Author's Note: A Post-Ascension story. Everything's changing. You get to view it through the eyes of the students. There are some new students, some old ones. People have left, people have come. I swear it's interesting. It has a lot of drama… and romance. I don't want to give too much away, but be assured it will be a Romy, Jott, and Kiotr.

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Mutant Chronicles: The Xavier Institute Diaries

by, Caliente

                                                                                                                                                October 14th 2003

Dear Diary,

            Isn't it funny how things turn out sometimes? At least, that's what I've been thinking recently. I mean, with all the changes and stuff happening at the mansion in the past two months, I practically don't recognize the place anymore. Between the new faces coming and the familiar faces leaving… I guess I should explain myself. Just so much has happened.

            About a month ago, the New Recruits moved out. Not really, they just moved campuses. Alex and Danielle joined them, along with Jubilee, Rahne, Tabitha, and X23 who goes by Alana. She had Mr. Logan name her, isn't that sweet? She has superior fighting skills, but she has no people skills, so Mr. Logan decided it would be better if she was with the younger students. Closer to her age. Well, anyway, Roberto, Bobby, Sam, Amara, Jamie, Ray, and the rest I mentioned all moved to the Massachusetts Academy. It's being run by Beast and Magneto. Surprised? I sure was. But he's "turned over a new leaf" and the students seem to like him okay. All things considered. I really miss Mr. McCoy, but with all the new people, it's still exciting.

            First to join was Angel, after the battle against Apocalypse. Isn't that exciting? He's totally cute but kinda old. For me at least. He still lives part time in the city and works and whatever, but he's around a bunch. Guess who else showed up? Gambit. About a week after Angel. Boy's got balls to do that, especially after he kidnapped Rogue. Whatever. Said he was "indisposed" during the Apocalypse crisis, but he "wants to help". Ha, like we believed that. But Storm vouched for him, mentioning something about knowing his Tante Mattie. That made Gambit squirm. Poor guy looked like he could use my powers. Also, Colossus decided to stick around after the Apocalypse incident. Something about being better for his family if he was away. I think he's sad. He has this picture of his sister in his room and I catch him staring at it sometimes. I've elected myself to get him out of his funk though. Oh, and I found out his real name too. It's Piotr. Isn't that cute? I can't pronounce it right though, so I call him "Peter". And he calls me "Katya" which is Russian for Kitty.

            We even got a couple of "new mutants" recently but their too old and experienced to be at the Massachusetts Academy. One is named Elisabeth "Betsy" Braddock, and her codename is Psylocke. She came about a week ago, needing the Professor's help. It has to do with some body switching stuff or something. And she's a ninja. Major skills in the Danger Room. But, guess who she looks like? Risty! Same age and sounds like her too, just that her purple hair is waist length. Guess Mystique modeled "Risty" after a real person. Rogue's less than happy, as you can imagine, but then again, when is she happy? The other newbie is a boy named Bishop. At least, that's what he goes by. No real name or age, just a codename. He looks about Gambit's age, but who knows? Get this, he's from the future. Freaky, huh? We wouldn't have believed him but he knows so much about us, it's creepy. He was (or will be or whatever) an officer with a mutant police force. And, he hates Gambit for some reason. Could be because he's a thief, but I don't think that's it. It seems more personal. Bishop tried to kill him when he first arrived. Can you imagine the tension? Personally, I think Bishop's just a big boy scout. Like Scott, only bigger, blacker, and badder. Ohmigod, I did not just write that. Anyway, his policy is "shoot now, ask questions later", so he gets along with Mr. Logan in that respect.

            So, after all the new people came, the Professor decided to open a second school. He separated the New Recruits and sent them to their own campus, as I mentioned before. And now, there are two teams of X-Men. There's the Blue team, that's Scott, Jean, Angel, Storm, Kurt, and Piotr. Kurt's convinced it's named for him and he should be leader. I'm pretty sure he's joking. The other team, the Gold team consists of Rogue, me, Betsy, Bishop, Gambit, and Mr. Logan. Rogue's our team leader, can you believe it? She actually does a good job too. She's really come out of her shell. Might have something to do with the progress she's been making. She can't touch, but she can use some of her psyches' powers. She has to reabsorb them ever once in a while, but then she can use them for much longer and with great control. Jean, me, Kurt, and Mr. Logan are her favorites. The most useful and easy to reabsorb since we're her friends, or so she says. Occasionally she'll take on a personality trait or two after she's used our powers, I don't think she likes that. She claims I made her act all dopey around Gambit the other day. I suggested she reabsorb Dorian, so she could negate her own powers but she refused. Doesn't want to involve the young boy. Whatever. Off topic again.

            We had to get a new doctor, since Mr. McCoy is gone, so a new woman came. Her name's Cecilia Reyes and her mutant status got her fired from her job. Her powers involve a force field she forms around her body. She was upset, who could blame her, but luckily the Professor offered her a job. She seems to like it here alright, but I don't think she's all that happy. I think she misses her old work in the hospital. We try to be nice, but she's not very comfortable with mutants. Go figure. She began corresponding with Mr. McCoy regularly and I think there are the hintings of a romance there. Ironic since Mr. McCoy's mutation is so drastic.

            Now onto the bad news. Well, bad in my book. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lives on. Mystique is back with vengeance. She's regrouped with Lance, Pyro, Toad, and Blob. Where are Wanda and Pietro, you may ask. That's the sad part, nobody knows. They're gone. Magneto seemed less than happy about it, but what's he gonna do? Not like he was ever really a father to them. They cut their ties and left. The Professor knows where they are, but all he'll divulge is "they're safe and happy" and "their working with S.H.I.E.L.D. and a new team". I hope they're all right.

            I better go, since I have training soon. You know how Mr. Logan gets. Dr. Reyes will be there today because we're doing self-defense and work on our powers. She hates the Danger Room more than any of us students. I think it's because it reminds her she's a mutant. Whatever. She needs to get over it. She's an adult. Lately, Jean's powers have been growing stronger. Rogue says she can feel in when she absorbs her. She thinks something isn't right. She's even talked to the Professor about her worries. Personally, I think her powers are just growing like before. Rogue's yelling now, so I really have to leave. I'll write again soon. Bye.

As always,

            Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowcat

"Kitty!" Rogue yelled again from the hallway.

"What?" the petite brunette responded, phasing her head through the wall.

The older mutant rolled her eyes and pointed to the door. "It's locked. Do ya mind? We have trainin' soon an' Ah need my uniform."

Kitty rolled her eyes in return. "You have my power, use it." With that, she phased back inside.

"Ah can't use my psyche's powers befo' the Danger Room session," Rogue shouted through the door. "Ah'll get tired an'–" She was cut off when Kitty phased her upper body into the hall, grabbed her, and phased back into the room. "Thank ya," she stated sarcastically.

"No problem," Kitty responded with a grin. She studied her roommate for a moment before turning to Rogue's profile in her diary.

Rogue – my roommate:

Update: October 14th 2003

            She's not the same as she once was. It's strange how people can change so much, but the core is still the same. Her appearance is drastically different. I think it's because of the control she's been gaining over her psyches. The Professor says someday she'll be able to control all the psyches she's absorbed without having to reabsorb them. That would mean she could touch. Anyway, her hair's still the same color. Or should I say colors. She still has brown hair with a white stripe, but it's much longer. And curly. She said something about not wanting to blow dry long hair. Personally I like it. And she ditched the heavy Gothic makeup for some basic eyeliner and burgundy lip gloss. Did you know that her eyes are green? Not grayish green like we always thought, but bright, vibrant green. Without all that blue and purple eye shadow competing for attention, you can really see it. Her clothing has changed slightly as well. It's become slightly more daring. And since Rogue's recently, ahem, grown more in certain areas, it's quite noticeable. I still can't get her to consider pink a color, but she has added a few lighter colors to her wardrobe. And, she's even started dating. Mostly it's guys she meets when we go clubbing in New York City, but I think she would even be willing to start a serious relationship if the right guy came along. Maybe he already has, though she doesn't see it…

"Hey Rogue?" she called to her friend.

"What is it Kit?" her muffled voice came from the closet. "Ah'm a little busy at the moment…"

"What do you think of Remy?" she asked bluntly.

Rogue stood up so quickly, she bumped her head. Cursing her luck and her roommate, she came out, rubbing her head gingerly. "What do ya mean, Kitty?" She finished pulling on her uniform and sat down on her bed.

Kitty paused for a moment, contemplating how to phrase it. "It's just that you, like, were all dopey–"

Rogue snorted, bringing the younger girl out of her reverie. "Sorry ta disappoint ya, but that was all you. Or rather, yer psyche."

"But I don't like Remy," she argued. "I bet my psyche was, like, just forcing you to act on your feelings."

"Just let it go Kitty," Rogue told her friend. "Ah like how yer Valley Girl accent returns when yer flustered. It's so cute."

Kitty stuck her tongue out at her roommate and threw a pillow at her. Rogue used Jean's telekinesis to turn the pillow back on Kitty. "This means war," Kitty announced.

"Bring it on," Rogue replied with a grin. "No powers."

"No powers," Kitty agreed.


Ten minutes later, Remy LeBeau was wandering down the hall when he heard squeals and grunts coming from Rogue and Kitty's joined room. Being the sensitive soul he is, he immediately headed towards the noises. The sight he was greeted with was one he was not expecting. He found the two girls beating each other with pillows, and their room covered in feathers. He also saw Kurt cheering them on, with both of them slamming him with the pillows occasionally. He let out a loud chuckle and commented, "Dat's a good look f'r you, p'tite."

Kitty blushed slightly at his attention but she quickly whirled around and threw her pillow at him. "This isn't a show," she told him.

"Den why is he–" Remy tried to argue.

"'cause he's my brother," Rogue interrupted, rolling her eyes. "Annoyin' as he is, that gives him pillow fight rights."

Remy took a moment to appreciate Rogue in her uniform. The new uniforms were alright by his standards. She wore black a black spandex bodysuit that was similar to a tank top and pants (A/N: like the "future uniforms") with a yellow X-Men belt around her waist. Because her body suit left her hands and arms uncovered, so she added a floor length black leather trench coat to wear over. Luckily, it didn't hide her abundant cleavage. She was wearing her normal black gloves, but he knew she would be removing them for the Danger Room. Realizing he was staring slightly, he turned his attention back to le petite chat. She was in her uniform as well, and he noticed that she was slender where Rogue was curvy. She wore black spandex pants with the yellow X-Men belt at the waist. Her stomach was exposed by her black spandex, high neck top. It covered her arms and hands but left her fingers free. Her long hair was no longer confined to a ponytail, instead falling to her shoulder blades in soft waves. He whistled slightly at the girls, before quickly closing the door as a barrage of pillows headed towards his head.

"An' stay out, Bayou Boy," he heard Rogue yell after him.

"Y'know you want me, chere," he shouted back. "T'ink de show y'put on in de Danger Room last week proved dat."

He heard Rogue shout a string of curses after him. 'Ah the team leader. Like a sweet Southern flower.' Remy laughed at his own sarcasm. 'Or not. If only…' Well, there'd be time to worry about that later. He had to get ready for the Danger Room session. He had just enough time to change and make an entrance. 'That'll get her Southern belle knickers in a twist,' he smirked. 'This'll be fun.'

†I am aware that most of the New Recruits are from the New Mutants series and the Massachusetts Academy was in the Generation X series, but I just sort of combined the two in my own warped way.

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