Note, I don't own anybody yah yah, you know the stuff, Rated R for Violence Frequent Language, Sex Scenes and possible rape and a few deaths. (And keep in mind that I aren't no good at sex stuff so don't give me flames for that alright not everyone is good at that stuff. A/N This is just a Prologue **************************************************************************** ******************************************
Stalker On The Bay Summary; Somebody is out stalking the residents of Summer Bay, Watching them, Haunting them, Scaring them. Will the Stalker be caught before he kills anymore of the Bay people. Read and found out. **************************************************************************** ******************************************

Vanessa Cartwright jogged down the silent street of Summer bay as it was just in the wee hours and the sun was just peeking.

Suddenly their was a huge bang Vanessa Swirled around in defence position just in case an intruder tried to hurt her, when no sound came she laughed to herself "I am an idiot it probably just a cat or a raccoon, nothing bad ever happens" she said but deep down she knew wrong that zillions things have happened in Summer Bay, people trapped in Mudslides, Mine Shafts, Weddings Disasters your typical Drama stuff.

Then a twig broke she turned and saw nothing "probably just a another Jogger she murmed to herself then cold metal sliced into her skin the young woman fell before she hit the ground she saw a shadowy figure then she was gone.

Cassie Wolf was scared she knew somebody was stalking her, watching her every move, she had 7 phones calls and no answer. She stopped heavy breathing besides hers could be heard Cassie started running, she heard another set of footsteps running after her. 5 minutes of running scared Cassie stopped at the beach she looked around for her pursuer but the only thing she could see was a young couple in the distance. She started to run to the couple to get help but a hand covered her mouth, she felt a stabbing pain in her back, she tried to screamed but it was no use tears rolled down her eyes as she collapsed her entire world went black.

Rick Love-Hewitt walked down to the Caravan after a night of hard work. A Soccer ball rolled in front of him, he looked really confused wondering where it came from "Rick" a voice hushed in the wind "Who Their" Rick said aware of somebody's Presence. "Say bye to Catherine" the voice said "Rick!" a panicked voice yelled Rick swirled and saw his 5 month pregnant wife been held by a man. "Catherine!" Rick yelled "Rick Hel" Catherine was but off as the man slit her throat then stabbed deep in her belly killing the unborn child Rick lunged for the man and wrestled with the knife then the fist came. "Bye Rick" The man said then he stabbed him.

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