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Chapter 7: The Ministry Flops Again

Cornelius Fudge had been for a period of 4 years a great hero. During the time of Potters arrest and imprisonment his PR had never been higher. Even with the seemingly never-ending war against the death eaters he had maintained a level of reverence with the public. Now however he was back to where he was 4 years ago, in fact thanks to a political smear campaign his public opinion was lower than it had ever been.

"Stupid boy!" Fudge threw the brandy glass against the far wall of his office.

Things had not been turning out the way he had hoped; the grand gesture of giving that brat whatever he wanted was not taken. He had hoped that by making such a gesture of faith that the press would see him in a favorable light, and that the obnoxiously powerful child would see that the ministry was something he should fight for. That had been a week ago, and much to Fudges disdain Potter had yet to take him up on the offer. Couldn't he just ask for a mansion, or a yacht, or something so huge and extravagant that when everyone found out about it they would praise Fudge for his generosity.

"No, I know I can't buy him. Azkaban tends to make people bitter like that. How to make the public favor me again though?" Fudge didn't seem to care that he was talking to himself.

He had grasped the concept rather tardily that he could never have Potters support; he wanted the public on his side again however. How to go about that and do something that would make him seem magnanimous towards Potter? Saving Potter from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would certainly be a good thing. A plot of some sort! Yes, but who would possibly be able to get close enough to him to be considered in cahoots with the Dark Lord? The only people close to him where Granger, and Ginny Weasley.

"Yes, that might work." Fudge stood up and ran out of his office, in a better spirits than he had in weeks.


Ginny was in a very uncomfortable position. Well that's not entirely accurate, she was actually in a nice plush chair that had inexplicably been given a warming charm. What was currently making her uncomfortable was the entirety of her family fanned out before her.

'Why do they think they can do this!'? She thought rather vehemently, 'I was just on a walk!'

Earlier that day, Ginny had decided to for the first time in a week leave the comfort of Harrys Room. It wasn't as if she didn't like being in it, oh no definitely not that. She had just wanted a change of scenery, and thus she had decided on taking a brief walk around the castle. It turns out though, that others had been planning for just such an occasion. Her family had cornered her in the old charms room and much to her diress wouldn't let her go before she answered some questions.

Ginny finally gave up after realizing that she wouldn't go anywhere with her family present. "Okay, what do you want!?"

Arthur Weasley approached her cautiously, well aware of his daughter nasty temper. "Honey, I am sorry that we had to resort to such means of talking to you, but we were afraid that you wouldn't have unless we did." She shrugged off the hand he placed on her shoulder.

Before Arthur could say anything further Charlie spoke up. "The last 4 years, you have been fairly distant from all of us. I always thought it was because Harry hurt you so much that you couldn't express it, but that's not the case is it?"

"No, no it wasn't."

"The Ministry acted on the information it had as best as it could, the decision was made to protect the general public from what was perceived as a threat. Besides Potter had too much freedom he always put those around himself lives in danger and further more-" Percy never finished what he was saying, he slumped forward into unconsciousness. George unclenched his hand that was now throbbing.

"He's had that coming for too long." George walked back to Fred who had a small smile on his face.

"Gin, I no WE have wronged Harry, if I could fix this by myself I would. In fact I think I would do just about anything to go back 4 years and stop this." Ron looked at his feet. "I can't though, no one can but I want to fix this now, I want Harry to know that I am truly sorry." All of those assembled nodded their heads in assent to Rons' statement.

"Oh good, you want to tell him your sorry. Well, now that we have that out of the way, why are you keeping me here?"

"Dear you're the only one who can talk to him, he won't look at the rest of us." Molly said uneasily.

"Talk to him and tell him what? I would love how that conversation would go, 'oh Harry my family that has for the last 4 years scorned and hated you has finally realize their stupidity and wishes to apologize! Please forgive them for locking you in Azkaban for last ½ of your teenage life!' yes mum I suppose that would work splendidly." Ginny rolled her eyes and looked pointedly at Molly who stared at the floor. "He must understand somewhat, we didn't have anything to back him up!" Charlie answered desperately.

"Your right you had nothing to back him up, no faith no love no respect and no trust." Charlie fell on his knees into a slumped position at Ginny statement.

"What about Hermione?"

"What about her Ron? Still upset over the break up?"

"That's not what I meant, what I meant was why did Harry forgive her?"

"Harry had many reasons for forgiving her, least of all is that she didn't visit him monthly and degrade him. She apologized in a genuine way, a way so pure and loving that Harry had to accept her."

The assembled Weasleys' felt terrible for what they had done to Harry, but they knew that at this point they had no hope. Gaining forgiveness like he had given Ginny, and Hermione would be next to impossible. With this knowledge in hand they reluctantly let Ginny leave.

As she left Molly fell backwards into Arthur's arms, she was sobbing fairly uncontrollably saying over and over. "What have we done? What have we done."?


"NO, NO NO IT MAKES NO BLOODY SENSE!" Hermione rattled about the forbidden section of the Hogwarts library.

Around a week ago, Harry had defied a 1000-yearold fact that no one could apperate inside of Hogwarts castle. When questioned about this from a delirious Hermione he had shown her his other powers, and the only explanation for how he got them was 'I just practiced.' Hermione once again went over to her parchment checklist and crossed out her latest theory. You see she had made a checklist to see if any of Harrys' powers had ever even been seen before in Wizarding history or mythology.

Wandless magic as it turns out, was an ability that Merlin had in abundance. Merlin was also the great-grandfather of Godric Gryffindor who was Harry's ancestor. The only piece of that particular puzzle that didn't fit was that Merlin was ½ demon and over 100 years old before he was even recorded using it. Which brought her to a frightening thought, 'If wizards get stronger as they get older, and the nascent energy around them intensifies, than how powerful will Harry be in 10 years? 100 years?' That thought in and of it self was both joyous and terrifying because she had the other abilities Harry had shown her to take into account.

Harry had literal control over water, in all its forms, and air, everything related to air by proxy. She had no luck finding any method of elemental control in any history book, the only obscure reference she had ever found that even closely resembled elementalism was tied into the ancient Wizard Gilgamesh. 'He rode the winds, to the cities upon which the Gods dwelled.' These powers to Hermione were disturbing, especially when Harry had let lose a bolt of lightening towards the sky, and the resulting thunderclap nearly ruined her hearing. It wasn't so much disturbing that Harry had them, but it was the fact that anyone could summon a dozen spears of electrocuted ice from thin air. If someone like Voldermort could do that, than the world and everyone in it would be toast.

Than again the fact that Harry had abilities that he couldn't have, by all rights and logic was the most frustrating part. Hermione had mapped every possible aural pattern, as well as used muggle MRI's to research which parts of the brain are active when a Wizard casts a spell. This seemed to work for every witch and wizard she had ever tested, everyone except Harry that is. When he cast a spell or did anything magical, like apperating or any sort of transformation, nothing happened on the MRI no spikes no increased waves absolutely nothing. 'Well she thought furiously, nothing except for short circuiting the machinery.'

"Ms. Hermione Granger?" Said a voice from behind her.

"Yes?" She said turning to face a man who was unmistakably an Auror.

"By order of The Minister of Magic, you are to be taken into custody for aiding and abetting in a plot to kill Harry Potter. Please follow me, or I will take you forcefully."

"This is some kind of joke right?"

"Afraid not Ms. Granger, we have found sufficient evidence to link you to this. You will stand trial and be brought to Azkaban."

Hermione looked at the guard questioningly and with very little hesitation followed. She soon noticed that rather then walking towards the doors to leave Hogwarts, she was being escorted up towards Dumbledores office. When the entered she found exactly what she expected; an upset Harry, a worried Ginny, Dumbledore, and his grand jack-ass ness Minister Fudge

Harry turned towards Fudge and with a quick glance at Hermione, said. "Now will you explain what this is about?"

"Of course Mr. Potter of course." The Auror presented Fudge with a few large parchment rolls. Among them Hermione recognized Harrys MRI scans, as well as her diagrams of his body.

"These," Fudge said holding up the aforementioned parchments. "among other things are the proof that you have been duped Potter." "We have conclusive evidence that Granger here has been using her closeness to you to benefit the dark lords machinations." As if to emphasize his point Fudge held up the supposed evidence.

Now Fudges plan had 2 simple aspects to it, on the one hand if Potter let Granger go without a fight than he (Fudge) would be heralded as the savior of Harry Potter. If not then he would be able to show the public that Potter really did work for the dark lord. Either way he was set up to win, and the deck was in his favor.

Harry looked closely at Fudge. "Really what proof?" The articles in Fudges hand immediately froze over, fell to the floor, were struck by a bolt of lightening and then liquidated and slipped in the cracks of the floor.

"Minister, I do see something unpleasant though."

"What?" Fudge was too shocked by what just happened to really think clearly.

"You. How about I remove you from this game for awhile?" With a wave of his hand he froze the Minister in a block of ice.

"Tell me someday what 5000 years floating around in the oceans were like, okay?" With another wave he is gone.

"Now for you 2." With 2 flicks of his wrist Dumbledore and the Auror were memory wiped.

"Ginny, Herm please leave?"

"Yes, Harry." They answered in Unison.

"Wake up you 2!" Harry shouted at the memory wiped pair.

"Harry what's wrong?" Dumbledore replied urgently.

"Don't you remember Fudge professed to being a Death eater, then he ran off." Harry grinned at their confused faces.