Exiles 4: Terminus
By: Jeff McKissock

Chapter I: No News is Bad News

Five years have passed since Skeletor returned and killed the Princess Adora. Adam has not recovered from the loss of his sister and has become distant towards his family. Now, amongst the bleakness of this night, Hordak, the Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde, has returned and plans unforeseen evils upon Adam and his family, in hopes of getting revenge not only on Adam, but also on Skeletor.

It was nearly ten o'clock at night; there was not a star on the sky. Teela was looking out the window with a worried look on her face. It had been nearly seven hours since Adam had left saying only he had "something to do." "This isn't like him" she thought, "sure he's been different because Adora's death, and has went out for awhile, but not for hours and hours, I hope he hasn't been hurt or anything." Just then there was knock on door, she went to answer it, it was Bow and Glimmer "Teela, we looked all over the place we could find no sign of Adam" Bow said as he saw how depressed she was "Look, Adam couldn't have gone far, he has to be somewhere in this town" Glimmer said in hopes of cheering Teela up. "You're right Glimmer, we have to keep searching" Teela said a bit more happy than before and with that she, Bow, and Glimmer went to rest up a bit.

What they didn't know was that Adam had gone far, he had walked almost all the way to the town limits. After that long walk he was tired and decided to rest on a bench. He was so tired he slept more sound than he ever did at home. He had slept for two hours when a policeman woke him up, "all right you vagabond, it's off to jail for you" the cop said. Adam looked up at him, his eyes still full of sleep and asked, "Jail, why?" "You know why, you broke the law, no sleeping on public property," he said as he cuffed Adam and put him in the car. "You can't do this to me, I'm a prince" Adam said in his defense the cop laughed and retorted "yeah right, and I'm the pope" with that the cop sped off to the station.