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Mutant Chronicles: The Xavier Institute Diaries

by, Caliente

November 26

Journal Entry #17

Hello Journal. It feels good to write again. Not as good as it does to make art, of course, but good just the same. Different, if you will. When the Professor first asked me to keep a journal, I was skeptical as to whether or not it would really help me. However, I was taught to respect my elders, and Professor Xavier is both older and wiser than I am. It is good that I know when to listen, because the writing is very helpful in practicing my English. I am not sure that I use the grammar correctly; however, I try my best. The Professor even offered to give me a "crash course" in English, but the prospect of having my mind invaded like that was displeasing. And, if I can understand Gambit's version of English, surely I am ahead of some natives.

A joke. I am trying to develop a "sense of humor". Katya says that not having one is my greatest flaw. She and Kurt are constantly playing jokes, but I often find myself confused by them. And the culture here perplexes me greatly as well. For instance, how is watching people being scared on the television entertaining? Would it not be better to go out and experience the world for oneself? I do not understand Americans. They are an odd bunch.

Since I have last written, several things have happened. Firstly, my little snowflake, Illyana has come to the Institute. The X-Men do not know why she has come; only that she is my sister. They do not know that our parents, kind as they are, were being persecuted because of us. No, that is wrong. Because of me. Yes. My mutation, it is the cause of our problems. It is my fault that we had to move. My fault that they were captured by Magneto. My fault they died.

I spent most of my childhood in Siberia on my family farm. It was a happy life. A simple life. We were not greedy. Our family had enough to get by and that was enough for us. My brother, Mikhail, was a cosmonaut. My parents were so proud. I remember them crying when he was accepted into the program. It was perhaps their proudest moment. Mikhail was a real hero. Unfortunately, when his shuttle took off, there was a malfunction. The entire crew was killed when it exploded. My mother was heartbroken. She cried for days. My father tried to stay strong, but even he shed some tears. It was a hard time in our lives.

Eventually we moved on and were able to continue with our simple way of life. One day, when I was fifteen, my father was working with the tractor and Illyana was playing in a field. Something happened, though I am not sure what, exactly, but the tractor kept moving even though my father had gotten off. It was heading strait for Illyana. I saw it and took off, sprinting toward her as fast as I could. I managed to shield her with my body and would probably have been fatally injured, if my mutation had not chosen that moment to kick in. I was suddenly covered in organic metal, which saved my life, but destroyed our best tractor. But Illyana was safe, that was all that mattered. My parents were concerned with what the government might do if they learned of my abilities, so I kept them hidden.

About three years later, a series of buildings in the village suspiciously caught fire with people trapped inside. I couldn't let them die when I had the power to save them, so, once again, I transformed myself and rescued the group. Unfortunately the villagers were frightened of me and set fire to my family's house and farm, burning them to the ground. With nowhere to go, and with the State hunting us, we fled from mother Russia.

It was then that Magneto first introduced himself to me. He made me a simple offer. I would join his Acolytes and, in return, he would protect my family. It was my fault that they were in danger in the first place, so I felt the burden of their protection should fall to me. Against my parent's wishes, I accepted Magneto's offer and he christened me Colossus.

At first, Magneto had us doing only manual labor and while training us to better use and control our powers. But, as time passed, I began to see more and more of what Magneto really wanted. And what he would sacrifice to get it, including the lives of innocent people, like my little Snowflake. Unable to stand for it, I demanded to be released from our agreement; however, Magneto had, I believe Remy would call it an 'ace up his sleeves'. My family. When I wanted out, he made them disappear. I knew if I left, he would surely kill them, so I did the only thing I could. I stayed under the thumb of a mad man and followed his orders. It is no surprise that I shed no tears when he seemingly perished.

No longer forced to work for Magneto, I returned to Russia in search of my family. With a little luck, though I suspect it was due less to chance than to Professor Xavier's influence, I was able to locate them. We were happily reunited and soon settled down just outside of St. Petersburg. I was secure in the knowledge that my family was safe once more.

Unfortunately, it did not last. Nothing wonderful ever does. Eventually, we were discovered and once again persecuted by our State. I refused to allow my family to suffer once more because of me, so I decided to accept Professor Xavier's offer to join the X-Men. A noble cause, where I might hope to redeem myself for my sins committed under Magneto's tyranny.

Months later, I received word that my parents had been brutally murdered by the Russian government. Thankfully, because she was is a mere child, Illyana was spared their fate. Unsure what else to do, I turned to Professor Xavier for help. He offered the services of Dr. MacTaggert on Muir Island, and I gratefully accepted. The good doctor rehabilitated Illyana and I was allowed to bring her to the Institute. The happiest day of my life was seeing my little Snowflake again.

So that's where I am, journal. My past and present have met up once more, and I am uncertain just how to proceed. But I have faith in Professor Xavier's ideologies. He is a good man, and I believe we shall make a difference yet. And, I will make a difference in Illyana's life. I am all she has left now. I will not fail her again.


Piotr Rasputin

Carefully closing his journal, Piotr walked over to where his sister lay, having awakened from her nap. «How are you snowflake?» Piotr inquired with a soft smile. Her eyes seemed sparkle at his mere presence. What a gift to have love from one so young and trusting.

«Oh, Piotr» she gushed with a huge smile, sitting up, her large bed making her look smaller than she truly was. «Your friends are very nice. And the pretty girl with brown hair, Katya, read me a story. I like her. She told me I was pretty. And the pale one with strange lines on her face talked to me in Russian. Her accent is pretty. Like mommy's is. I miss her. Are we going to play now?»

«Not right now» he told his little sister with the same gentle expression, ignoring the way his heart clenched at the mention of his parents. «Remy… do you remember Remy?»

«The tall man with the sparkly eyes» she confirmed with a brilliant smile. «He showed me magic tricks before. With cards and fire. But it wasn't really fire, you know.»

«Right.» Piotr frowned with concern. Remy should not have been using his powers around his sister. It was dangerous. He made a mental note to have a talk with Gambit about that. «Well, Remy said he would play with you while I train with the X-Men.»

«Oh, may I please watch?» Illyana begged, her large blue eyes pleading with her older brother.

Piotr smiled at his sister's persistence but shook his head gently. «Not this time snowflake.» With a large hand, he mussed up her hair a little. «Perhaps next time. We shall see.» Illyana pouted, but still nodded sullenly. «Good girl» he whispered, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. «And remember what I told you.»

«Don't make bets with sparkly eye man» she stated in a bored tone. «And say» "I need Piotr," «if I need you.»

«Good girl» he repeated with a wan grin, again kissing her forehead. «Keep playing while I go get him, okay?»

«Sure» she agreed, her big smile returning. «He promised we would play tea party last time.»

Piotr suppressed a grin at the thought of his Cajun friend, the self-proclaimed lady's man, playing tea party with his 6 year old sister. It was just so… fitting. With a quick wave, he exited the room, only to run directly into Remy. "Bonjour mon ami," his friend greeted with a large smile. "How's de p'tite?"

"She ees fine, Remy," Piotr replied in careful English. Learning a new language from scratch was more difficult with one psychotic housemate that spoke a warped Australian version of English, one who flittered between English, French, and Cajun, one which chose to speak so quickly that Piotr could not understand him even if he used perfect grammar, one who did not speak, and one that only spoke to order destruction. Gee, what a fun bunch the Acolytes had been. Yet, miraculously, he had managed to survive the experience.

"Good. We're gon' have fun." For his part, Remy seemed just as excited as Illyana. Still Piotr felt nervous leaving Illyana in his care. Something about a man named Gambit always made him edgy. But, for all his reservations, Piotr trusted the man. He could not explain it, not even to himself, but the man had somehow earned that right. Perhaps it was their time in the Acolytes, maybe that he chose to be an X-Man when he had a choice, or just that he seemed to adore Illyana. Though, the last one was not so hard to believe. The young child was quite adorable, at least in Piotr's opinion.

"Right," Piotr nodded slowly. "Just… please refrain from using your powers around my sister Remy. She ees young and does not understand. It ees dangerous."

"Sure t'ing," Gambit agreed merrily. Really, he was much too excited for Piotr's comfort. It was rather uncanny. Quite… out of character. Remy was more likely to mope and brood while hiding it all behind a facade of puns and jokes. He was not usually so, well, Katya-like, for lack of a better analogy. It was too odd. Something must be amiss.

"Remy, ees zhere a reason you seem very…" Piotr searched his mind for the right word. "…exuberant today?" he questioned carefully.

"Oui," Remy told him with a wink. "Got m'self a date."

Interesting as that information was, it explained nothing to Piotr. " Zhat ees not usually a reason for such…" Again he struggled. It really was unfair. How he wished they could speak Russian. Or he was quicker with his English. Either would do in a pinch. "…excitement. At least on your part. Having a date ees not somezhing unusual for you, comrade."

"Dat may be true Tin Man," Gambit agreed, his grin remaining as Piotr glared at the nickname. "But tonight I have a date wit' de belle fille Rogue."

That made more sense to the younger man. Gambit had not made his chase of the young Rogue a secret. He rarely did when he went on a "conquest". Piotr wished Rogue the strength of mind to put up with Gambit. And the strength to get over it when he hurt her. Because there was no doubt in the artist's mind that he would hurt her. It may not be intentional, but it was his way. Period. He wasn't really a bad guy; he just… had no self-control. And Rogue, she was all about self-control. Her powers forced that upon her. He could already see the crash and burn. It was, sadly, only a matter of time. Still, this was an odd turn of events. "I find zhat curious," Colossus confessed. "She did not seem very… pleased to see you when you avoke from your coma."

"Eh, she was jus' surprised," he shrugged, his face sporting his trademark smirk. "De important t'ing is dat she agreed. An' I'm gon' take what I can get."

Perhaps this was different, then. Piotr considered this behavior odd for Remy. He had never been so… annoyingly enthusiastic about any other girl. Maybe he had matured enough to treat a girl properly. Sure, he treated women well, giving them anything they wanted for the short time they were "his", but he had yet to treat a woman right. Giving them respect. Staying the night. At least to Piotr's knowledge.

All of the analyzing he was doing was beginning to make Piotr's head hurt. "Right," he nodded with a neutral expression. Sometimes it was just better to agree with the Cajun. "Vell, I haf to go train. Zhank you for vatching Illyana."

"Like I tol' you before Petey," Remy responded, stepping onto the doorway, "it's no problem. I like de p'tite. She's a breath o' fresh air, if y'ask me."

"Right," Piotr repeated, making his way towards the elevators. It was good to know that he was not the only one who viewed Illyana as an asset. Nice to see some of the other mansion occupants warming up to her. Even if it was just Remy. And Kitty. And, apparently, Tessa. Who else would be able to speak Russian? Other than the Professor that is, and he was not a pale woman with strange lines on her face. That image brought a smile to Piotr's face as he descended to the lower levels.


Training always felt good. Nothing like a good, clean fight to get the adrenaline pumping. When the blue team finished practicing, Cyclops assured them they were doing fine. But this word, "fine"… it was odd. It was like the word "later". Subject to interpretation. For example, if one were to say, "see you later," it could be an hour, a day, a month or even a longer. Or, if one was "doing fine," they were clearly better than "bad" but could be anywhere from "mediocre" to "very good". If Piotr had to guess, he would suppose the team was leaning towards the side of mediocrity. Something in Scott's tone told him so. Perhaps they were not so great after all. Though he knew he should relieve Remy from his baby-sitting duties, Piotr couldn't help but check on Kitty. Her room was between the elevator and Illyana's quarters. It would only be for a moment, anyway. He just wanted to say a quick hello. Nothing more.

When he reached Katya's room, he found himself torn. Was it too presumptuous for him to just show up? They were not dating or anything. Just… friends. Right. And friends bid each other hello when it was convenient. Right. So, there was nothing wrong with doing that. Right.

Still, he couldn't help but ponder the possibilities. Whenever he was around her, he wished that he had the nerve to do something. Anything. Tell her how he felt. But how could he tell her when he wasn't even sure himself? He knew that he liked her, that much was painfully obvious to everyone, including Piotr. However, he was having difficulty distinguishing between a simple crush and something more. He did not wish to hurt her, and he knew that the age difference between them was not proper, but he found that he could not stay away. It was unfair. He felt so tormented. If he were braver, he would just tell her the truth. But he could not. Whenever he was near her, he became even more shy, more tongue-tied. Just… damn it.

With a small sigh, he turned away from the door, preparing to head to his sister's room, when, suddenly, a head poked it's way through the door. It would have been quite a startling feat, if not for the fact that it was Kitty phasing herself. Still, it was rather unnerving to witness. "Oh, hey Peter," she called to him. "What's new?"

Piotr gulped slightly. Something about seeing the object of his affection's head poking through a wall put him on edge. "Uh, not too much, Katya," he told her slowly. "I just finished a danger room session with the blue team."

"Oh," she nodded in understanding and sympathy. "Well, do you want to, you know, come in for a sec? We haven't talked for, like, forever."

"Da," his mouth answered before his brain could even comprehend what was happening. He watched her bring herself back through the door and then followed, using the more conventional method of actually opening the door. After he entered, Piotr was careful to leave the door open, just to be sure that no one passing by would get the wrong idea. In his mind, it would not be proper otherwise. After a moment of slightly awkward silence Piotr spoke again. "Did you vant to talk about somezhing?"

"Uhm…" Kitty flushed ever so slightly. In truth, she hadn't really expected him to accept her invitation to talk. He was so busy with his sister nowadays… not that she was jealous or anything. Far from it, in fact. The seventeen-year-old found Illyana a delight, even if she didn't really speak English. It was just… Kitty liked Piotr. She knew it. There was no denying it. And, they were, well, friends, at the very least. She had a sneaking suspicion that he had feelings for her, too. It was just that, unfortunately, things were complicated.

After everything Lance-related, Katherine Pryde was definitely feeling a little jaded in the love department. She was not interested in another boyfriend at the moment, no matter how built… handsome… sweet… amazing… perfect, he was. And he was far too shy to assume such things. Plus, there was the sort of large age difference between them. Sufficed to say, things were a little strained between them at the moment. "Did I tell you that, uh, Sam's finally worked up the nerve to ask Tabby out?" Okay, not exactly the most enticing thing to share, but still better than the painfully deafening silence.

"I suppose zhat vill be an interesting match," Piotr remarked thoughtfully. "From vhat I have heard, she ees an, er, free spirit, I believe ees zhe correct term." Kitty nodded with a faint smile. "And he ees shy, da?"

"Yes," Kitty agreed. "Definitely. I guess opposites, like, really do attract."

'«Just as I am attracted to you, Katya»' Piotr thought in his native language, suppressing a sigh. Instead, he just shot her a questioning look, encouraging her to continue.

Kitty forced smile onto her face as her mind raced. "Just look at-" 'Us.' "-Rogue and Remy."

"Vhat about Remy and Rogue?" Piotr asked curiously. "I know zhey have a date but how are zhey opposite?" '«Other than the self-control thing»' he added silently. But Kitty did not need to hear about Remy's exploits. It would be unfair of him to air the other man's dirty laundry, so to speak. Besides, Gambit's reputation spoke for him. He wasn't called a lady's man for nothing. And, Piotr really wanted to hear Kitty's opinion.

"Oh, them?" Kitty replied with a smile. "Well, Rogue isn't too trusting, you know. And Remy isn't really trustworthy. Hence their issues. Plus, look at their powers. He gives power, she takes it away. They're opposites. And attracted to each other. More proof."

"Okay," he agreed uncertainly. Sometimes it was just better to agree with the Valley girl. "Speaking of Gambit, I suppose I should relieve him of his baby-sitting duties, since I haf finished training."

Kitty nodded, jumping up from her bed. "Cool. Mind if I tag along? I'd love to, like, say 'hi' to the munchkin. She's so cute. We don't get many kids around here."

"Da," Piotr agreed with a small smile. "It would be my honor to haf you join us."

Kitty giggled adorably. "Mr. Rasputin, you have quite a way with words," she said coyly, looping her slim arm through his significantly larger one.

The couple was making their way towards Illyana's room when they were distracted by yelling. The sounds of British and Southern twangs intermingling gave away the identities of the involved parties instantly and Kitty's normally perky blue eyes clouded with anger. "What's that British bitch doing now?" she growled in a strangely Wolverine-like way.

Piotr was started by her aggressive tone; however, he attempted to hide his confusion with a simple shrug. "Perhaps ve should… investigate?" he asked hesitantly. Would that be proper? It wasn't in his opinion, but his time with at the Institute had taught him that most others did not value privacy the way he had been raised to do. That, and they might just need some muscle to break up the fight.

Wordlessly, Kitty nodded and began dragging the much larger man towards the noise. Though he could have easily stopped her, Piotr allowed himself to be pulled along for the ride. After all, he was curious, too.

What the duo found was the cat fight to end all cat fights. There, in the middle of the hallway, stood Betsy and Rogue, glaring at one another with murder in their eyes. And yelling up a storm. Between them stood a horrified Jonothon, who did not look at all pleased with the situation. Already present were Logan, Bishop, and Kurt. The large Russian and his small companion joined them in their obvious awe of the situation.

Periodically, there would be lulls in the conversation, if it could be realistically called that, during which times the others surmised the two women were using telepathy. Piotr attempted to follow what was happening, but he found himself lost amid slang and accents. Even with the language barrier, he could not turn away. It was a bit like watching a car accident. Horrible, but also strangely fascinating.

Eventually, the yelling died down and Rogue teleported away, leaving behind two bewildered Brits and a slew of confused X-Men. Scott, who arrived at some point during the debacle, signaled the group to leave. Piotr was more than happy to oblige, pulling a slightly scandalized Kitty along with him. When they arrived in the den, they found a smiling Illyana braiding Remy's hair while the two watched The Little Mermaid.

As soon as Illyana saw Piotr, she all but launched herself at her brother. «Oh Piotr, it was wonderful! First, we played tea party. And then, we played old maid. I won. All seven times. Remy said I had good luck. And then, we watched The Little Mermaid, but I didn't understand everything. How does she breathe under water? And Remy let me braid his hair. Doesn't he look pretty, Piotr?»

Letting out a small laugh, Piotr patter her blonde head affectionately. «Yes, snowflake. He looks very… pretty. But not as pretty as you.» "Zhank you for vatching her Gambit," Piotr added in English.

"'S like I tol' y'before, Piotr. Not a problem," he replied with a friendly grin, trying desperately to get rid of the braids in his hair. "Jus'… buy her some dolls or somet'ing, eh? Dis can't be good f'r m'hair."

"I'm sure eet ees fine, comrade," Piotr argued with a half-smile. The mental image of Illyana braiding former Acolyte's hair was enough to make even the tin man smile.

Before Remy could respond, an irate Rogue stormed in. "We need ta talk, Gumbo," she all but growled.

'«Do all the Institute's women channel Wolverine when they're angry?»' Piotr wondered for a moment. Seeing that the shit was about to hit the fan, Piotr lifted Illyana onto his shoulders. «How about we go color snowflake?» he offered as he began carrying her out of the room.

«I'm happy to take her» a new voice offered from just outside the doorway.

Piotr glanced up to see Tessa and shot her a questioning look. "I think Remy could use an ally, in case Rogue decides to attack," she explained logically. "Bishop and Wolverine aren't too fond of him. It might not hurt to have some muscle on his side." «Besides, Illyana and I were going to play dress up, weren't we?»

"Zhank you Tessa. Zhat ees very kind ov you," Piotr told her as he placed Illyana on the floor. The child immediately took Tessa's hand and began dragging her towards her room, the dark haired woman seeming to listen carefully as Illyana began to prattle about this and that.

Piotr returned to his seat next to Kitty, silently observing the Southern couple. Remy appeared to be attempting to defend himself about something. Rogue kept shaking her head and glaring. Finally, she cut him off. "Stop it, Gambit. Betsy told me. The truth. Just a challenge. That's all it was. That's all Ah was. All Ah am. Well screw it all ta hell. An' screw ya too. Ah can't believe it." She let out a humorless laugh. "Actually, Ah can. An' that's what hurts the most."

"Can' we talk 'bout dis?" the thief all but pleaded.

"No. Just… leave me alone, Remy," Rogue sighed, her tone one of defeat. "Please. If ya really care 'bout me, ya will do that? An' if ya don't, then it's no real loss fo' ya."

"But chere -" Remy tried to plead, his demon-like eyes wide with pain and confusion. How could everything have gone so wrong, so fast? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was holding her in his arms? Why did it feel like months had passed? It was not fair. But then, when had life been fair for the man called "Gambit"? Ironic. The odds should have been in his favor.

"No. This conversation is over," Rogue stated with a finality that told Gambit any further attempts to placate her would result in pain of a physical nature. Most likely her pummeling him. With a bowed head, the so-called ragin' Cajun exited the room as gracefully as he could, nursing a wounded soul and a broken heart.

For her part, the Southern belle was the picture of determined anger. On the outside. But Piotr could read her body language. She was strong-willed, but her eyes held a sadness. A disappointment. She wanted him to argue more. To fight for her. For them. But he did not. Raising her head high, Rogue also exited the room, not bothering to glance back. She knew all eyes were on her. There was no point in pretending otherwise.

A cold silence fell over the room's remaining occupants for a long moment. Finally, Kitty let out the breath she hadn't even realized she had been holding. "Whoa," was all the usually talkative girl could manage.

"You said it katazen," Kurt agreed quietly. "I vould try to defend mien schewester's honor; however, I zink she vould kick my furry butt."

"Probably," Kitty nodded with a shrug. "Besides, Rogue's, like, totally capable of defending her own honor."

"Of course she is," Scott agreed with a thoughtful expression. "But that's probably the last thing on her mind."

"Yeah, she probably wants to tear him a new one," Bishop stated with a knowing look.

"No she doesn't," Piotr spoke up quietly. His statement was met with raised eyebrows and curious looks by his team mates. Obviously, they did not understand. Her friends. Her family. They were so clueless. No wonder it the poor girl so long to come out of her shell. "Can't you see she ees broken-hearted?"

"Well, yes, but-" Bishop disagreed with a frown. The cop did not like being called into question. Especially when he was sure he was correct. And, since Bishop rarely questioned himself, that was often.

"No," Piotr interrupted. "Did you not see her eyes? Zhey said it all. All zhat she could not. She did not vant him to go. To give in. She vanted him to argue vizh her. To tell her zhat Betsy vas lying. And vhen he could not, or vould not, I am not certain vhich, it killed her inside." Okay, maybe it was a tad melodramatic, but Piotr really was a romantic at heart. And he could see it, even if her friends could not.

"Peter is right," Ororo agreed serenely. "Our young Southern belle may have a temper on her; however, she is not inhuman. She was willing to give Remy a chance… to give him her hope, and she found it misplaced. That is enough to hurt anyone."

There was a tense moment of silence as the group considered Piotr' and Ororo's heartfelt words. Only to have it broken, at least mentally, by Tessa's telepathic summon. ::Piotr, Illyana is asking for you:: she told him. ::She wishes to show you the picture she drew.::

'Of course,' Piotr projected back. 'I shall be right there.' Smiling apologetically at Kitty, he gave her shoulder a slight squeeze then nodded to his fellow X-Men before exiting the room, leaving behind the thoughtful quiet.

Slowly, most of the occupants began to trickle out, for one reason or another, until only Scott and Ororo were left. Ororo watched Scott carefully as he attempted to read until, finally, Scott couldn't take it anymore. Snapping his magazine shut, he turned to his former instructor. "If you've something to say, say it," he blurted out irritably.

"I merely wanted to comment that you seemed most insightful before," she reassured him with a knowing smile. "And to offer my ear if you want to talk."

"No thanks," Scott replied with a shrug. "Haven't much to say. Now if you'll excuse me…" He picked up his magazine and walked out of the room, heading for the stairs.

"If you really think I believe that Scott Summers, you're more delusional that I thought," Ororo murmured after him. Shaking her head, she too rose. That boy was on the road to self-destruction if he kept holding all of his emotions and worries in. But, if he wasn't willing to come out, what more could she do? Not a damn thing. And it hurt her to admit it, but it was the truth.

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