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For the first time, Alex studied herself in the bathroom mirror. - How do I look? - she wondered. - Oh my God! I'm going insane! Aaah... crap... - she thought, tearing her eyes away from her reflection. Her heart was pounding in anticipation and she shook her hands to get rid of some of the tension.

"Alex, calm down. You've done this before, what's the difference? God... I'm going out of my mind," she said to herself.

She opened the bathroom door and stepped out, her heart pounding in her ears.


Jade sighed as she poured herself a glass of water. Just another boring night at home. Alex was in her room and David was in his, doing his homework. She could go up and see if her brother needed help with his homework, but she wasn't as close with David as Alex seemed to be. He really looked up to her younger sister, and Alex's hatred for Jade seemed to rub off on him slightly. When the girls fought, David always took Alex's side if he was involved. It pained Jade so much to know that her siblings couldn't stand her. Sure, her brother was nice enough to her, but when Alex was around, he went straight to her side, leaving Jade in the dust.

David had had problems with Alex in the past as well, though. He had hated it when Alex got into fights and begged her to stop it. He cried when she was expelled because she hit the prep. But despite that he admired her greatly. Jade remembered one of the latest conferences she'd had with his English teacher. His teacher had showed her an essay he'd written about a person he admired. That person had been Alex. He had described her in it and near the end had written, "When I get to be her age, I want to be just like her, except maybe with a little more patience."

Jade remembered wishing she had been the one David had written about. For a little while she was jealous of Alex every time her brother would go to her side. She hadn't thought that Alex deserved his admiration. She always was nicer to him than to anyone else, but she still wasn't being a terribly good sister. She never came over to him and offered to help with his homework or smiled. But now, that had changed.

Recently, Jade had seen Alex smile at David. Once again, her sister had brought tears to her eyes, making her wish she could make Alex smile as well as David. Her sister had changed so much since she met Bakura and it was all for the better. She had gotten called into the principal's office only once and her attitude had gotten much better. With every time Alex saw her new friend a little piece of the wall she had built around her heart seemed to crumble and fall away.

Sighing, Jade snapped back into reality and walked into the living room. She sat down on the couch and took a sip of water as she heard someone thunder down the stairs. She looked over her shoulder to see Alex and her eyes bugged out as she sprayed her mouthful of water over the coffee table.

"Alex!" Jade exclaimed, staring at her sister as she stood.

"What?" Alex snapped back. She wore her hair loose around her shoulders and black eye make up. Her lips were glossy and were pursed in annoyance. She wore a black leather skirt that came down to a little above her knees with a form fitting black, long sleeved shirt. Her black boots came to just below her knees and had silver studs going down the length of each boot.

Jade stared at Alex, who glared back. "You... you're wearing a skirt!" she exclaimed, stunned and unable to come up with anything else to say.

"Oh, well spotted," Alex snapped, turning to go to the front door.

"You never wear skirts!" Jade exclaimed as a car horn blared from outside. "Who's that? Wait... oh my God!"

"What? Would you keep out of my life? This is my business, not yours," Alex said, glaring at her sister. As she brushed past her sister, Jade caught a familiar scent coming from her.

Jade grabbed Alex's arm and pulled her towards her. "What are you doing?" Alex shrieked, hitting her sister's arm. Jade didn't let go, but bent her head slightly to Alex's neck and sniffed.

"That's my perfume!" she exclaimed as Alex managed to wrench herself from her grip.

"It is not! It's my shampoo. Why would I go near your crap?" Alex sneered, heading once more for the door.

"Who's outside... Bakura?" Jade asked.

"It's none of your business."

Jade suddenly grinned. "Are you /dating/ him? You are, aren't you! Oh my God!"

"Jade!" Alex yelled, annoyed. She slammed the front door behind her as Jade started to laugh.


Bakura sat outside, leaning out of his car window. - Alex... - he thought, slightly impatiently. He was dying to see her and smiled as he finally saw the front door open. His jaw dropped in amazement when he saw her choice of clothes. - And I thought she couldn't get any hotter! -

He quickly closed his mouth as Alex came around the car and got in the passenger side. "Hey," she said, looking at him. She laughed as she saw him looking her up and down with wide eyes and a smile. Before he could say anything, she leaned over and kissed him, placing a hand on his cheek.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and added his own pressure to the kiss. They had intended it to be short, but it didn't work out quite that way. When they finally did pull away, Bakura checked his watch.

"We'd better go, or we'll miss the movie," he said, putting the car in gear. - With any luck, we'll still miss the movie, even if we do make it on time. - "You smell nice by the way," he said, looking over his shoulder as he backed out of the driveway.

Alex grinned as she leaned back in the seat. "It's Jade's," she said simply and they both laughed.


David watched Bakura drive away with his sister and leaned his chin in his hands, a smile on his face. His window had given him a clear view of the driveway and the kiss Alex had shared with Bakura. David remained at his window for a while after they had left, replaying the way Alex had smiled over and over in his head. He was so happy that now his sister was. She had spent far too long in misery and she deserved to have someone like Bakura. He wished that he would find the girl that was just right for him, just like Bakura was perfect for his sister. He knew now more than ever that he wanted to be just like Alex... with her luck as well.


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