Chapter VII: Goodbye

Miles away, after what seemed to take forever, Bow reached the Address on the card. "Here it is, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd," he said as he looked up at the massive building. He walked up the steps and entered the huge church. "Hello, is anyone home?" Bow shouted, no answer. Bow knelt before the large altar and went through a side door way and found the priest sitting at a desk reading over some books and papers. "Dear parishioners of this diocese, our Holy Father has written some new precepts, he feels that they will guide us closer to Christ" the pastor said as he trying to think up a better greeting. "Father O'Reilly?" Bow asked waiting for a response "It's Bishop O'Reilly and how may I help you" the bishop said as got out of his seat. "My name is Bow, I'm a friend of Prince Adam, we met when me and my friend Glimmer rescued Adam and brought him back" Bow replied, the priest stared at Bow for a moment and said "Yes, I remember now, what I can do for you my friend" "Prince Adam is in danger, he's dying" Bow said as he lowered his head "I see, what happened" O'Reilly answered "Adam went off to be alone for awhile during night, we looked for him all over him. Finally after Teela came home and went to bed Hordak appeared saying he had captured Adam. We went out to the cemetery to rescue him but found him near death" O'Reilly got out his bible and a bell and said "lead the way Bow," with that rebel and the bishop went to find Adam"

Back at the cemetery Adam lie dying in Teela's arms "Adam, Please don't go, I can't live with you, please Adam, don't leave me" Adam smiled at his wife and said "Teela.I love you" Teela could not answer tears were running down her face, for this time in life since she was young she was scared, the wasn't a fear in the normal sense, it was a fear of loss. She had stared down the two most frightening enemies she had ever seen as a warrior, Skeletor with his skull which looked at her with an emotionless stare, and the otherworldly demon Hordak, the latter of which she had actually killed, now she faced an enemy she couldn't see or hear. This enemy's attacks were silent and victory was his, this enemy was Death himself. "Why don't show yourself Death, if you want to a battle show yourself and fight, why don't you answer me" she thought as her world was spiraling out of control, her world destroyed, the sister of her husband killed, Duncan had gone off to college, and now her childhood friend, her husband was dying in her arms and there was nothing she could do, but watch as the Grim Reaper slowly took Adam away from her. Just as Teela was about to bow her heads she herd two familiar voices cry out her name, it was Bishop O'Reilly and Bow. "Bow, Bishop O'Reilly" she said as she looked up. "We came as quick as we could" Bow replied, the Bishop went to see the dying prince. The bishop was dressed in very ornate garb, a red robe that went down to his feet, a ring on his right hand, and on his head was tall hat. He carried a gold staff that he carefully placed on the ground. He took out his Bible and read a passage from Chapter 3 of St. John's Gospel:

For God so loved the world that he sent his only son into the world so all those who will believe will nut die but have Eternal Life. God did send his
son into to world to condemn it, but that through him all may live.

Adam did his best to smile at hearing those words, "is.that.true?" he asked the bishop, "Yes it is, our Lord died so that we might live, that the price of not loving God, would not fall on us, but him so that we might experience joy," Adam looked at Teela and said "I'm.scared, I.don't want to leave" Teela was crying and said "I know you are Adam, death is frightening, but I'll be here, It'll be okay" she said as tears rolled down her face. Adam was silent for awhile and then said "Teela.It's time" "No.not yet.please Adam, don't go now, please Adam don't go" Adam smiled the best he could and said " love" Teela then kissed passionately, with that Prince Adam, The Defender of Eternia, The Hero of Primus, the love of Teela's life.died. "Farewell, my Love" she said as she cried. Bishop O'Reilly thumbed though his Bible again until he came across Chapter 23 of St. Luke's Gospel and read this passage:

Father, into your hands I commend my spirit

Bishop O'Reilly got out his bell, he turned and looked at everyone and said "Each time I ring the bell do this: the first time place you right head on your forehead and say 'in the name of the Father'; at the second move your hand down to your heart and say 'and of the Son'; at the third time place your hand on the right shoulder saying 'and of the Holy.' and then place it on your right and say 'Spirit' and at the fourth time say 'Amen.' "Okay, but why" Glimmer asked the bishop, O'Reilly answered and said "It's our tradition in my faith, it's our way of mourning the loss of loved one and realizing that God's love is present in all we do." All agreed and did what he said each time the bell rang, after that Bishop O'Reilly said a brief prayer:

"O, God of the Universe, whose unfathomable reality is beyond our
comprehension, you are the Alpha and Omega; the Source of all and its termination. While we mourn the loss of Prince Adam, we know he fought for what is right, to protect those who were suffering from evil everywhere, surely he fought for all you love. While he was a stranger to our world and
beliefs his heart was in unison with all you love. May his soul find happiness and peace; may all his troubles that fettered him in his mortal
life be lifted from him in his new immortal life. Amen"

Everyone replied in the same way. Just then the Sorceress of Grayskull appeared, she walked over to where the prince lay and used what powers she had left to make a casket and teleported the prince's body into it. The spell also changed Adam, he no longer looked beaten and bruised, all signs that the Horde had tortured him vanished. Teela stared at Adam "How peaceful he looks now, it looks as if he's only sleeping" she said noticing the smile on Adam's face. The Sorceress then took Adam's Sword of Power from it scabbard and using her powers destroyed it. "Why did you destroy the Sword Sorceress?" Teela asked looking puzzled "because, it is no longer needed" Everyone's eyes grew wide at the comment finally Bow spoke up "what do you mean 'no longer needed', Skeletor and Hordak are still alive" "No," the sorceress replied "They are no more, Zodak banished Skeletor to a black hole, and there he was destroyed for all eternity; and Teela killed Hordak" All looked up in amazement at this news. The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull continued "With the two greatest threats to Eternia's peace destroyed and Castle Grayskull itself no more; I am no longer needed." "What do you mean, stay with us on Earth, Sorceress" Teela replied worried by the Sorceress's tone of voice "I cannot" she replied "Then are you going with Zodak" Glimmer asked "no, Zodak has gone off to his own dimension, and as Adam's life and the Power of Grayskull did so too will I fade away. Teela ran over to the Sorceress "Sorceress.Mother," Teela exclaimed she had never called the Sorceress 'mother' before but her heart was already broken and now it felt as if it was stepped on, "Don't go, Please don't go" The Sorceress looked at her daughter lovingly and said "I must, my daughter, I pledged my life to protect Castle Grayskull and it's secrets. Now they are safe, Grayskull is no more and so I must leave this world, but my love will always be with you" she said and with that the Sorceress folded herself in her wings and in dazzling light her costume vanished, in it's place was a simple outfit, the Sorceress without her powers became aged, said nothing but at smiled at her daughter and in a matter of seconds she like her powers vanished. Teela cried "farewell, mother." Then Bow and Bishop O'Reilly sealed Adam's casket, and buried him next to his sister Adora. While everyone looked on suddenly a tombstone appeared, the Sorceress of Grayskull made it, she must of used the last of her magic, before giving up her title and life to make it. It was made of the purest marble and on it was an inscription that read:

Here lies Adam Prince of Eternia
Defender of Castle Grayskull
Hero of Eternia and Primus
And sister of Adora
May the Elders watch over thy soul.

After years of fighting, the war was over, both Hordak and Skeletor were destroyed; the universe would never need to fear either being ever again. However, Teela felt empty. Man-At-Arms had died two years ago and Duncan was off studying in Europe, and he had said that he had fallen in love and might live there, that left Teela all alone. She had Bow and Glimmer, but they were no replacement for her family. Teela knelt down and looked at Adam and Adora's tomb thinking about how much she missed them. Bow then came over, placed his hand on Teela's shoulder and said "It's time to go home" Teela got up and as she was walking home she blew a kiss to Adam and Adora's grave and whispered "Farewell Adam, He-Man, my love. Farewell, Adora, She-Ra, friend, and Princess of Power." The two twins who were separated at birth by an evil twist of fate, reunited, and separated by duty were finally together again, forever"

The End