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AN:My best friend Katy and I are always having big debates over what is better, Lord of the Rings or Star Trek, and as we are always talking about our favorite stories we thought it only best to write a story deluding ourselves and to get our energy out. So please enjoy!

By the combined efforts of Christina B. and Katy (Frogorn)

There Not Figments Of Our Imagination We Swear

Chapter1~The Encounter

Frodo woke up in a cold sweat. That was strange.stranger than all his other dreams in the past. The type of dreams that Frodo had had lately were the dreams the Ring forced into his mind. But this..this was different, those girls were strange and they came from such a weird world. And for some reason he was there. But then Frodo figured, he better not dwell on it, its best to concentrate on the task at hand.


Spock was in the middle of one of his daily meditations when all of a sudden something very bizarre happened. Something that didn't really make sense. Quite the illogical type of vision. For a Vulcan this was weird. There were these very primitive looking girls, some from oh say the 21 centaury. They were looking at him and screaming for some reason, the one with glasses more than the other. "Mr. Spock to the bridge," said the voice of Captain Kirk. Spock stood up and headed towards the bridge, decided to figure out that nonsense of a vision later.


Katy glared at her friend Christina. Why oh why must she be so difficult. Couldn't she just see that Spock was the coolest. "Spock is so much more intelligent," she said glancing at her friend why gasped in upset ness. Christina retorted quickly. "No he's not! Frodo can speak Elvish and saves Middle Earth!" "Well Spock can do calculations in his head and saves the universe." "Frodo is cuter, and he's a hobbit!" "Spock has pointy ears."

Christina grimaced. No way was she going to let her friend end this debate. She was one of those Lord of the Rings crazily obsessed person, Katy however was a Trekkie. Though the two argued nonstop about various subjects, they really were the best of friends. Both were seniors at Anthony Wayne High School and shared much in common. The biggest being their obsession for books, movies, and of course their marching band. Currently there were in the band room putting on their uniforms for a football game.

"Hobbits all have pointy ears, duh!" Christina said trying to end this argument. "So are you coming to my house tonight?" "You know it, and I'm bringing my Star Trek DVD." replied Katy. At this Christina rolled her eyes.


Frodo opened his eyes, this was the second night that he had been having these strange dreams. This time it seemed more real, like it actually happened. Those girls were very strange...all the screaming they did. Frodo knew the next day would be hard, he, Sam, and Gollum were going towards Cirith Ungol that night, and he needed his strength. Frodo closed his eyes and he felt like he was moving but all he could see was light.


Spock was on the bridge as usual, but something didn't seem right. He had a feeling that vision would mean something significant. He just was trying to figure out what. All of a sudden he felt dizzy, and fell to the ground. Before he knew it white fill his vision and he felt like he was in transport.


"Come on, you never saw the Extended Edition of Two Towers! It's so amazing!" Exclaimed Christina, as she and Katy were yet again locked in debate, this time over what movie to watch. "Not in my opinion. Amok Time has Spock in it!" Katy responded matter of factly. "Two Towers has Frodo in it!"

All of a sudden something happened, something that would impact the lives of Christina Barnofski and Katy Lempster forever. Two figures all of a sudden fell on their heads. Christina and Katy screamed bloody murder as they got out from under the falling people and hugged each other terrified. Katy glanced at them and started saying over and over "God Frickin Damn." Christina was just spazzing out.

The figures moved and stood. Christina saw the face of the smaller one at the same time that Katy looked at the other. Then they turned to each other and screamed. Then at the same moment they ran over to them and began hugging them.


Frodo was very shocked to land on these strange girls from his vision. This was like déjà vu as they had done the same in the dream. Then one of them ran over to him saying "Frodo! You're Frodo Baggins! I'm your biggest fan!" Frodo gasped in surprise and his hand reached for the Ring, longing to disappear. Then he noticed something strange, on her shirt there was a picture of him with his own quote "I will take the Ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way." At this point Frodo was very freaked out, glancing around the room, he only got more scared as there were pictures of him everywhere and pictures of some guy named Elijah Wood who looked quite a bit like himself. There was also this other person who looked almost like an elf there, yet he seemed like a very different sort of elf.


Spock couldn't believe what was happening and was controlling his urge to scream a loud pitched scream like the girls in front of him. He was trying to make sense of all this, but for some reason it didn't compute. Looking at the girl who hadn't ran up to him, he felt very alarmed to see "Live long and prosper" right above the picture of himself doing the Vulcan salute. The other girl ran up to him and hugged him. Spock was even more concerned now and tried to get away from her grasp. Something seemed to register for the girl and she pulled away. "Sorry Mr. Spock, I forgot Vulcans hate being touched.

Christina pulled Katy away and then she addressed Frodo and Spock. "Uh hi Frodo and . what's his name again?" Katy replied. "Spock." "Right, Spock." Said Christina. " Well, guys welcome to Earth!"

~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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