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Stalker On The Bay Summary; Somebody is out stalking the residents of Summer Bay, Watching them, Haunting them, Scaring them. Will the Stalker be caught before he kills anymore of the Bay people. Read and found out. **************************************************************************** ******************************************

The bus that Alf hired took them to Summer Bay to confront the killers, on the way they rented guns. "So do we even have a plan here" Leah asked "The plan is to shoot them to hell" Seb said. "Oh how typical" Leah muttered. A shiver went up Jade spine Sen noticed it "It okay sweetie I won't let anyone hurt you" Seb said hugging his girlfriend the bust stopped a few metres from the building. "Okay everyone follow me" Alf said "All expect Leah, Jade, Dani, Kirsty and Eloiuse" Alf said "and VJ" he added remembering the toddler. "Alf I think it best for Sally to stay behind too" Flynn replied Alf agreed they all went out to get back their town. Dani and Kirsty sat far from their sister, Leah moved with VJ next to a resting Sally. Eloiuse looked at Jade then her sisters. "Talk about been mad" she muttered then she moved next to Jade, Jade jumped back "Hey it okay it only me" Eloiuse said Jade just nodded "Everything is going to be okay" Eloiuse said. A distant gunshot was heard, which started the pregnant women and Sally. Then a bullet tear threw the window that went past Eloiuse, Jade, Leah, VJ and Sally. "That was close you guys okay" Leah said to the two young girls they nodded their heads "Don't worry I got protection" she said patting her gun. Then one of the stalkers saw the bus and noticed Jade the girl who was suppose to be raped, He grabbed a machine gun and hopped on the bus "Freeze, anyone does anything I and will shoot you." he yelled the girls froze Leah carefully reached for the gun as the guy neared Eloiuse and Jade. "Hello Jade Sutherland, you were suppose to be an sex toy and stay in the building like a good girl" he said Leah was confused how did he know who we were. Then he grabbed Jade "No leave her alone" Eloiuse shouted he kicked her and ran for it Leah gave VJ to Sally and rose from her seat and fired.

The guy got off the bus in time as the psycho lady fired at him. Then two bullets plumed into the ground. He turned and saw the Greek girl firing at his legs then he got a small gun and shot Leah he saw her fall then he escaped into the warehouse unaware of a girl following him.

"Leah!" Dani cried the three remaining girls beside Sally ran to Leah she was holding her shoulder Dani tore a clump of her shirt off and wrapped it around her arm. "You are going to be okay" Leah just hold on" Dani said Leah gripped her arm in pain. "Stay here" Dani said to the girls and started running after her sister "Dani! Wait!" Kirsty yelled chasing after her older sister she grabbed her "Kirsty I have to save her!" Dani yelled "No you will just get captured which is no use for anyone" Kirsty said. Deep down inside Dani knew Kirsty was right, "Besides the others should be in the warehouse by now, you need to look after Eloiuse, Sally, VJ and me" Kirsty said "Please I nearly lost a mother and a father, and probably a sister, don't make me lose another" Kirsty said Dani nodded her again both of them walked back to the bus where Eloiuse helped Leah up to a seat VJ started crying "Hey quiet everything going to be okay" Eloiuse said to the 2 year old Then she started singing a lullaby. "It amazing, I mean she was dead days ago and now she standing here like nothing ever happened" Dani said to Kirsty and Leah.

Jade was tossed on a bed she looked around her surrounding their was dried blood from the day before it was the same room she was raped in. "Now the master will give you pleasure whether you like it or not" The man who kidnapped her, the master walked here he was wearing a hood and a black robe, then he put the hood down. Instead of Fear it was shock, "No it can't be" Jade said staring at the person in shock.

The girl who followed the man who had her friend Jade, disappeared into the big place with separate rooms and guards, their were only like 5 of them. Then she saw three figures darted in the shadows from a hallway she decided follow.

Hayley Smith, Noah Lawson and Alex Paulos were in big trouble they were running from one of the guards who snapped their guns leaving them defenceless. They ran until they hit a dead end "Ha Game Over" The gun said raising the gun he said "Please don't kill me I have breast cancer" Hayley said hoping maybe he would leave them alone. "Oh poor girl has breast cancer, well I will make it come quicker" he said then a single gunshot was heard Hayley, Noah and Alex closed their eyes expecting a bullet to tear threw one of them. When nothing happened they opened their eyes the guy was dead in his place was a girl who had curly brown hair and brown eyes "hey guys look who back" she said "Brodie!" all three examined, "In the flesh" she said still holding the gun in her hands, footsteps could be heard "Come on we have to get out of here" Brodie walking to them the ground creaked "Since when did the ground creak?" then the ground before the fell revealing a trapdoor all four fell.

When Hayley come to it her three friends were looking at her hoping she would wake up. "What happened" she said then she realised that they were outdoors "How did we get out here. "Well we fell and found a way out apparently this was a escape hole, Alex carried you outside" Brodie said Hayley took noticed in her surroundings, the bus wasn't far they were on the side of the building "So since when were you back" Hayley asked Brodie "Well I kinda missed everyone, so I came back, the problem I came back to an empty town. All expect stalkers, I was stalked then almost killed, but some blonde chick saved me by shooting at him, I didn't get a close glimpse of her since I was running scared, then two days later I see a bus driving by and going to a warehouse and see you guys pouring out." Brodie said "Then I went to the entrance and before i went in, a gunshot was fired then two more and another single one, I see a thug, kidnapping young Jade an followed him but lost them, then I noticed three figures in the shadows and follow you now the rest" Brodie said.

"Brodie, tell me Jade Sutherland isn't the girl you mentioned" Hayley said "yes she is" Brodie said. "That just Great like nothing can't get any worse, first we get stalked, get cramped into the palace, Sally getting shot, Rhys and Beth getting shipwrecked along with Alf, Flynn and Shelley, I have breast cancer jade got raped, Scott went after Jade and Seb and got into a ditch, Seb got himself trouble, Dani and Kirsty are mad at Jade and Scott, a thug followed us up to the city and.." Hayley snap out of it" Noah said shaking her Hayley looked bewildered "I am sorry I just don't know what to do" Hayley said. "We all need to stick together" Alex said. Then the others came up to them "Guys are you okay" Hayley asked them. "yeah we just got into a shoot out, we believe we only have two more stalkers to haunt down" Shelley replied. "Brodie you are back!" Shelley said "Yup I sure am" she said. Then a distant scream could be heard "That Jade" Hayley said "How you know" Shelley asked "Because I saw a stalker kidnapping her and taking her in" Brodie said before anyone could react Seb ran toward the entrance "Seb!" Alf yelled but Seb kept on running to save the girl of his dreams.

Jade sat their scared to death and looking at the person, "Josh how could you, even Kane wouldn't go this far" Jade said. "How could I you ask? See everyone one in the bay hates my guts like that Kane. But then Kane become a hero saving Noah Lawson. Kane is the reason why I am not with Dani, so I though it will kill and terrified everyone in the dam bay" Josh said. "The people who were the main targets, were The Sutherlands, The Hunters, The Smiths, Tasha, Seb, Irene, Colleen, Flynn, Sally, Alex, Noah, Alf, and a few more too," he said. "But some of us haven't down anything to you, what about that Cassie girl, or the Rick boy and his wife" she said. "Oh I wanted to kill everyone in the bay, stalk them, watch, them, phone them, then finally kill them. For The Sutherlands I was suppose to rape you Jade then Rape, Beth, Kit and Kirsty" he said "But one of the stalkers Cal couldn't help himself and raped you, when I was the one to do it, I did it to torture Dani" he laughed then he took his clothe off. Jade shivered with fear "Now I am going to rape you then the rest of the family" he said then a few guns shots were heard then silence "Nate you okay" he said into the warehouse no answer then a figure grabbed him and tossed him aside. "Leave Jade alone!" he said Josh looked up "Josh West!" he said then the others came sirens were heard, then the bus crashed through the wall.

Josh was arrested for killings and rape. Before the went in the car Dani walked up to him, "How dare you come here and scare us into cardic arrest, Josh West don't you ever dare come near any of us again, or you will be in big shit" Dani said then she walked around "Dani! I was mad alright, I didn't mean it, if I could I would change back time" he said Kane slapped him on the shoulder "Word of advice, man that doesn't work unless if you saved lots of people, and don't you ever dare show your face around here again, and you came near Dani, Kirsty or Jade I will personally hurt you" Kane said "Take him away boys" he said to the cops. He was taken away.

Epilogue The Sutherlands/Hunters House

The Sutherlands and the Hunters, including Kane, Seb, Brodie and Eloiuse walked into the silence house that was abandoned for a while, "It good to be home again" Kirsty said. Kirsty and Kane went upstairs talking sweet nothings to each other, the relationship between Kirsty, Dani and Jade grew more stronger then ever. "I think I need a shower, I haven't gotten one since before the cruise" Beth replied "If you don't mind I like to join too" Rhys said hugging his wife-to-be. Dani smiled watching the two walk upstairs then Shelley came in "hey I thought I might stay here for a while" Shelley said Dani nodded her head then she turned and looked at Eloiuse and Max kissing "I am glad you are still alive" Max said "yeah I know" Eloiuse replied then the two walked upstairs. Scott went next to her "Dani are we" Scott was going to say "No we aren't I think need a break" Dani replied then she walked upstairs Brodie followed her saying they needed to catch up. Scott went into the kitchen. "Seb you are still my number one hero" Jade said to her fiance Kirsty and Jade announced their engagement to everyone, and they were all happy. "Yeah I am, and you are still my number one" Seb said Jade snuggled deeper in his arms. Colleen walked in, 'Hi Colleen" Kit said "everyone resting" she said "Yeah I can tell" she said they both looked at the sleeping Shelley. "I though it might just drop by it lonely over my house" she said then she sat down as a girl knocked on the door. "Kelly welcome I didn't expect to see you again" Kit said to the girl "Yeah I am trying to get back on my feet, can I stay, I think I might need your help Kit" she said "Sure you can" she replied they sat on the opposite of Shelley and Colleen who was resting her eyes.

The Pattersons Jesse, VJ, Leah and Vinnie walked inside the house "I thought I would never see this place again" Leah said. Stretching her arms even thought she was still hurting. Jesse put his arms around her "Yeah I am so glad we have made it home, with two of the dead" Jesse said Vinnie smiled "Well I better change VJ he smells" Vinnie said taking his son into his room, "You know the line all ends well" Leah said Jesse nodded his head "Well at the beginning it hell now with half of the locals that get in the most trouble are still alive, only Jade, Sally, Tasha and myself have suffered something" she said "Hey lets go to bed! I am really tired" Jesse said then the two hoped to the bed on the way Leah said Vinnie could use the spare room.

The Diner, Alf's apartment

Alf smiled to himself, at the start he was scared, and thought they wouldn't make it, but now he standing in his apartment, thinking about the past events. He wished Seb was with him but Seb was with Jade, he decided to go to bed he barley got any sleep.

The Roberts

Nick, Tasha and Irene walked into the house "Well it good to be back" Irene said "Yup it sure is, well I am tired so I am going to bed bye" Tasha said walking to her room Irene turned to Nick "So how long you staying?" she asked "I think I might stick around." Nick replied. "Well that good well I am going to hit the hay" Irene said then she walked upstairs Nick walked into his/Kane room he sat on the bed looking at a picture in his hand, The Picture when Jade and him were still together.

The Fletchers

Sally and Flynn walked into the house, "So it not my fault?" Flynn asked Sally "No babe it not, you are okay, I am okay so no it not," Sally said to her husband "Well we better go to sleep, the doctors said you need rest, and as I doctor this doctor needs 10 days of sleep" Flynn said, the two couple walked into their room happily.

The Palace

Hayley, Alex and Noah walked into the house "Well it still looks new, beside the hole in the window" Hayley said "well I am going to bed don't wake me up until 2010" Noah said joking. "Well will you be okay" Alex asked Hayley "yeah I am tired, the doctors says even thought I had breast cancer for 3 months I still have a chance against life" Hayley said "Well lets hit the beds" Alex said the two walked into a room and went to sleep.
The End

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