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"Rotten Luck"

'It seems like it will never end' Kagome had thought a few hours back when Kouga had told her to type out the information concerning the Company latest competitor. He had wanted her to finish it before she left but she hadn't thought she could pull that off.

It was finally closing time and she had just barely made it. The Takashi Corp. closed at 5;00 for most of its employees and looking at the time right now she had five minutes to spare.

Quickly cleaning and organizing her desk to its neat form she grabbed her pursue and overcoat and started to lock up her drawers and make her way out.

It had been a long interesting day for her. Kouga, her boss, had once again been hitting on her, and she had unknowingly declined their "boss" permission to enter a part of his own company and she had caught their "boss" in a very intimate moment with his best friend and who knows what else.

The last one in particular had been the highly of the day and had helped her manage to finish off her work. Every time she recalled that little "performance", her eyes would light up with amusement, and their would be a smile on her face and an occasional giggle would let loose.

It made her wonder what kind of a man her boss was and what had happened in his past. She had heard rumors fly around. Some of how he had not dated any women for two to three years and others on how he was having a secret affair with a real close friend but if what she had seen today somehow was made public, his reputation would be tarnished.

His past intrigued her, she would admit that much, but that was where it all stopped. She had made a promise that she would not break under any circumstances and even though her boss escalated one pint of her interest, she would never see him outside of company maters.

Making her way towards the main exit she stepped out only to be hit by droplets of water, as the rain forecast of the day elevated and made its way to the tip of the iceberg.

Kagome ran as fast as she could towards the bus stop. Her clothes getting drenched and her hair soaking as the water cascaded upon her. Of all the days for her little brother to borrow her cark, it had to be today and then the rain had decided to show up. It couldn't get any worse could it?

It could.

Kagome realized that as she stepped into the shelter of the bus stop, thanking the lord and at the same time cursing her luck. The stop was empty, and that meant the last bus had been early and she had missed it and would have to wait another 20 min for the bus to arrive.

Flabbergasted she took a seat upon the bunch, not believing her horrible luck.

Inu-Yasha whistled as he stepped out the doors not caring that it was raining.

True he had had a bad day but it was going to be all right. He was going to be dry in his comfy car and he would drive to the family mansion where he would get to eat his favorite food: Ramen. Life was too good for him.

Stepping into a small puddle, he felt the bottom of his pants drench in the water.

'Doesn't matter, ill change into something comfy when I get home' he thought as he inserted the key into the lock and turned it to reveal some of the comfiest seats in the world.

Yeah, his car was a beauty and he knew it.

He stepped into the confines of his car, inserted the key and revved the engine till it was purring like a kitten and then started to take it out of the parking lot and onto the main road.

He cruised along the road, letting the rain and its silence wash over him. Leaning over he swiveled the radio knob to his ling and lowered the volume so it was at it softest yet still audible to be heard and continued down the road.

He could see the bus station nearby and he saw a lone figure sitting upon the bench, all glum, like life had decided to pick on the sole person.

Slowing his car down as he passed it, he looked over only to realize the form was Kagome.

It seemed that today was another day, from the angry look on her face. Perhaps he should offer her a ride home?

She was his employee, and he was supposed to get on her good side. It couldn't hurt, could it?

Deciding it was worth the try, he stopped his car, next to the bus stop and slowly climbed out.

"Hi, Kagome" he called out.

She lifted her head and gave him small smile in return.

"What are you doing in the rain?" he called out.

"My brother decided to borrow my car, so I have to take the bus home, and I seemed to have missed the last one" she replied as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Do you want me to give you a ride?" he asked politely.

"No, thanks, I'm sure the bus will be here soon, anyway" she said.

"Wouldn't it be better, if I gave you a ride?" Inu-Yasha persisted.

"Err. No that's okay.........." She trailed off as a car came whizzing and stopped right behind Inu-Yasha's car drenching his car slightly with the rain water.

Inu-Yasha groaned. His brand new car. He had just had it washed and that stupid little driver had just gotten it all filthy with rain water. He couldn't believe it and another groan escaped him.

"Souta!" Kagome cried in relief.

"Hi, sis" Souta called out as soon as his window rolled down for him to speak.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were going to take out your girlfriend," she asked.

"Nah, we cancelled it after seeing the rain forecast and I thought id drop by to pick you up, instead of letting you take the bus home" Souta replied.

"Aww thanks!" Kagome said as she pecked him on the check affectionately in as sister way.

"No need to go mushy on me, Kagome" He replied laughing and swatting his cheek.

"So aren't you going to introduce me?" he asked with curiosity.

"ohh, right. Well Souta this is Mr. Takashi, my boss and Mr. Takashi this is Souta, my little brother" she introduced the two.

"Pleasure to meet you" the two men replied as they shook hands.

Thanks for your offer, Mr.Takashi, but as you can see I do have a ride, so ill be leaving now" Kagome said as she walked to the passenger side and stepped in.

Inu-Yasha nodded and waved till they were out of sight.

He was walking up towards his now washed up car when he noticed a car going exceedingly over the speed limit, with no intention to stop, right behind his car and watched with horror as it smashed head first into his car.

He closed his eyes. He couldn't watch his precious car being totaled but at the same time he was thankful that he hadn't been in the car otherwise........the impact had seemed REALLY bad.

He groaned. First the rain water, and then an accident. What rotten luck. Walking over to the other car, he glanced in, thankful to see the passenger had been buckled and hadn't faced any serious damage.

Running his hands through his hair, he prepared himself for a long night.

Kagome smiled at Souta in a thankful manner.

The kid didn't know it, but he had unintentionally saved her from having to take her boss up on the offer. She would have had to ride alone with him in the car.

The thought had scared her. She barely knew him, and he was her boss, and he was of the other species, known as man, and there few people of this world from hat species that she trusted and she was freaked out by him.

Her brother had rescued her not only from the rain but also from him and she was grateful for that.

She count wait to get home. Perhaps she should consider making him a special dish as a thank you note?

She smiled happily as her thoughts drifted on to lighter notes than they were previously on.

Happy to be rescued and not have to face Inu-Yasha for another day, she felt blessed and happy.

Inu-Yasha groaned into his bed. It had taken two-three hours to have the guy bandaged up, the cars tolled away, the police report, as well as some of the insurance info and exchange of information, till he had been free to go home.

After he had arrived home and had been bombarded by questions from his family and had his mother inspect him at least 300 times, till she proclaimed him O.K. He had grabbed a small late bite, since he missed dinner and didn't want to get the servants or make it himself.

He was currently in his room. Lying on the bed, cursing his life.

The money wasn't the hassle. They were rich enough to afford by at least 3 cars for each family member daily. It was more the hassle.

And Kagome.

It seemed as if she had been glad to be rid of him and it made him wonder....

'Have I lost my charm?'

It made him subconscious and it brought back to many memories and it reminded him of the bet.

He groaned into the pillow and a muffled hippopotamus talking sound escaped the pillow.

Humiliation, gay, honor, humiliation, family name, dignity and humiliation.

All of that linked to one bet. It amazed him.

It wasn't like he had anything against people who didn't prefer the gender that most would consider "normal". It was more like he didn't want lies about him flying around.

In fact if he thought about, he might have actually donated a small amount of money the previous month for the gay movements. He wasn't too sure f I was about that or having his own ramen store installed within the mansion.

About to contemplate the situation further he was rudely interrupted and his bedroom door "BANGED" open.

He looked up to see his elder brother Sesshomaru walk in.

He didn't see him often, especially after he had been married to Kagura and they had adopted their little girl, Rin.

He gave his brother a weird queering look. "I don't care if you are gay, just keep it private and don't make it public news. I can even set up a few appointments for you, if you want to have an affair or something just keep it on the low" Sesshomaru burst out.

He then left as calmly as he had entered "Banging" the door shut.

Once again alone in the captivity of his room, Inu-Yasha grimaced. He didn't know how his brother had found out but what he had said.........especially about those appointments........disturbing thoughts................disturbing images..............Miroku...................OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! He was going crazy.

'There was something about Miroku..........'

'No!!! NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!'

'He was married for god's sake.......ok...........that sounded wasn't like he would do anything with Miroku even if he wasn't married......or any other was just........he felt he was forgetting something.........something with Miroku linked to it.........and it was important .................'

Coming up with a blank, Inu-Yasha just shrugged and left it at that, deciding not to pursue the matter anymore. It couldn't be THAT important!

Besides he hadn't eaten Ramen today, so it wasn't his fault he was processing things a little sow today.

Outside of Inu-Yasha's room Sesshomaru chuckled quietly to himself. Miroku had indeed told him some interesting information and that tape he had sounded interesting and very intriguing........ a matter to be investigated.

He was doing this for Inu-Yasha's sake, he needed to learn to trust and have faith in women, like he once used to two-three years back, and he was almost sure that Inu-Yasha would thank him at the end.

'Now about that matter with the tape.............'his mind traveled off as he went off to search some more information about it.

Kagome meanwhile sat at home, watching a T.V. with a bowl of ramen in her lap.

She was slurping it happily as she watched the ending of her show. Once she had gotten home, she helped set up the table, taken a shower, while the ramen cooked, then come down after the shower grab some ramen for herself and had settled for T.V.

Yawning she stood up, deciding that she was tired and it time for her lights to be out.

Besides tomorrow she had to deal with two wacky bosses and one cracked best friend and maybe lover to her boss dude.

Shaking her head she switched off the T.V. and made her way towards her room, imagining pink grass, green clouds and smiley face world.

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