A Tragic Love: Inuyasha and Kagome

Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha OR any of the characters by Rumiko Takahashi

Ch. 1: A Bad Start


Yawn.Kagome opened her eyes to the six o'clock sunshine beaming through her second floor window. She quickly turned to her side, shielding her eyes from the bright sun. It was no use; she could hear her mother's squeals from below. She knew in a matter of moments, her door would open and Patricia, their maid, would open the drapes and force her off her bed. Like clockwork, Patricia swung open the double doors and yelped, "Kagome, get up!!!"
Kagome, ignoring the maid, pressed the covers tightly around her body and pretended to sleep. Of course, who could sleep with her mother yelling like a banshee below and the maid screaming in her ear? Kagome knew it was no use, she could not pretend to sleep forever. She had to get up sooner or later and face her fears. What exactly were her fears? Well, that answer lies in two words: high school.
"Kagome, you can't stay in bed forever," Patricia calmly said. Kagome slowly lifted the covers and opened one eye. She saw Patricia hovered over her, both arms on her waist, looking surprisingly happy. "Kagome, you do this every morning. Don't you think its time to grow up?" she said.
Kagome was shocked. I am grown up! Kagome thought. Kagome gradually let go of her hold on the covers and sat up in bed. Patricia stood back and opened the remaining drapes. Kagome looked at the clock and realized she had only fifteen minutes to get dressed and go to school. Good, its five minutes more than usual! Kagome smiled and picked up the outfit Patricia had laid down for her the night before. Thirty minutes later, Kagome arrived at school, tardy as usual.


Kagome raced down the hall to classroom number 366. She looked down at her excuse slip and sighed. It was obvious the secretary had excused her because of her father. He is the leader of a multi-million industry that ironically owns half the country. Therefore, practically everyone's job relies on her father's happiness. But who was her father? Kagome thought. For the past 15 years, Kagome had only seen him maybe five times. Although she saw her mother everyday, she was as distant as her father. Her mother would rather party at the country club than spend some quality time with her daughter
Patricia was her only family and she was happy she had her.
Kagome ran towards 366 and stopped suddenly before entering the door. She gradually made her way in front of the door and peeked through the small window. She wondered if she could get away with being tardy. She would just have to slowly open the door and then tiptoe towards her seat. But, she found that was impossible. The students were surprisingly attentive-sitting upright.
Kagome looked towards her teacher, who was smiling and waving her hands in excitement. Kagome stepped back and read the numbers on the door. 3-6-6.there was no doubt about it; she was in the right place. But where were her sleeping classmates? The sound of chalk banging against the chalkboard? It was an alternate universe.
Just then, Kagome was immediately drawn to a boy, who was standing in front of the classroom, next to her grinning teacher. Who was this boy? Although this was the first time Kagome had seen the blacked haired boy, he looked so familiar as though she had seen him in a dream some time ago. Kagome realized this was the reason why everyone was so drawn to the front of the class-not because of their weird teacher Ms. Kaede, but because of the boy in class.
Kagome watched the boy for several minutes and was caught off guard when he turned her way. She quickly jumped back and hit the trash can behind her. She, along with the trashcan, fell onto the floor with a loud crash. Suddenly, all the doors along the hall flew open and every eye was on her.
"Kagome Higarashi!" Ms. Kaede yelled, "What on earth are you doing on the floor 20 MINUTES late for class!" Kagome cowered over the curious faces looking down at her and sighed.
"Good morning Ms. Kaede."