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Chapter 1

The Biggest Mistake Ever
A shivering mass of tattered robes and hair lay on a cold stone floor. The air around him reeked of feces and urine. His body was malnourished, his bones jutted out at odd angles, and his skin looked to be paper-thin over a skeletal structure. At the moment he is attempting to garner some warmth to keep him alive.

This miserable individual is known as Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, savior of the wizarding world, and newest to his repertoire of titles, mass- murderer. He currently resides within the halls of Azkaban prison and has done so for the past 4 years. This prison this place called Azkaban is no ordinary prison. It is a dark desolate place wrapped in fog and cold. If one were to ask any member of the wizarding world to give an illustration of hell they would describe Azkaban.

Many things made Azkaban stand out from a normal prison. One might speak of the one meal a day that the prisoners got, the cells which where no bigger than a bathroom stall (which incidentally the cells lacked), or the absolute cold and lack of any proper heating. Those all paled in comparison next to the wards of the prison, the grim entities known as Dementors. A Dementor at first glance reminds most of the grim reaper, however a Dementor will make most wish for death and not receive it. These beastly creatures feed on all the good memories and individual has and makes them relive over and over again the worst moments of their life. Within weeks of entering Azkaban the truly guilty enter into a state of psychosis and even that won't save them from their memories.

Harry had been here for 4 years and yet he had remained sane.well mostly sane. He himself knew that something was off that could never come back. However most life changing experiences did that he thought grimly. He knew that his deceased Godfather had kept his sanity due to 1 important thing, his innocence. Harry knew he was innocent, thus he had maintained much of his mind.

The other thing that maintained his mind was his hate. His absolute unadulterated need for revenge on Voldermort, revenge of the wizarding world, and revenge on his friends and family. Harrys mind started to wander when that all to familiar cold crept up on him.


"Harold James Potter, you stand accused of the murders of Rubeus Hagrid, Olympe Maxime, Minerva Mcgonnagel, and Bill Weasley. In addition to these charges we have no less than 4 reputable witnesses who claim to have heard you claim allegiance to he-who- must-not-be-named. How do you plead to these charges?" Minister Fudge said with a hint of malice.

"I DIDN'T DO IT THERE IS NO WAY I COULD HAVE!" Harry screamed this looking at anyone for support, any of his 'family' but none could be found.

"I assure you Mr. Potter that lying to us will not do you much good." Came the calm and tired voice of Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Looked at his Headmaster he looked at all his friends and he about shattered at the looks he was receiving. The witnesses were then called, the blow each dealt to Harry was worse than anything he had previously felt. His best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger testified to seeing him use the killing curse on the 4 deceased all of which were too surprised to do anything. It was undoubted that this particular 6th year was capable of casting 4 killing curses due to the sheer amount of power he had. The next witness was professor Albus Dumbledore who had also seen the curses performed but had retrieved the dropped wand at the scene and found that it was indeed Harry's wand. The last and most damning witness was Virginia Weasley who had been on a date with Harry prior to the murders. She recalled walking to the lake with him when something hit her from behind and knocked her out. (He was behind her at the time) When she woke up he had her gagged and bragged about what he was about to do.

Harry's fate was sealed by simply testimony. Veriteserum didn't seem to work on him, in fact all it did was give him a slight headache. Dumbledore couldn't even penetrate his mind to see if what he said was true or not. For Harry had established a permanent mental shield which even he could not take down.

"Mr. Potter listening to all evidences by your accusers, it is with a unanimous decision of the Wizengamot to sentence you to 2 consecutive life terms in Azkaban." Minister Fudge was pleased that after years he had gotten this embarrassing brat out of his hair.

Harry looked dumbstruck at the verdict; he cast his eyes at the floor and repeated no over and over as he was dragged out.

End Flashback

Harry lay breathless and panting on the cold floor once more. The swishing of the passing Dementors cloaks the only sound he would hear. His worst memories where rather orderly compared to some people. He would live through his memories in an almost order, and every time a Dementor passed a different memory of his life would surface. Knowing the memory that was bound to come next Harry attempted to bang his head against the wall so he would be unconscious. Unfortunately he was brought into the moment of his life he hated the most.


At the dock containing the boat that was to take Harry to Azkaban prison was gathered a crowd. This crowd consisted of those people, which Harry had been the closest too and those that had consisted of his friends and family. Fudge had granted a special 'Curtosey' to Harry by letting those that he cared for most see him off one by one. In truth Fudge had done this knowing that each and everyone there had anger towards Harry and wanted the boy to have a special memory for Azkaban.

First to walk up to Harry was Hermione Granger. "I.I trusted you, I believed in you. You killed so many people.I thought you cared about them." Tears made their way down Hermiones face as she soundly slapped him with her nails. This left 1 large cut across his right cheek, and one giant bruise in his soul.

Ron followed right after Hermione. "Well I suppose these are your real colors?! YOU FUCKING BASTARD, WHY DID YOU KILL BILL?!" Ron slugged Harry has hard as he could in the stomach winding him completely. Unsurprisingly no one made a move to help Harry or stop Ron.

The rest of the Weasley family passed by Harry their usual calmness replaced by that fiery temper they all possessed. All except Arthur gave him a physical blow of some kind, with Mrs.Weasly adding an even deeper scar than Hermione to his face. The last of the Weaslys was Ginny.

"Harry your going to be in someplace that's going to make hell look pleasant. You deserve every second you spend there, and so much more. How could you do this to me?! How could you betray me like that!" Ginny was flipping out by this point.

"Ginny.." Harry fought for the breath to continue "I.didn't do it.Please believe me.I love you please!" Harry's tirade was silenced by the hardest slap yet.

"Harry I truly hope a Dementor kisses you so that you may experience whatever pain it is that is worse than death!" Ginny turned and walked away to her family.

Severus Snape, and oddly enough Draco Malfoy were there to see his departure to hell, but neither of them looked gleeful like he expected. In fact they where the only pitying glances out of everyone there. Harry knew that at least someone knew he wasn't guilty and that was almost enough to let him keep some hope. That is until his Guardian Remus Lupin approached.

"You are the biggest disgrace to the Potter family that has ever been. Your parents and all who have fought to keep you alive must be thoroughly regretting that right now." Lupin than walked back to join the others all looking at him as though he were filth.

As the aurors dragged him back into the boat he said to those assembled. "PLEASE BELIEVE ME DON"T SEND ME THERE PLEASE!" Harry bowed his head and thought that this was just like what happened to Sirus. Than he knew no more.

End Flashback

After yet another bout of nightmarish delusions and memories Harry regained himself. Now to think that Harry in Azkaban was totally helpless was a mistake. Before he had been incarcerated he had started to practice magic without the use of his wand. Figuring that if Voldermort ever disarmed him it would be a welcome surprise. Since it wasn't something anybody really did, all Harry could think of trying was imagining a spell and than forcing his magic to work it for him. Had Harry not been as powerful as he was than this would never have worked. For every wizard knows that magic without a wand is nearly impossible to do consciously.

With 4 years of nothing to do but practice his theory, he had found he could do many things. The learning was slow at first, it took him nearly 2 years to master the most basic skills of magic. But after 4 years he was capable of things one would not even think thesible. Generating torrents of water, creating pieces of ice from mid air, as well as controlling the flow of the wind where some of the more unique skills he had learned he had. All of these abilities he had gained were kept secret until he was ready to make his escape and was sure he could do it. Today he thought dryly today at the time when the Dementors are farthest that is when I will make my escape.

Harry didn't expect the door to his cell to pop open several moments later or for the figure of Albus Dumbledore to enter.

Perspective change

Albus Dumbledore was a weary man at the moment, not only had the war against Voldermort been going terribly, but he had found out that a grievous error had been commited. He had helped sentence a 16 year old boy to hell on earth for 4 years. He had not even considered his innocence until a Death Eater had confessed under Verituserum to framing Harry. The question had not been asked really about Harry, it was simply what have your other crimes been. The Death Eater proudly listed them off disgusting everyone present, but when he stated what he did with Harry everyone went pale. The news got out quickly racing through the wizarding press like wildfire. Newspapers which had published the articles about Harrys betrayel boldly stated his innocence. Dramatic stories and trumpt up child hood accoplishment of Harry's were once again front page material. Unashamedly the wizarding world assumed that Harry would save them from the threat of Voldermort.

Dumbledore slowly walked through the stench filled halls of the prison towards the cell containing he whom he sought. His mind which was racing what seemed a million miles an hour could not come up with any apology good enough or long enough. The Order had elected him to be the one to release Harry due to the fact that none could face him after what had happened. He didn't want to face him either, but it must be done and Harry needed to be out of there as soon as possible.

Turning a corner Albus Dumbledore caught his first glimpse of Harry Potter in 4 years. His robes looked warn and grey, his hair was like a rats nest and reached down to his shoulders, his face had grown a beard that was dirty, and he himself looked filthy.

Omni Perspective point

Harrys hollow emerald eyes turned toward Dumbledore and so in shock was he at seeing this man that he assumed he was hallucinating. Well at first anyways, but as Dumbledore seemed to not go away Harry knew that they had found his innocence. He knew that was the only reason this senile old bastard was here. He also knew that this meant he wouldn't have to waste energy by breaking out.

"Harry?" Dumbledore said cautiously. Seeing no response Dumbledore stepped closer. "Harry I am so sorry."Dumbledore sighed and kneeled down next to Harry. "We.found proof of your innocence, I am here to take you home."

Harry looked vacant, but he slowly stood and tried to walk out of his cell. Due to lack of use his legs gave out under him, and not wanting to let Dumbledore see his powers yet Harry let himself fall painfully.

"Oh Harry. Locomotor!" Dumbledore levitated Harrys body behind him as he walked out to the docked boat waiting for them. Waiting to take him and Harry back 'home'.