we didn't get it sooner," Cragen said.

"It's okay, I think I can manage," she replied.

Cragen disappeared back into his office. Elliot and Olivia explained their latest case to Alayna, hoping maybe she could provide another view of it because they were fresh out of leads. Alayna came up with some of the same ones that Elliot and Olivia had, but then she came up with one they hadn't. It put the victim and her boyfriend's brother together that night, at least for a little while. They had written the brother off as a suspect.

"I can't believe we missed that," Olivia said.

"Good thinking, we'll follow up with that first thing tomorrow morning," Elliot said.

"Glad I could help," Alayna added.

"I'm sure you'll do fine once you get a couple days under your belt," Olivia commented.


"Speaking of getting days under your belt, I think today is there," Elliot said glancing at his watch.

"Sure is, I'm outta here," Olivia agreed.

"Thanks for all the help today. I really hope it works out here," Alayna said.

"So do we," Olivia replied.

They all got their coats and headed out the door.

Elliot and Olivia got in the car while Alayna walked a couple blocks to the subway station.

"You really think she's going to do ok?" Elliot asked Olivia on the way home.

"Yeah, you don't?"

"I just wanted to know what you thought. After she picked up that clue today I think she'll be fine."

"Good, just don't get to used to having her around."

"Nothing against Alayna, but I'm already counting down the days until you and I are partnered again. I miss the fact that you and I could follow each others leads perfectly without one of us saying anything."

"I understand."



Alayna walked up to the door of her apartment and could already smell dinner being made. Her husband was good about that, they ate out a lot, but he also knew how to cook. It just so happened that he had the day off, so he planned a special meal for her first day back to work.

When she opened the door her oldest daughter Nataleigh greeted her.

"Hey babe! You have fun with Daddy today?" Alayna asked as she picked Nataleigh up.

"Dada," Nataleigh said excitedly.

"Yeah, where is Dada?"

"In the kitchen," she heard her husband's voice.

As she walked through the living room she saw her son, Nicholas, playing in the playpen. Alayna put Nataleigh in there with her brother.

"You two be good," Alayna said as she placed a kiss on Nick's forehead.

Finally she walked into the kitchen and found her husband making dinner.

"Smells great," Alayna said.

"Thanks," her husband said as he leaned over and kissed her.

"How was your day?" he asked.

"Pretty good. I met my new partner for the next couple of months, along with his current partner, who I'm replacing. The Captain also said that he wants to add me permanently once she comes back from maternity leave."

"That's good. Now you don't have to worry about moving around."

"I know, I'm glad."

"So what do you think of your partner?"

"He seems pretty good. His name is Elliot. I don't know much about him, actually I don't know much about any of them. Olivia, who is the one I'm filling in for, tried to describe the guys to me, but it wasn't very much. There are two other detectives in the unit that I didn't meet, they were in court all day."

"I'm sure you'll get to know them as time goes on."

"Yeah. Kendall sleeping?"

"Yeah, I gave her a bottle about an hour and a half ago and she went right back to sleep."

"I'm going to go check on her."

Alayna left the kitchen and went down the hall to her bedroom, which was where they had Kendall sleeping so she wouldn't wake up the other two children when she woke up. Alayna looked over the crib railing and down at her baby girl. She came very close to not having Kendall at all. There were a couple problems when she gave birth to Nick and the doctor's weren't sure if she would be able to carry a baby to term again, if she could even conceive. Alayna and her husband wanted another child so they decided to try it. They were successful with conception, but then came the stress of not knowing if she would be able to carry to term. In the end Kendall was only three weeks early and perfectly healthy. That's all Alayna asked for. She went back to the kitchen and enjoyed dinner with her family.


Maureen was staying over at a friend's house so Elliot and Olivia had the night to themselves. On nights like this in the past they would take full advantage of the fact Maureen wasn't home, but lately Olivia was tired and tended to go to sleep early. Tonight was no exception. Elliot understood completely and figured it was for the best. He and Alayna were on call that night and if he got sleep there wouldn't be anything, but if he didn't they would get one early and he would be up all night. So he and Olivia went to bed early, Elliot holding Olivia and placing his hand over his stomach like he did every night. They both were asleep quickly.

Elliot was awoken by the sound of his cell phone ringing.

"Stabler," he answered.

"I'll be right there," he said and ended the call.

"I've gotta go," he said as he rolled over and kissed Olivia.

"Be careful."

"I'll see you at the station."


Alayna had gotten Kendall down after her last bottle. Her husband was reading Nataleigh and Nick a bedtime story. As he read them a story she got herself ready for bed. Then she went into the kids bedroom where her husband was reading the story. She stood in the doorway for a minute and watched him. He was still reading and both kids were sleeping. She laughed to herself.

"John," she said and pointed to the kids.

"I didn't even notice."

Alayna went over to the bed and picked up Nick carefully and placed him in his bed. John carefully untangled himself from Nataleigh and covered her up. Both John and Alayna kissed the children goodnight and then headed back to their bedroom.

"At least she's sleeping decent hours now," John said as he went and placed a kiss on Kendall's forehead.

"Yeah we got lucky with all our kids."

"Yeah, we did."

The both climbed into bed, Alayna immediately getting as close as she could to John. It was some kind of odd safety net for her. He wrapped his arms around her and they went to sleep.

A ringing cell phone woke up Alayna and John.

"Doherty," Alayna answered.

"I'll be right there," she said.

"I've gotta go," she said as she got up and quickly got dressed.

"Be careful."

"I will," she said as she walked back over to the bed and kiss her husband good-bye.

"Bye," she said.

When she got close enough he pulled her down onto the bed. They both giggled.

"John, I have to go," she said trying to get up.

"I know, I'm sorry."

"I'll call you in the morning."


Elliot arrived on scene shortly before Alayna did.

"What have we got?" he asked the officer just as Alayna walked up behind him.

"Six year old," the officer said.

That was all that he needed to say, anything involving a kid was no good.


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