Chapter 1: Thoughts

The sun rose behind the tops of the city, casting its golden gaze like a flower opening to the skies. The people. The people started their days as they always did; a monotone schedule that involved only them, never looking up to see the beauty of the sunrise. They danced around one another in their fancy work suits, each one with a story to tell, but no one to listen. Each one walking the same path they did the day before, not recognizing the people around them, though they were the same people walking next to them the day before.

She realized all this, taking it all in with a complete and total disgust. She saw it all for what it was: a dirty rotten city filled with dirty rotten people. And that was the way things were. Simple. Done. No further need for explanation.

Another one watched as well, through blurry tear filled eyes. She was alone. She saw them too, but knew what was wrong. No one would listen. She knew that they all were the same. Scared, fearful of what the person next to them was thinking. She felt the same way; no one would listen. So they went on, the same day by day.


I still hate this place. It still disgusts me to look at all these people, just knowing that I saved them all. Sorry. We saved them all. I suppose you could say that Miu and Satoka helped. But I was the original. I did most of it. All these people, they were invaders. We returned them to what they had been. No thanks required. Yet now, more than ever, I wish they would go away.

The thing I hate the most is that the Invaders are still here. There are still a few left. Now we have the technology to return them to their human state. Yet why do we have to? I liked them better as tiny crystals; tiny pink crystals that are truly beautiful. I wonder if humans look like that inside; if they truly can look so beautiful, silent, and pure.

I doubt it.


Ayane has been acting strangely lately. She seemed so happy when we defeated the Invaders, when we flew to the moon, but now she's back to her old self. At least she doesn't wear her glasses anymore. I suppose you can consider that good. We all still collect the remaining Invaders, though they don't look like they used to. They no longer attack people, or at least not the good ones. Only truly sad people are vulnerable. There are so few though, and they go away forever when we beat them. Thank goodness.

They are all powerless, well most of them at least. Some have guns, really big scary guns. But still, there aren't close to as many as before. They hide in dark scary places, the same places that scare me a lot. I wish I could tell my friends about what I do, but they would be scared and run away from me. I just know that they would run, like I did at first, and then, I'd have to reclaim my honor to them.

You know, one of these days, I'm going to take Ayane with my and my friends when we go out. We'll have fun, more importantly, she'll have fun. And then maybe she'll like my friends. Then we'd all be happy.


My cell phone rang. I didn't have to look at the number. I flipped the phone open. "Where?" I grunted into the speaker, "The old warehouse? Fine. Call her too."

A group of Invaders had been found via radar. The Invaders didn't come out anymore. They hid in the shadows, hoping they would be sent reinforcements from where ever they came from. Reinforcements never came, so we have to destroy all of them. It's a stupid thing to do. We should just leave them to die. They would eventually, after the body they inhabited couldn't hold because of lack of nourishment. Yet we fear that they will come from the shadows to feed on the population again. Why not let them? There are too many humans anyway.

Damn it. I'm returning to my old trail of thought. Things are different now though. I just have to remember that. Things aren't the same as before. I should be happy, because there isn't anyone like me anymore. I destroyed the other. And it was that moment that I admitted that I hated myself, and I tried to change. But I couldn't. It isn't as easy as it seems.


I was finally really enjoying myself at the new karaoke club. After we beat the Invaders, the whole building came back, even though it got destroyed. There was a whole group of girls from school there, and we were having a great time. So of course, my cell phone rings. I flipped it open, "Hello, this is Miu.- The old warehouse at the river front?- But right now?- Oh fine, I'll be there in a few minutes."

They always called at the worse time. I sighed gently and put on a bright smile, turning to the closest group of girls, "Sorry, I have to go! Um… my dog's sick…"

The blonde girl of the group grunted putting her hands on her hips, "Miu, I thought you were allergic to dogs!"

I laughed nervously. How was I going to get out of this one?

"Um… maybe it's allergic to me too! Well bye!"

I jogged out of the building quickly before they could say anything back. I swung around the building to where no one would see me. I slipped my cell phone to a secure place in my skirt pocket and sighed heavily. I clenched my hands together firmly, pressing them to me chest as a wave of anxiety flowed through me. Squeezing my eyes closed tightly I yelled, "Gate Open!"

A now familiar feeling spread quickly through me. I opened my eyes a moment later to discover with little surprise that I was a few feet above the building I had just been in. The building became closer as I started a slow decent, yet with a kick to the concrete roof, I had begun my trip towards the river.

I suppose that it's time for me to drop more cell phones…