Gravitation: Tensai in English is Genius

Shuichi sat in front of the television, eyes wide and sparkling, as Hiro snickered in the background. Yuki was on television, an interview with some famous live talk show host. In honor of the event, Shuichi had decided to throw a Yuki-viewing party at Yuki's apartment. Sure Yuki wasn't there and didn't know about it, but Shuichi was sure he wouldn't mind.

"Ne, can you believe it Hiro, Yuki's on television!" crooned a miniaturized Shuichi, reverting to his chibi-form.

"I can!" replied Hiro smiling as if a miniaturized Shuichi kissing and cuddling the television was a perfectly ordinary occurrence. Then again, Hiro did watch the new Nittle Grasper Super Concert tape with him a week ago.

"Shindou-san," said a more annoyed Suguru, "can you please get off the television now? I thought we were going to watch the interview. If Yuki- san really is going to write permanently for NG, it could have a huge impact on our band."

". . . American songs are some of the most romantic. . ." Yuki's voice rang out in one just as Suguru finished talking.

"NANI?!?" Shouted Shuichi, covering up whatever else Yuki was saying to his interviewer.

"Shindou-san, really," Suguru began, trying to get Shuichi to calm down. The pink-haired singer was getting into one of his superman poses. It was always a good idea to try and calm/distract Shuichi whenever he got into those poses. They usually meant he was having. . .thoughts. . .and that was never a good sign.

"HAHAHA. . .Alright Yuki, you like American songs, my next ballad will be all in ENGLISH!!!!" Shouted Shuichi, now moving between various superman poses.

"Shu-chan," said Hiro still calm as he watched Suguru continuously banging himself on the head with a conveniently located Yuki Eiri novel and the coffee table, alternately. Hiro had noticed that Suguru tended to varietize the items more with which he was inflicting self-pain now-days. Perhaps he had decided to take Sakano as a role-model. "You don't speak Enlgish."

"That's not the point!" ranted Shuichi, "I will write with my LOVE, and that's what counts. Aren't I the genius song-writer SHINDOU SHUICHI?!? HAHAHAHA. Watch as I make. . ."

Hiro sighed, they had missed the Yuki interview altogether and now had no idea if the rumors about the man writing for NG were true, and now Shuichi was in one of his moods. Oh well, he thought to himself, there wasn't much anyone could do to stop him. Maybe if he called Maiko and had her hit him a couple times. . . Grabbing Suguru, Hiro decided to leave the ranting singer alone.

"Let's go," he said, "He'll rant himself out and then maybe try to write some lyrics."

Suguru looked a little scared. He had a sinking feeling. Well, he usually had a sinking feeling around Shuichi, but this was worse than usual, and no it wasn't due to his anal-retentive nature. "Is it a good idea, what if. . . what if he actually manages to write a song. . .in English."

"Bye Shuichi, it was fun," Hiro shouted at the singer, who now had flames of inspiration burning from each eye. As he walked out the door with Suguru, Hiro smiled, "Shuichi doesn't know enough English to make a whole song."

Hiro regretted those words the next day as a red-eyed Shuichi handed him a slightly crumpled piece of paper.

"What's this, Shu?" he asked, hoping the answer wasn't what he thought it was.

"English song," said Shuichi, arms dragging slightly on the floor. He had used his brain more than ever for hours after Hiro and Suguru had left the night before. He still hurt.

Looking down in horror, Hiro began to read:

Love, Love
Bye Shyuichee

Copy one, two
Hanbaga, love love my Yuki!
Tokyo in Japan, yes no.
Good news.

Say yes no go dog.
New York radio.
Grasper bay star rock in.
Yen name L-O-V-E.
Is Love L-O-V-E.
All in.
Is Bad Luck now!

Ice Cream. Rap. Rock.
Roll Lucky, L.A. in Cariponia!
Love, love now.
You, me, my Yuki.

Say yes no go dog.
New York radio.
Grasper bay star rock in.
Yen name L-O-V-E.
Is Love L-O-V-E.
All in.
Is Bad Luck now!

Crepe. Chocoreto.
Milk Supagechi, see Nittle
Bad Luck.
Lucky you. LOVE!

"It's good, ne?" smiled Shuichi proudly, as he saw what (obviously) had to be admiration on Hiro's face as he finished reading and handed the lyrics to K-san. Just then, like a bolt of lightning, another idea hit him (and it even caused less pain then usual). "I know! We should make a whole English album!"

Shuichi failed to notice Hiro back out of the room quickly, and K-san pull out then discarded several guns before settling on a grenade launcher, as he continued elaborating on his plans for more English songs. He was, after all, Bad Luck's genius vocalist and number-one song-writer!