A pretty raven-haired girl spun around at the sound of her name to see her two best friends running up to her.

Sango, with her long black hair done up in a high ponytail and her soft brown eyes shining with anticipation, spoke first. "Are you excited, Kagome?! I can't wait!"

Kagome's chocolate brown eyes danced with excitement. "Oooh, me neither, Sango! Two weeks with you guys up at Devil's Mountain Ski Resort for my birthday; what more could I ask for?"

"Especially since we're all in one condo together, no adults present!" squealed Kagome's other friend, Ayame. Her flaming red hair bounced as she jumped up and down excitedly in the middle of the classroom they were currently occupying, and her bright green eyes twinkled.

"It's tomorrow!" Sango reminded them, as if they didn't already know. "Tomorrow and we get to miss this upcoming week of school and then spend the March break up there. This is the best present you could ever get for your birthday, Kagome, and I'm sooo glad we get to go too!"

"I know, me too!" Ayame sighed. "I'm already packed."

Kagome laughed at her friends, fully sharing in their delight. "I think we'll be taking the van so we can fit all of our stuff, 'kay, guys?"

"Sure," Ayame responded. "And we can take turns driving all the way up. Remember, I have my G2 now."

Sango rolled her eyes. "Yes, we know, you've only reminded us about a hundred times since you go it a week ago!" she said in exasperation.

"Just making sure you don't forget," Ayame said defensively.

"I think it's ingrained into my brain," Sango muttered, rubbing her temples.

"So when do you think we should hit the road?" Kagome asked, breaking into their little dispute. "Seven am?"

Sango and Ayame looked at her in disbelief. "Ugh, Kagome!" Sango protested. "I'm ridiculously excited about this trip, sure, but not that ridiculously excited."

Ayame nodded her head fervently in agreement. "I'd say about... noon. Sango?"

"Sounds good to me. I really need to sleep in after all of this stress school has been placing on me."

Kagome stared at her friends. "Noon? It takes like five hours to get there. There'll be no time to test the slopes out!"

"Oh, calm down, Kagome," Sango brushed her off. "We weren't planning on skiing the first day anyway. I mean, what are the whole next two weeks for?" Reminding herself of this, she sighed in bliss.

"Fine," Kagome conceded. "But you two better both be ready at noon on the dot, 'cause you don't know whose house I'll come to first and I don't feel like waiting around."

Sango and Ayame nodded happily then scampered back to their assigned seats as the bell rang to signify their first class of the day had begun.