Summary: Sakura's heart is broken because Sasuke hasn't chosen her. Itachi is taking a walk. What will happen?

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Sakura Meets Itachi

Sakura's heart sank. After all this time, Ino had won. She had always thought that she would be the one to win Sasuke, being his teammate. She had been with him always, and yet she was the one cast aside. It didn't make sense?

Now here she was, the once proud and beautiful kunochi crying her eyes out at the very spot she had met him just after they had become teammates. He had called her annoying then. Was she still that annoying? She didn't doubt it. She was always just the girl- the outcast. Naruto had been the one on the team that had mattered in Sasuke's eye. She was the one in the shadows, just the girl sidekick with the big forehead.

That's when she saw him like a vision. In fact, he looked much like sasuke, but better! He was more dashing and older with red eyes and black hair drawn back in a loose ponytail at the base of his neck. His body was concealed in cloak the same lovely colors of ebony and red. She couldn't get a good look at his body beyond that, but she was sure from her woman's intuition that it was in good shape.

She didn't even notice the slash across the symbol of the Leaf on his head protector which was well hidden under his straw hat. But would that have mattered in the end?

Her heart beat like a drum in her throat. It was just like in a bad shoujo manga, a girl is wounded from being rejected flees to consul herself when, just on the horizon, the love of her life appears. Sakura wasn't one of those sort of girls. In fact, she hated those stories. But what if it was her one chance for happiness? Never mind she was being on the rebound after being rejected. She wasn't going to loose it.

Besides, he did look an awful lot like Sasuke. If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck- it's a duck. That's all that mattered at the moment.

There was no time to waste. Some other girl might come up and see him. She wasn't going to let what happened once happen again.

Sakura sprang to her feet and stood in front of him, ready introduce herself. The words felt like molasses in her throat as she struggled to pour them out. He must be a stranger to the village. She could use that. Her clever mind was already foxing a plan to offer herself as a tour guide during his stay, then suck him into her world like a fly into a trap. Hell, it worked for those shoujo love heroines, why wouldn't it work for her?

"Hello, I'm—"

She never knew what hit her. In an instant her throat was cut and her body slumped to the ground with a wet slushy noise. Blood splattered in ribbons upon the ground, over the fallen leaves where her body twisted, then tumbled and fell.

"Was that really necessary?" Kisame asked his partner as he caught up.

Itachi nodded his head solemnly, his voice cold and devoid of emotion as usual. That had been as easy as tearing or cutting the head off the neck of a baby kitten

"She was obscuring my path…And I hate pink."

He flicked the bottom of his cloak, shaking off some of the paint of life where it had spattered before heading in the direction of the dango shop with his comrade.

What a completely uneventful day, Itachi thought.

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