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"Hey Kagome, babe, can u get me a line with Inuyasha?" Kouga asked his secretary through the intercom.

"Yes, Mr. Otami, hold on for a second" Kagome said as she clicked one on the dial and waited for Inuyasha to pick it up.

"What is it now?" a gruff voice at the other end asked.

Sighing to herself, Kagome relayed the message. "Mr. Takashi, Mr. Otami would like to have a word with you," she asked as politely as she could.

She had only been Kouga's secretary for a month and had yet to meet the famous Inuyasha Takashi. He was supposedly the number one bachelor and was as rich as they came. She had heard rumors about him varying from he was the downright most egoistical man ever to walk the earth - to how handsome and hunky he was. Yesterday she could have sworn she had heard Kouga mutter something about Inuyasha being gay.

She had thanked her stars that she was not his secretary but, she was still unfortunate enough to be Kouga Otami's. The guy had decided on day one that she was to be his women and would not stop hitting on her, even after she had politely declined him a hundred times, with fifty of those being in public.

She was snapped back to reality by Mr. Takashi.

"Well are you going to connect me or what?" he asked annoyed about waiting.

"Yes, sir," Kagome replied in the most sophisticated voice she could manage and connected him to Kouga's line.

Sometimes she wondered why she took this job.

Reminding herself that it was the only choice, only option, the last resort she had left was reason enough.

Sighing once again she got back to filling the paper documents that all secretaries unfortunately had the displeasure to work in sync with.


"What is it now, Kouga?" Inuyasha growled as soon as he knew he was connected.

"Ah, Inuyasha how are you?" Kouga asked smoothly.

"You know damn well how I am. Get to the point. if there even is one," Inuyasha said knowing Kouga had gotten the full meaning of his question.

"Inuyasha if I were you I would calm down. After all you don't want me to accidentally let slip your big secret, now do you?" Kouga replied lazily

"And what secret are we talking about" Inuyasha asked

"Don't play innocent. I already know you are gay."

Inuyasha dropped the receiver with a clunk. He stared at it, daze. 'What the hell did he just say?'

In the background you could hear someone talking softly.

"Inuyasha are you all right?"

"Hello?" the voice was trying to get him to come back to the real world.

Shaking his head, Inuyasha picked up the phone from where it had carelessly fallen and answered it.

"Kouga, that was in no fucking way a funny joke," he growled

'"How can that be a joke? I could swear I heard a man a few seconds ago, worriedly asking if you were okay, and I know for a fact that your door is locked. So what exactly are you two doing in here, all alone, with no disturbance, just the two of you in the dark.."

Kouga would have continued had Inuyasha not interrupted him by hissing loudly.

"You know fully well that was Miroku, you fool and you also know that I lock my door so no one will disturb me."

"But Inuyasha, you have barely dated any women for TWO to THREE years. Rumors have been flying around, people have been wondering and this is the latest one," Kouga said, sounding strangely happy.

He could Imagine Inuyasha's flaming face as a lazy smile dawned his face.

"Look Kouga, I have one thing to say to you," He growled losing his patience.

"And what may that be?" Kouga asked a little intrigued.

Perhaps Inuyasha really was gay.

"I'm coming to your office in five minutes flat." With that said, Inuyasha slammed the receiver down.

A man stepped out of the dark. He was dressed in monk's clothing. He regarded Inuyasha coolly before asking, "What's gotten you so riled up?"

"Kouga, the bastard said I was gay," Inu said ready to pull out his hair.

"You're gay, and you never told me?" Miroku pretended to be offended.

"No, I'm not gay."

"We're going to Kouga's office," and when Miroku didn't budge, he added, "NOW!"


Inuyasha walked up to Kouga's apartment of the company and was about to enter when a girl's voice floated to his ears.

"I'm sorry sir but I cannot let you enter" a young girl with black wavy hair past her shoulders said from behind the secretary's desk.

'Not let me enter, she must be crazy, I'm the president of this company.'

Giving him a forced smile she turned and dialed Kouga's office number and waited for her boss to pick up.

"Mr. Otami, sorry to bother you but there's a man here with white hair here to see you," she said in a business like voice.

"Does he have golden eyes and a man dressed in monk's attire with him?" Kouga asked

Kagome blinked. "Yes sir, how did you know?" she questioned.

"Never mind, I'll tell u later, for the moment being send them in" he said laughing at the thought that Inuyasha, his boss, the ruler of the company needed permission entering his, Kouga's, office. The place belonged to Inuyasha and yet he needed permission to set foot on his property. God he would have a very pissed Inuyasha to deal with and silently thanked Inuyasha for bringing Miroku along, he knew he would need the help, if he wanted his plan to work.


"Okay sir, you are allowed to enter" the girl said opening the door for the two.

Inuyasha could only stare at the girl his mind swirling trying to comprehend what hap just happened.

Entering Kouga's office he was ready to rip his tonsils out, had Miroku not held him back.

Grabbing two seats, one for Inuyasha and one for himself he forced Inu into his before he plopped into his own.

"So what's this is I hear about you being gay?" Miroku asked casually.

"That one over there accused me of being gay cause I haven't gone out for three years," Inuyasha practically yelled.

"So are you gay?" both Miroku and Kouga asked with serious expressions.


"Hold on, I think we need to calm down, what do you guys want to drink?" Kouga asked them.

"Coke," Inuyasha said

"Coke," Miroku confirmed

"Coke it is," Kouga said as he pressed the intercom button for his secretary.

"Yes, sir?" Kagome asked from the other side.

"Kagome bring us three cokes."

"Of course sir, ill be right there with them in a minute," she replied

"Thanks babe," he said and shut off the intercom.

"You like her, don't you?" Miroku asked from his position.

"Of course. What's there to not like?" He asked.

"True, she is pretty, but nothing compared to Sango" he said speaking about his fiancé who he finally managed to woo.

"I love her," Kouga said simply

They turned to the door when they heard the knocks from the other side.

"Enter," Inuyasha said lazily

Kagome walked in with three cans of coke in her hand. She sat them down on the desk and turned to Kouga.

"Is there anything else you will need, Mr. Otami?"

"Not really but I would like you to meet Mr. Takashi, our boss and his best friend and partner in Crime, Miroku Kazaa."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," she said politely.

"If you will excuse me I have work to do," Kagome turned to leave.

"See you at lunch, babe."

She answered with her usual flat response. "I'm sorry but I'm busy" she was gone before Kouga could say another word on the matter.

"Well, Inuyasha do you have any way to prove that you are not gay? Because if you are, I could sell this to the media and I would get enough cash to keep me happy for my entire life without lifting a finger."

"I assure you I am not gay," Inuyasha said

"Ah, but you're assurance is not enough. And I doubt the media will want to take your word for it." Kouga said with a grin on his face knowing there was no way he could do that.

"And how do u expect me to prove it?" Inuyasha asked.

"I don't unless of course you would." Kouga trailed off, looking thoughtful.

"I would what?" Inuyasha asked

"You wouldn't do it," Kouga said flatly.

"Want to bet?"


"If you can get one girl that Miroku chooses to go out with you and actually admit that she likes you then you will haven proven yourself and I can't sell the information to the media. But. if you don't then... Well lets just say your reputation will not be what it is now," Kouga finished with a smirk.

Inuyasha stayed silent thinking of his pro's and con's. After long while, he gave his answer "I accept, however if I won I also get to see you give that girl, Ayame, that you hate so much a full, passionate French kiss, deal?' he asked sticking out his hand.

This time, Kouga was the one to stay silent before he took out his hand and shook it.

"Now, Miroku, who's going to be the girl?" Kouga asked turning to Miroku.

"I was thinking of that while you guys were chatting, and I have come up to only one girl who would be perfect for this situation" he said seriously.

"And who would that be?" Both men looked curious.

"Kagome Higurashi, your secretary."

Kagome groaned softly as she swiveled in her chair. She'd turned down her boss in front of his boss. She could just as well kiss her job goodbye that very second.

But she needed the money and she hoped that she wouldn't be fired. Hey, a girl could hope, couldn't she?

Heck, they probably keep her because Kouga liked her so much. But still, there was that little matter of pride.

At the memory of that scene, Kagome's cheeks flamed red.

"Sorry, Kouga, but I doubt you will ever have lunch with me." She decided early on that she wouldn't let her boss come close to her, just like she had done so with every other guy.

It was a resolution that she had kept for a long time and she didn't intend to break it anytime soon.


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