"You know, this is a bit more crowded then I expected…" Kimberly grumbled softly to herself, being smooshed with her fellow DiaRangers in the midst of the assembly. "I thought this kind of thing was mainly for High Schools?"

Shrugging slightly, Jon gave a small yawn. "Maybe, you Americans do tend to have weird habits, even in school."

"Maybe Plot Device University is just a special school?" Ryan offered, tugging on the color of his green shirt. "This is a rather unique town, to say the least…"

"Hey Jon." Canis asked, leaning around Ryan to see the blue clothed boy. "I thought you weren't tired in the mornings? What's with the yawning?"

Jon wrinkled his nose slightly. "One of my classes is in the afternoon… Since I can't fall asleep in it, like my body wants, I decided to try and fix my sleeping schedule some."

"Fix it?" Eric asked from the far side of the group. "Fix it, as in how?"

"I stayed up all night, and I'm not going to sleep until sometime late tonight."

Before anyone else could react to the comment, the crowd of college students finally started to go quiet, watching as a spotlight was aimed at one side of the stage of the auditorium. As everyone waited for the person the light was for to show, a cough over the speakers made the person running the light quickly shift to the small podium in the middle of the stage. The spotlight revealed the head master of the college who was glancing towards the light's source with a slightly annoyed look.

"Good day, everyone. As you all know, we are just a few weeks into the current semester, and I would like to welcome all the new students properly. We of the faculty are very proud to have you here with us, and hope that you will enjoy your stay as much as we enjoy educating you."

The head master grinned brightly as he extended his arms out from his sides. "And now, to show how much we enjoy it, our faculty cheering squad!" Quickly moving off to the side, the older man grabbed the curtain behind him, showing some of the more attractive members of the faculty in cheerleader outfits, quickly going into a cheering routine about teaching once the curtain was fully out of their way.

"What the… What kind of school has teachers who willingly do a cheerleading routine?" Kimberly said, giving the stage a deadpanned look.

"Well, at least they seem to be enjoying themselves, you know?" Eric added, hiding behind Canis a little as the look turned from the stage to him.

Canis didn't even notice the conversation going on around him once the curtains opened, blinking blankly as he stared. "I knew Ms. Saotome wasn't fake!" He blurted out, giving a surprised noise as the female member of the team's hand glanced the back of his head.

DiaRangers Diaries

Entry 3 "The Fine Line between…"

'I hate science…' Eric thought to himself, mentally sighing as he watched the professor continue explaining about something else.

While most of the courses his fellow rangers and he had gotten were along the lines for what they wanted to learn about, Eric had been the only one still requiring the necessary beginning classes. Which unfortunately meant being involved in a VERY boring science class, as far as he was concerned.

'Why couldn't Archive fub me into something a little more interesting. Learning the proper way to use grammar is more fun then listening to this guy drone on…' Blinking his eyes, the yellow clothed ranger watched his teacher continue on, his voice barely changing from the monotone he had begun with, when the class had first began.

Looking around, Eric was still a little confused at the intent look Ryan seemed to have. While he knew his friend was very into animal sciences and nature in general actually, he could not see how his attention stayed so focused in the class. It was utterly mystifying!

"So Eric, would you like to answer the question?"

Eric blinked, feeling the classes attention shifting to him as the teacher looked at him. Taking a quick glance at his book, he randomly picked one of the highlighted words, blurting it out quickly. "Photosynthesis?"

"That is right. Photosynthesis is the process…"

Sighing in relief, Eric glanced over at Ryan, grinning sheepishly as the look he received showed his friend knew he had guessed. Shrugging slightly, Eric leaned his head into his head, resting his elbows on his desk as he tried unsuccessfully to pay attention again.

"If I have to listen to another of Mr. Berler's talks again, I think I'll let Merry Mei drown in my dubbies or something…" Canis groaned as he sat with Jon and Ryan, taking as bite of his hamburger.

Ryan smirked slightly, taking a drink of his water. "I know how you feel. I spent most of my earth science class day dreaming, considering I already know most of it." He gave a small laugh, shaking his head slightly. "I do feel bad for Eric a little. Half the time, he looks like he's either falling asleep, or he gets the 'caught in the headlights' look in his eyes."

"I always look like I'm falling asleep, your point?" Eric added, taking his seat with his tray of food, quickly taking to his pizza slice.

Kimberly took her seat between Ryan and Canis, making the black clothed boy scooch a little away, obviously still recalling the swat from that morning. "Well, maybe you should sleep then. I could hear music in your room all night, and I don't image it's easy sleeping to "Corpses", you know?"

Shrugging slightly, Eric took another couple bites before he set the food down. "Music helps me sleep. Metal, J-pop, country, I'm one of those people who needs something for white noise. As for not sleeping, my only trouble lately has been the heat. I feel like I'm roasting half the time."

"Well, I think we have central air in the house." Jon added, dipping a fry in some ranch sauce before taking a bite. "Although, knowing Archive, finding the control panel for it will be a task on it's own." The British native grinned a little at the thought, giving another soft yawn.

Eric yawned himself, frowning a little at Jon. "Knock that off, I feel tired enough as it is."

Kimberly smirked a little at the pair. "Ladies and gentlemen, the dynamically unsleeping duo."


The group turned towards the voice, seeing a slightly younger girl standing behind Kim. With her brown hair pulled into a thick ponytail, she wore a purple jacket with a matching top and a pair of blue jeans, tilting her head curiously at the group.

"Oh, hey Brittany. Your class over with already?" Kimberly smiled up at the girl behind her.

Brittany nodded. "Yep, Shaun helped me finish. So now, all I need is your help with the project we're working on."

Kim stood up, picking up the small bag of food she had gotten her lunch in. "Oh, I haven't introduced you yet, have I? Brittany, these are my roommates. The tired one is Jon, with Canis stuffing his mouth next to him. That's Ryan, our nature lover, and the last is Eric." Kimberly points to each of the boys, getting mixed reactions on each, from a smile on Ryan and Eric's faces, wave of Canis' hand and Jon giving another deep yawn. "Guys, this is Brittany. She's in one of my later classes."

The group all acknowledged and greeted the girl, who responded in kind. After the introductions were done, she looked at watch on her wrist, making a soft noise. "Kim, we better go. We need to get a lot done, so we can finish this project by tomorrow."

Kim nodded to Brittany as Ryan looked at his own watch. The naturalist took a quick gulp of his drink, standing himself and walking off after the girls. After a few more minutes, Jon finally looked up at the clock the cafeteria had, staring at it a few minutes before a mumble came out, followed by the boy standing and leaving for his own class.

"Canis… Did he just say something about bloody wanking?" Eric asked once Jon was out of earshot, leaning a little closer.

Canis shook his head, patting his belly from the nice meal he had finished. "Nah, I think it was wanker. But then I wasn't paying attention, really."

Eric shrugged, finishing his pizza slice off. "Hey, do you have any more classes today?"

"Yep, still have my Literature class. "Why, don't you still have one?"

"Nope. Apparently my classes are all morning ones…" Eric sighed. "That's why when we started last week, I was home earlier then you guys most of the days."

Canis nodded, finishing his drink. "Lucky you. Well, why not roam around the campus or something? Get some fresh air or something. Maybe you'll get lucky and some of the girl's will be sunbathing." Canis grinned a bit as he stood up.

Laughing softly, Eric shrugged again. "Maybe… I'll see you later man."

"Laters, don't wear yourself out walking."

"Poopie!" Merry Mei cried out as she looked through her binoculars at the world below her. "Archive's Rangers ruined a perfectly good character! Now she'll never be able to show her family just how much better she was then them!"

Rob Tulcholz nodded towards the witch as she pouted down at the world. "I regret that our last Mary Sue was unable to defeat them. We are still uncertain just how they could defeat her and her partner, when we clearly held the advantage."

Mei turned around and walked toward Rob, looking up at his closely, making the man squirm slightly. "Because Archive cheats! He doesn't think remaking the world properly will be better!"

Storming away from the man, Mei paced back and forth for a moment., her shoes clicking annoyingly on the floor.

"My Mistress." Mei turned as Reff Rimoy stepped into the room, saluting with his hand on his chest. "I apologize for the last failure, but her nine lives apparently lost their warrenty! But I believe I have a new Marty Stu that will be to your liking!"

Mei's brow arched a little, skipping up to Reff as she looked up at her other general. "Really? Is it a proper cuddly and lovable Mary Sue, who can teach those naughty DiaRangers and Archive proper manners?"

"Cuddly? Well, perhaps in that horrbile Teddy Roxon on death row kinda way..." Reff stepped out from the doorway, revealing a purple cloaked figure behind him. The figure pulled the cloak back around his shoulders, revealing the dark armor on his chest and shoulders, as well as a sword hanging from his hip. Around his legs, it looked more like a robe clothed him, covering his limbs almost completely as the hood was drawn away, revealing an overly attractive face with dark hair hanging from his head, nearly lifeless eyes looked down at the witch.

"My Mistress, I give you 'The Dark Magician Knight.' Taken from a popular card game where most would be content with a mage or a knight, this Marty Stu is an excellent fighter and magic user. In fact, the only thing better then his skills, would be his looks." Reff grinned to the shorter girl. "He'll be able to defeat the DiaRangers with ease. They'll feel like a chicken with it's butt cut off, after he's done!" Reff laughed a little insanely at his own joke.

Merry Mei tilted her head a little, walking around the tall figure a couple times, before she glomped him from the front. "He's perfect! Proper appearance and skills! And he's so cuddly!" She giggled gleefully, clutching the impassive figure tighter.

"Yes, well…" Rob interrupted, stepping closer. "First, we must properly distract the Rangers, so they do not expect your newest Marty Stu. Perhaps a random squad of dubbies sent into an area with many people?"

"Oh yea!" Mei squealed. "The DiaRangers will go to help all the little peoples in trouble, and then we'll send the DM Knight in the minute they aren't expecting it!"

"DM Knight, Mistress?" Rob asked, surprised at the name.

"Short for Dark Magician Knight. Saying it all makes my head spin, so we'll shorten it! It makes him sound so much cooler, right?" Mei watched her cronies nod quickly. "Good! Reff, go lead a squad of dubbies against some helpless people! This time, those stinky rangers don't stand a chance!"

Eric gave a soft groan, leaning back against the bench he had parked on as people walked past. Having taken Canis' advice, he had decided to relax outside and just wait for everyone else's classes to end. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before just walking around had him more bored then before.

"Take a walk, he says. Get some fresh air, he says. Blah, staring at my moniter with writer's block would be more fun, then this right now…" Eric looked up, noticing a couple girls walking past, engrossed in some conversation he didn't overhear as he watched them pass. "Although at least the scenery is quite the sight."

The small ring of his communicator made him look away, glancing around nervously before he stood and quickly slipped between a couple of the buildings. "Eric here, what's up?"

"Eric, are any of the other DiaRangers with you?" Kyle's robotic voice rang out over of the com-link.

"Huh? No, course not. Archive should know, he's the one who made our scheduals…"

A pause went on over the link before Kyle finally continued. "Archive's… indiposed right now, that why I wasn't sure. Look, we just found out…"

A scream interrupted the robot, drawing Eric's attention. Looking out around the corner, he could see a small group of dubbies, being lead by Reff Rimoy, who was laughing as he swung his thin blade at the people unfortunate enough to not quickly get away from the groping masses of the dubbies.

"…that Reff is around the campus area with a pack of dubbies."

"You have a flair for timing, Kyle." Eric said, a little sarcasm slipping through as he frowned. "Any chance you can try and reach the others, or find a way to get them out of their classes?"

"Reaching them is too risky, but I'll see about getting them out of class. Even if I have to threaten to pause Archive's latest Takari hentai…"

Eric blinked as he suddenly heard the big floating head in the background, giving a yell of "Yea Hikari, ride that Angel Staff!" Giving his communicator a exasperated look, he heard a little shuffling as Kyle resumed talking.

"Anyway, I'll do what I can. With just dubbies and Rob, you should be alright by yourself. And we don't have a sighting of a Mary Sue yet, so go ahead and take care of them for now. I'll see what I can do for backup."

"Hand of Fate to the ass, yea baby!"

Sighing as the link finally went dead, Eric looked back out, seeing the dubbies and Rob still around. Pulling out his morpher, he grinned deeply to himself.

"Well, if I need these powers, lets have some fun. Power of Hentai! DiaRanger Yellow! Power of the Wyvern!" A flash engulfed him for a split second, covering him in the uniform of the Yellow Ranger.

Kimberly grumbled to herself as she listened to her teacher, trying to figure out just when he had come up with half the assignments he had given in just the last twenty minutes. While none of them were due soon, many of them were very close in their dates, leaving little options besides getting help and multitasking them.

"Psst, hey Kim." Kim looked over to Brittany, who had taken the window seat next to her this time when the entered the class. "Check it out!"

Looking where her whispering friend was pointing, Kimberly's eyes went wide as she saw the Yellow Ranger stepping out from between a couple of buildings across the quad from her, stepping in front of what looked like a small pack of dubbies.

'Eric, what are you doing?!' She thought, staring as she tried to see if anything else was around, especially worried a Mary Sue might be around as well.

"Ms. Gyorkos! Is there something you wish to share?"

Kimberly blinked as she realized she had leaned up and over Brittany a little at the window, quickly taking her seat. Glancing out the window, Eric and the dubbies were already out of sight, making her frown slightly before turning back to her teacher.

"No, I was merely enjoying the view sir." Kim grumbled under her breath at the small laughter going around the room, glad her teacher swiftly stiffled it and continued with the lessons. After another glance to confirm the Yellow Ranger's disappearance, Kim began gritting her teeth slightly, trying to think of some way to get herself out of class.

"Hey, Reffy boy! Hacked any beautiful anime to bits lately?" The Yellow Ranger called out as he ran out into the clearing, giving a kick to a dubbie's head before it could reach a fallen girl in the grass.

Reff smirked, drawing his slim sword and pointing it at the solo ranger. "Well, I had hoped for more then one of you, but I guess you'll do. Are your friends too scared to come out and fight with you, Yellow Ranger? Is there bedtime past their curfew?"

The DiaRanger made a loud scoffing noise, his arms shifting a bit exageratedly as he spoke. "Hardly. I bet they just don't think you're worth the trouble. I'm only here because I got the short straw."

Reff's smirk turned into a frown as he listened. "This from color-challenged ranger. Did they simply run out of choices when you got yours, or are you simply lacking fashion sense?"

"You're one to talk about fashion sense. Your witchie dress you in the morning, or are you just naturally ugly?"

"Well, my mother always said I was spec…" Rob blinked, giving a growl as he focused back on his duty. "Dubbies, take him apart!"

Keeping himself between the escaping people behind him and the attacking dubbies in front, Eric swung his arm around behind him, giving a spin as he flicked a button, making a energy sword appear from the object now in his hand. "Pen blade!" Rushing forward, the Yellow Ranger quickly dove into the small droves of dubbies.

Canis grinned absently, listening to Ms. Saotome as she went on explaining some of the finer points of the liturature lesson for the day. While it was someone he had taken a class on before, he certainly could appericiate Archive's reasons for giving him the class. 'Mental note, tell Archive Ms. Saotome is DEFINETELY not fake!'

A small noise outside broke the boy's concentration, glancing out the window to his left. Expecting a little squirrel or the such on a branch outside the second story classroom, the sight of the Yellow Ranger batting off a couple dubbies with his pen blade threw him for quite the surprise. Watching the fanboys being thrown away with ease, Canis frowned slightly, glancing from Ms. Saotome as she faced the board, getting on her tip toes to write something, then back to the still battling Yellow Ranger.

'Ms. Saotome… Dubby smiting… Ms. Saotome… Dubby smiting… Damn it, decisions decisions….'

Giving a last spin, Eric felt the last of the dubbies fall apart, pointing his blade to the ground as he looked over to a fuming Rob. "Ash to ash, and dub to dub. We hate to cut them down… oh, wait. No we don't!" Eric grinned under his helment, bringing his pen blade up ready as he waiting for Rob to attack.

"Don't get cocky, Yellow Ranger. You'll find out soon enough, we WILL remake the world properly, and there's nothing you can do to stop Mistress Mei! We are the Alt Control Delete of the world, haha!" Rob slammed his fist against his chest with his sword backwards in his grip, disappearing in a flash with his laughter echoing.

"Yea, maybe when the world no longer has taste…" Eric powered down the pen, slipping it back behind him as he looked around, seeing the dubbies parts no longer around. Just as he started to leave, figuring everything was in the clear, the sound of his communicator went off again, surprising him considering Archive and Kyle's habits of simply teleporting like last time.

"Wyvern Ranger, come in!" Archive's voice over the com-link surprised Eric, lifting his wrist to the mouthpiece of his helmet.

"Wyvern Ranger here, what's up big floating head?"

"No time for jokes, we have a Marty Stu detected, and very close to your location. You need to find and stall it, while Kyle and I get the rest of the Rangers."

Rubbing the back of his helmet with his free hand, Eric stood for a moment before he spoke up. "Wouldn't happen to know where it is, would you?"

Hearing a scream from behind him, the Yellow Ranger turned his head, looking up at a tall, humanoid form, wearing a dark cloak and upper body armor, and a long sword on it's belt. It stared down at him with the same dead eyes as the Mary Sue's partner digimon from the other day, watching him closely.

"Radar seems to be saying he's right on top of you, be careful!"

"Thanks for stating the obvious, yet again…" Eric said as he took a step back watching the warrior draw it's blade. Producing his pen blade again, he barely blocked the downward strike, struggling against the Stu's strength.

"Let me guess, steroids? Maybe just a muscle freak..." The Yellow Ranger quipped, finally being pushed back by the large blade and sliding across the yard. "Oh, just a hoped up Stu, who gets a beating!"

Drawing his sword back, Eric blinked behind his helmet as he saw the knight quickly draw his sword back and swing in the air, slamming a wave of air into him. The strike slammed him into the wall of a building, making a small crater in the concrete. Shaking his head, he tried to clear the stars out of his eyes, barely able to see the Stu walking towards him.

"Anyone get the name of that truck...?" Eric asked himself, as his head finally cleared enough to simply be ringing. Looking up, the armored figure has taken off on him, leaving the Ranger alone in the middle of the quad.

Finally pulling himself out of the hole in the wall, Eric looked around, trying to figure out where the monster had gone. Changing the blade back to it's pen form, he took off in the first direction he could think of, glad his luck seemed to be holding out as a clashing noise indicated the Stu was indeed in that direction.

A scream drew the ranger's attention, passing between a couple buildings before he found his target, sword embedded into the wall and a young oriental girl staring scared up at the Stu. Flicking his thumb on the pen, he rolled and put himself between the pair just in time, swinging his penblade up to block the just freed sword. A moment passed as the Yellow Ranger stared at his weapon, with the energy making it into more of a staff then a sword.

Pushing the warrior Stu back, Eric gripped the bo staff weapon in his hands, putting himself more in front of the girl. "Already, Stu, I think it's time you left the young lady alone." The humorous comments from before gone for the moment.

"Sonic Wolf Howl!"

The Yellow Ranger winced at the loud, coming from the alley he had just ran down, slamming into the Stu and pushing it more onto the lawn. A moment later the Black and Green Rangers ran out of the alley, penblades in hand.

"Hey Wyvern, miss us?" The Black Ranger called out, yelling a little loudly as the ears of his helmet flattened again.

"Immensely!" The Wyvern Ranger tossed back, watching Ryan runs towards the Stu.

"Jaguar Animal Rush!" The Green Ranger turned into a sudden blur, flashing around the armored figure and smashing his sword into him repeatedly. Finally, he slowed and stopped next to Black and Yellow, breathing a little heavily. "What is that guy made of?! I should have sliced him to bits, considering he couldn't even keep up with me."

Black patted Green on the back, shrugging. "Don't worry about it. Looks like you made swish cheese out of his armor. Besides, with him in place, now is the fun part! Hit is tentacle boy!"

"Cthulhu Tentacle Strike!" The shade of some of the trees around the knight sprang to life, catching the Stu's arms and legs. It turned it's head, seeing the Blue Ranger leaning against a tree behind him, yawning under his helmet. "Yo, ye bloody git."

"You know, it's almost too bad authors can't let the original creators make things like this. They would be so much nicer if appearance wasn't all they had." Pink Ranger spoke up, jumping off a rooftop and landing in front of the Stu. "Bunny Blast!" Blue quickly moved out from behind it as the large weapons of destruction appeared from behind Pink, aiming them at the bound opponent. "Later!"

After the Stu had been destroyed, leaving the crystal behind in it's place, Eric facefaulted into the ground as his com-link rang alive again. "Yellow Ranger, we found out the info about the new Stu! Sorry it took so long, but Archive went back to his movie after the last warning..."

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" Merry Mei screamed, dropping her binoculars, clutching her eyes. "Naughty, Naughty DiaRangers! First Archive ruins my fun, and now they come along and help! How am I supposed to make the world a more proper place, with such naughty people around?!" Dropping to the floor, Mei began hitting the floor with her hands and feet, throwing a temper tantrum.

"But my Queen, could we not simply Edit the DM Knight? They he could squish the Rangers like playdoe on mold!" Reff commented, holding the hilt of his heart sword tightly.

"Oh, your right Reffy!" Mei quickly jumped to her feet, sitting at her computer. "It's time to Edit! Mwa ha!"

Mei quickly began typing away, randomly trying to power up her Stu on earth before his essence was taken away, glancing back and forth from her screen to the planet with a look of frustration. "Tob! Haven't you fixed my Edit button yet!"

Sticking his head out of his workshop, Tob looked to Mei, giving her a surprised look. "Fixed? I fiddled with it earlier, but I didn't know it was bro...." Tob slowly trailed off as he seemed to be in total shock over something.

"Not broken, my poor Stu can't grow still! If you didn't fix it, what did you do?!" Spinning her chair a couple times in frustration, she ended up turned completely around, blinking ni shock as she looked up from her seat.

"What? What is it?" Reff asked, unaware his armor and clothing had been replaced with a bright pink tutu, his hair now a matching shade of pink and done up in bunch of pigtails with bows, like it had been done by a young girl. "You two look like you've been watching too many american cartoons without their subtitles! What, do I have a little child on me, or something?"

Mei and Tob both covered their mouthes, trying not to laugh out loud. "Nevermind, Tob... Hehe, this is more fun!" Mei turned around, having forgoten about her Stu as she started typing again.

Eric groaned softly as he walked down one of the campus' pathes. While they had sent the crystal back to it's proper author, and everyone seemed to make it back to their classes without incident, he was quickly finding himself back in the same problem spot as he was before. Bored and exhausted.

"Maybe I should look inside buildings, instead of roaming..." He mused to himself, picking the closest building and walking in, if for nothing else but the air conditioning. As he stepped in, he was glad to see he picked the computer lab, roaming a couple hallways before he found the lab itself.

Wincing from the soreness his body was still feeling from the wall slamming he recieved, Eric slipped into the chair of one of the empty computers, typing away at the idle comp as he started checking some of his normal sites. After the couple messageboards and picture sites he checked were past, he glanced over next to him, hearing someone else typing. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, he glanced at his neighbors screen, seeing the fanfiction page he was about to bring up already being surfed through.

Looking over, Eric was a little surprised to find the girl he had saved from the Stu, short black hair covering her head with a little hairclip holding some of her hair out of her eyes. Her skin tone and unique shape of her eyes made him think she was oriental, of some persuasion, but he wasn't completely certain of it.

The girl looked up at him, a blush on both their cheeks forming from the surprise of being watched and being caught looking.

"Heh, sorry. Don't mean to pry, but you were outside when the fighting happened, weren't you?" Eric asked caustiously, trying to use it as his reason for staring.

The girl looked up again, nodding slowly. "Yea... I was walking around, and that guy just swung his sword at me. I was lucky I fell backwards and he missed. But the Yellow Ranger saved me before he got his sword free from the wall, thankfully."

Eric grinned sheepishly at the comment. "Wow, I'm glad your not hurt. My names Eric." He offered his hand quickly, turning away from his computer for a moment.

"Kuroso. It's nice to meet you. So where were you during it all, Eric?" She asked as she shook the offered hand.

Squirming for a moment, he thought quickly, trying to think of a valid excuse. "I was... in the building across the way! I would have come out and help, but the Yellow Ranger got there before I could."

Kuroso giggled softly. "I see. Well thank you for thinking about coming to my aid." She smiled softly.

Fidgetting nervously, Eric glanced back to the computer screen, changing the topic. "So, you like read fanfiction?"

Kuroso's cheek flushed a little again. "Reading and writing it. It helps me not think about my problems, by writing stories about my favorite characters."

Eric smiled a little more. Maybe Canis had something with this roaming thing.