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Little Questions

eight months later.....

He stretched to twist the facet on and then pulled himself up on the sink with his elbows. After a few straining moments he managed to wet his hands, turned the water off and fell back to the floor. Wiping his wet palms off on his pants, he pulled at his loose overall strap. His tongue made its way to the corner of his mouth as he concentrated on fastening the hook on his strap. He narrowed his eyes until it finally clicked in place. Thoroughly pleased with himself, he hurried out of the bathroom and back into the living room.

"Come here," Raijin said as he grabbed Toby from behind and tossed him up in the air. Toby laughed in delight as he came to rest against Raijin's chest.

"Lemme see him," Zell held out his arms and Toby quickly hopped from Raijin's grasp to his. "How'd you do in there?"

"Good," Toby said in a prideful tone at his sense of achievement.

"Alright Little Dude!" Zell paused and eyed him suspiciously. "But did you flush?" Toby giggled at Zell's raised eyebrow. "What about your hands? Did you wash them?"

"Yup," Toby nodded.

"Alright! Good job!" Zell dropped to the ground and rolled onto all fours. Toby laughed out loud as he quickly chased after him and hopped up onto his shoulders. On the couch, Fujin and Seifer watched as the two wrestled in the floor.

"I still don't get what you see in him," Seifer said under his breath.

"DOESN'T MATTER," Fujin answered. Seifer sighed annoyingly and stretched his legs out. Fujin rolled her eye and watched as Zell and Toby continued to wrestle in the middle of the floor.

The doorbell rang briefly and then the door slid open. Everyone in the room paused to see who was entering. Squall stepped inside and looked at everyone that was looking at him. Toby, seeing this as an opportunity to spread his exciting news, quickly left Zell's side and ran up to Squall.

Squall stared down at the small boy in front of him. An awkward silence filled the room as the two stared at each other.

"Guess what!" Toby grinned as he clamped onto Squall's leg. "Mama and Papa said they were bringin' home a baby." Squall smiled faintly at him.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yup," Toby turned to Seifer with a serious expression on his face. "Where do babies come from?" Another awkward silence filled the room as everyone turned to hear Seifer's answer to Toby's inquiry. Seifer sat stunned at first and then grinned.

"Why don't you ask your father, he's the one making all the babies," Seifer answered. Toby seemed to think about his answer for a moment and then looked back at Seifer.

"Ya have ta make babies but ya don't know how?" Toby tilted his head to the side. "How will ya ever be a Papa if ya don't even know how to make them?" Muffled snickers broke the silence as Seifer's jaw dropped.

"Come on," Zell pulled Toby back away from Seifer and fought the urge to break out into an all out smile. Toby followed him silently. Zell started to speak, then covered his mouth and knelt down. Toby stared at him with patient eyes.

"Do you know?" Toby pointed at Zell's chest as he asked.

Zell's face flushed as he looked down at the ground. "Well uh," He rubbed the back of his head. "You see...this is the kind of question you should ask your Pa."

"But he's not here," Toby held up his hands palm side up.

Zell lightly bit his upper lip. "Okay Toby, just don't worry about it."

"But I wanna know," Toby pouted.

Zell looked past him to his audience that seemed to be hanging on his every word while suppressing their laughter. "Well you see, its kinda complicated." Toby gave him a confused look. Zell sighed. "Basically, once you have a mama and papa and they decide the time's right, they go to the hospital and bring home a baby."

Toby seemed to consider the answer and decided to question Squall but stopped when he realized Squall had his glasses off. He walked up to him and stared at his face. Squall narrowed his eyes and looked around before returning his gaze back to the boy.

"You have a stripe too," Toby said as he pointed up at Squall's face. Squall just stared at him. Forgetting completely about his previous interest, Toby continued. "Do you and him have the same stripes cause ya want to be like each other?" The room fell into its third awkward silence of the afternoon as Squall sent Seifer a quick glance. He noticed with some satisfaction that Seifer was dismissing the question by casually taking a drink.

Squall turned back to Toby and slid his glasses back on. "Yeah," He answered. Behind him, Seifer choked on his water and began coughing. Zell paled as the silence set back in. After what seemed like a small eternity, Irvine stepped into his apartment. Toby was quick to run over to him. He hefted him up and held him.

"Papa. Why couldn't I go with you and Mama to pick out the baby?" Toby asked innocently. Irvine shot him a baffled look and then stared at Zell who was rolling on the floor with laughter.


Irvine grinned down at his son who could barely contain his excitement. He held on tightly to the small boy's hand as he tried to run on ahead. Irvine stopped him outside the infirmary door and turned him so that they faced each other.

"Now when we get in there ya have to be quiet," Irvine warned.

"But," Toby started. Irvine held up a finger and silenced him.

"Your Mama's tired and so it the baby."

"If Mama's sleepy why won't she go home?" Toby asked.

"Because the doctor says she has to stay here for another night," Irvine answered.

"But I miss her," Toby whined.

"She misses ya too," Irvine assured him. "Let's go see her."

The doors slid open as the two stepped through. Dr. Kadowaki only looked up for an instant as they stepped into Selphie's room. Toby immediately pulled out of Irvine's grasp and hurried over to her bedside. He climbed up in the chair next to her and his eyes went wide. Selphie smiled.

"Hey there," She ran her fingers through his reddish-blonde hair.

"Mama," Toby started to climb up in the bed with her but Irvine caught him by his waist. Toby stared at the pink bundle in her arms with fascination.

"Her name's Jace," Selphie said as he leaned closer. "She's your baby sister." Toby looked at her when she spoke but then redirected his attention to the baby. He strained to get a better look.

"Will she get to come home with ya?" He asked.

"First thing tomorrow morning," Selphie answered.

"Yay!" Toby cried out and then covered his mouth. Selphie laughed lightly. Toby watched as Selphie handed Jace to Irvine. He sat down in the chair as Irvine sat down next to him. Irvine smiled as Toby hesitantly reached up and brushed her blanket back to see her face. "Papa?"

"What is it?" Irvine asked.

"Can we go home now?"


"So we can go to bed," Toby's eyes pleaded with him. Irvine shot Selphie a confused look.

"But why? Its not even dark out."

"So mornin' will come and Mama and Jace can come home!" Irvine and Selphie looked at each other and smiled.


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