Heyas everyone, and welcome to Kanojo's project of the moment, "Save Your Tears!" Given that I am one mucho grande Final Fantasy obsessed female, this story just begged to be written. Seriously, it was holding a gun to its head and everything.

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Summary: My own take on what happens after FFX-2...Yuna is a paranoid mess, constantly thinking Tidus will disappear, Tidus stumbles across some movie spheres, and Gippal just can't stop teasing Rikku! And is that...Lenne! Nothing can ever be truly peaceful... (Tidus + Yuna, possible Gippal + Rikku. Rating may go up!)

I: When a Lovebird Dies...

Yuna awoke in her bed on the Celsius lazily. The sun was streaming in through the windows; far too bright for her liking. The sun's rays stung her eyes, giving her all the more reason to snuggle her face back into her soft, comfy pillow. It was after she had made herself cozy once more that a moderately important realization flittered through her mind.

He was back.

Her eyes, deep blue and vivid green, shot open, and she quickly sat up, turning to her left, only to find that the other half of the small bed was empty. 'No...' she thought to herself, 'No! This isn't right! He was here… I know he was here!' Yuna had fallen asleep next to him the night before; of this she was certain. The ex-summoner looked to her left and right, but there was no one to be found. Her eyes began to sting, but this time around it was not a result of the sun in her eyes. She remembered it so very clearly…the beach, his touch, his beautiful eyes! Yuna wouldn't let that be another dream. She couldn't remember ever being as happy as she had been at that moment. Was reality actually going to press her to believe that it was only fantasy?

Just imagining this was more than Yuna could handle.

'If there is any kind of just and loving…anything up there, they simply couldn't let this happen!' Yuna spent a few moments deep in thought. After several moments, a most peculiar idea came to her mind.

'...I know, we'll bargain. I'm going to close my eyes, and if he's not here next to me on the count of three, I…I'll proceed in jumping off of this ship. Are you ready? Here we go.' Yuna shut her eyes and mentally counted. 'One...two...three.' She slowly turned to her left once more, but to no avail. There was no Tidus. Tears welled up in her bi-colored eyes. 'Is this really how it's going to be? Well…fine. So be it. But I'm keeping my end of the bargain.' Yuna set her feet on the cold floor and began her walk to the lift.

At about the time Yuna had reached the corridor, a fair-haired young man stepped out of the bathroom that adjoined with the small bedroom. "Whoa, I'm gone for 30 seconds and she's already gone? Something tells me that's not a good sign..." Tidus spoke to himself, scratching the back of his head. "I think I'd better go looking for her."

Out on the deck, Yuna stared down at the blurred scenery below her. She was beginning to realize that this wasn't such a good idea. Chances were, she wasn't going to survive this feat. But she reasoned with herself. Was that really a problem anymore? It was true, the one thing she was hunting for could never be found. Dreams plagued her once peaceful sleep; dreams of Tidus, and how much she wished he were beside her. She needed him, more than she had ever needed anyone or anything in her life. But dreams weren't enough, which was ironic, given the fact that he himself had been dream. It was at this moment that the tears began to roll down her face, a face that held an expression of utmost longing. So this was how Shuyin felt. Empty, cold, and completely and totally alone. Willing to do anything to get the one he loved back. She looked up at the sky above her, and shouted a barrage of angry questions at the defenseless clouds.

"Is this how my story really ends? Haven't I done enough for this world! Don't I deserve to be happy? Or will you make me wait one thousand years as well...?" She collapsed onto her knees, her tiny body wracked with sobs, her hands covering her face tear-streaked face.

It's strange the things that love can do to you. Love can make you climb the highest mountains; walk the greatest distances; or even jump off of airships, tens of thousands of feet in the air.

Shaking away her anger, Yuna rose to her feet. She closed her glistening eyes, and whispered, "So this is how it ends. I'm…I'm sorry we never saw your Zanarkand together. Who knows, maybe we'll be together soon enough." She walked to the edge of the deck, lifted one foot over the side, and...


Her eyes flashed open. This was a voice that she had not heard for a very long time. Almost afraid to see that her mind was continuing to play tricks on her, she slowly turned back toward the deck. Her green and blue eyes met with his deep azure ones, and she knew instantly: this couldn't be a dream. This was him. The real him, she was sure of it. And he was standing there, only feet away from her. In a sudden surge of emotion, she scampered over to him and pounced, knocking the both of them to the cold, hard metal of the ship's deck. "Ouch..." he mumbled, rubbing the now very sore back of his head, "nice to see you too!" Yuna blinked in disbelief. She quickly pinched her arm. Ouch. And this meant only one thing.

"It is you!" she exclaimed. She placed her hands on the sides of his face, if not only to be close to him, then to make sure that he was actually there. For she had half expected to run straight through him and crash on the deck, just as she had done two years prior. "Yeah, it's me...I really can't remember ever NOT being me...except for this one time when I could have sworn I was a gazelle..." Yuna, just content hearing the sound of his voice, paid no mind to his teasing. It was then that he noticed the tears that were still falling from her eyes.

"Yuna...are you alright? What happened?" She just smiled weakly. "I thought you'd left...or that you were just another one of my dreams..." Tidus frowned. "Yuna...don't ever want to put you through this pain. You shouldn't be crying on my account." While he was speaking, he put his hand to her face and wiped away her newly fallen tears with his thumb. Yuna smiled. "You never caused me pain, because when I was with you...I was happy. More so than I can ever remember. The only thing that ever hurt was the fact that I knew we had to part. But...you saved me, Tidus. So even though I was alive...without you, life just wasn't worth the effort. Part of me just...gave up."

Tidus didn't know what to say. Here she was, the woman he had wanted to be close to for so very long. She was pouring out her heart and soul to him, and he didn't know what to say to her. After a long pause, he finally spoke. "Yuna...I know that I can never make up for not being here for you, and I know that I can't erase everything that has happened, but I'm here now, and I'll do everything I can to try and make things right, because I..." he was cut of right then, as Yuna had returned her hands to the sides of his face, quickly leaned down to him, and placed her lips to his. This bold action startled Tidus. Was this really the Yuna he remembered? However, not being one to object, he returned the kiss, rejoicing in the feeling of her soft lips against his.

But nothing this joyous could last for very long. Just as Yuna began to deepen the kiss, she heard the sound of the lift doors opening, and a terrified shriek coming from that same direction. Yuna quickly lifted her head to see who was there, but the doors had promptly closed. She then realized that she was still atop Tidus, and had been so the entire time.

"Oh no..." Yuna worried, getting back to her feet, "if I recall correctly, that was the sound of a very frightened Rikku..." Tidus laughed. "Yep, I'm sure she got the completely wrong idea from that." He stood up and stretched out his arms. "Well, we might as well head down there and try to explain ourselves." Yuna nodded, her embarrassment at being discovered in such a suggestive, erm, position clearly perceivable. As she began to make her way to the lift, Tidus brushed up against the side of her and interlocked his fingers with hers. A slight blush appeared on her cheeks. Tidus chuckled.

As the pair made their way onto the bridge, hand in hand, they could not help but notice Rikku, who was presently running around in circles, screaming something or another in Al Bhed. Tidus knew little, but he was able to translate something or another about her 'virgin eyes.' When Paine noticed that they had entered, she smirked and sauntered over to them. "So," she said in a sly tone, "what is this I hear about 'Yuna molesting poor Tidus out on the deck?'" Yuna already pink face took on a bright shade of scarlet. "Well, you see...I just, and we were...and..." It was then that Tidus got an idea. "It's true, " he sighed, "She raped me again and again!" And with that, he burst into very obviously fake tears.

Rikku fainted.

Paine burst into laughter.

Yuna gave Tidus a very questioning look.

Tidus shrugged.

"Well," Paine began, wiping the tears from her eyes, "I can't blame you for feeling a tad 'frisky.' After all, your "ickle snuggle bunny" has triumphantly returned after a two year vacation in the Farplane. Who wouldn't feel a little hormonal?" Yuna's face had to invent a new color. "Um, Paine, I really don't want to talk about that right now..." But she was interrupted, this time by a now conscious Rikku. "As much as I hate to interrupt this enlightening, yet mildly disturbing conversation, I must ask you: In your current state of bliss, what have you forgotten?" Yuna stared blankly at her cousin. When Rikku had given up on the subtle hints, she let out a sigh and jabbed a finger in the air at a clock high on the wall. Yuna's eyes panned slowly up to it, and then widened.

"Oh no, it's already 10:30! We're going to be late for that meeting with Baralai and Nooj! Buddy! Set a course for Bevelle, and step on it!" Buddy nodded in response. Yuna looked over at Tidus. Leaving him was the last thing she wanted to do at this point in time. "I'm really sorry, but I completely forgot about this. Are you sure you'll be alright here for a little while?" "I'm sure I will," he replied, his blue eyes looking softly into hers, "but when you get back, I really need to talk with you." Yuna sighed, and agreed.

"Ok, we've reached Bevelle, Gullwings. Ready to depart?" They all nodded in unison, then headed towards the exit. Before leaving, Yuna whispered something into Brother's ear. "If Yuna will dance for me..." he replied dreamily. Yuna sighed and exited the ship. Paine stopped right next to Tidus. "Since you obviously have nothing better to do, give this a looking over, will you?" she said quietly, placing something in his hand. Rikku bounced out after her. Tidus sighed. It was still within their first twenty-four hours together, and she had already rushed off! He could understand that she had responsibility, but she could have at least taken him with her.

'Oh well,' he thought to himself, 'I'll see her soon enough.' He decided to look at the object in his hand. It was a small sphere that read, 'Portable Sphere Theater' across the front of it. Or was it the back? You can never tell with spheres. He decided to head to the cabin and check it out. He didn't trust that Brother character. He was always glaring at Tidus, at he had a feeling that there was some hostility there, even though he couldn't be quite sure as to why.

It looked as if things were heading toward a relatively smooth start.

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