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Please forgive any errors that you may... no... that you -will- find here. Contrary to popular belief, I do not just write self-insertions. This fic is written (being written s-l-o-w-l-y) as a dare from a friend who thought otherwise.


It was just another beautiful day. Perfect weather with clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds, gentle breeze blowing past.


How to change this peaceful situation?


One Goddess of the Past, with great magical powers,

One Goddess of the Future, with great technological skills,

One medium-sized television,

Two TV shows on two different channels but at the same timeslot,

Mix it all together,

Tada! Instant Goddess Racket!

"Ah, my television," Urd drawled. The sexy Goddess of the Past was in her customary position, floating in a lying down posture with her face much too close to the television.

The tanned skinned, exotic looking Goddess languidly reached to turn the channel knob of the television, but someone else beat her to it.

"Hey!" Urd protested.

"Hey yourself! I want to watch the Technologica Special!" the young goddess known as Skuld replied. The young Goddess of the Future sat back triumphantly as the intro of the show began.

Urd's hand snaked forward quickly and turned the channel knob back. "I switched the tv on first! I get to choose the channel!"

"You watched your show already!" Skuld yelled.

"Uh-uh! Today's a double-episode special!" Urd answered.

"You're just being greedy!" Skuld exclaimed.

"What, you want to fight for it?" her eldest sister challenged. Urd actually rolled up one sleeve and sparks of lightning danced around a clenched fist.

But as usual, the youngest of the goddesses in the Morisato home wasn't deterred. In an instant, two miniature bombs appeared on Skuld's hands, ready for mayhem.

"Aaaaaah! Do you guys have to be so noisy first thing in the morning!?" Keiichi wailed from his room, hands grasping the sides of his hair. He got up, his mind still shrouded in a foul mood as he stomped towards his door and pulled the shoji door open.

"Good morning, Keiichi-san," a melodious voice greeted.

Instantly, Keiichi's foul mood disappeared. Standing in front of him was a vision. The Goddess of the Present smiled, her face radiant with near-unearthly beauty.

"G-good morning, Belldandy," Keiichi replied, slightly stuttering.

"Breakfast will be ready soon, please wait a while," the golden-haired goddess said and headed towards the kitchen.

Keiichi watched as she walked away and disappeared from view. Then he knocked himself on the head.

'Idiot! I still can't talk straight to her face!' he berated himself.

As he sullenly walked to the living room, memories of his relationship with Belldandy filtered through his mind. He chuckled despite the sounds of the Urd-Skuld TV Battle #671 getting louder. After so much trials and tribulations, miscues and slip-ups in their relationship... He wondered if there would anything new to endanger their previous love.

And then, a Skuld bomb exploded in his face.

"What a beautiful start for a brand new day," Keiichi managed to say before passing out.


Mumbled apologies and a breakfast later, Keiichi and Belldandy arrived at Chihiro Fujimi's garage, the Whirlwind. Keiichi tapped the side of his bike's fuel tank before shutting it off. It was almost a ritual, a way of thanking the machine for its efforts.

"Oh my, look at that," Belldandy remarked as soon as she removed her helmet and stepped out of the sidecar.

Keichii blinked before noticing a sleek but slightly battered looking tourer parked at the entrance.

"Wow! That's a Vincent Series D bike!" Keichii exclaimed excitedly. He hurriedly took off his helmet and dashed to get a closer look. Belldandy took her time to follow him.

"Is it very special, Keiichi?" the goddess asked, standing behind him. Keiichi had squated near the bike, running his fingers over the chromed engine, his eyes shining excitedly.

"You bet! This is a Black Shadow! It was made a very long time ago... I never thought to see a real one, let alone touch one! This is a classic bike!"

Belldandy smiled, almost bemusedly. She loved the way his eyes lit up. 'Truly, he is a person who knows how to appreciate,' she thought tenderly.

"Hmm, but the suspension's shot... and the metal's all dented too..." Keiichi mumbled to himself, almost wincing as he saw the damage to the classic bike.

Just then, the door to the Whirldwind opened. A man of average height dressed in dark leathers and blue jeans stepped out slowly, bowing repeatedly. A sheepish looking Chihiro Fujimi followed suit.

"I'm sorry to be such trouble," the man said. Keiichi and Belldandy couldn't see his face as his back was to them.

"Ah, no, please don't apologize," Chihiro grimaced, one hand rubbing the back of her head. "I'm the one who should be apologizing, not you."

"What happened, Chihiro-san?" Keiichi asked.

"Ah, Keiichi!" his boss looked over the man's shoulder and clapped once. "You don't happen to have a Vincent Girdraulic front suspension with you now, do you?"

"...How is that possible?"

"I guess not," Chihiro sighed. The short-haired woman clasped her hands together and bowed to the stranger. "I'm really sorry that we can't help you!"

"No, it's my carelessness... I didn't take care of my bike," the man said.

"Your bike? Is this Black Shadow yours?" Keiichi blurted.

The man turned around and for the first time, Keiichi and Belldandy could see his face.

"Yes. Unfortunately, I've failed to take better care of it," the man answered.

He was lean and youngish, perhaps in his mid-twenties. There was a certain burden about the way he moved, despite his young contenance he had all the bearings of a person with too much experience. His blue eyes were deep pools, much too old for his face.

"You had an accident?" Keiichi turned away towards the bike, somehow embarrassed to look at him in the eyes.

"Yes," the man replied simply. It only caused Chihiro to be even more flustered.

"Aha! D-don't worry about that! You're not in a rush towards anywhere, right?" she nervously asked.

"No worries. I'm just drifting."

"Oho! A road warrior! A kindred spirit! My name is Chihiro Fujimi!"

"And I'm Matthew, from America," the man introduced himself.

"Wow, from America... you speak very good Japanese," Keiichi remarked. It earned him a chuckle from the taller man.

"I work as a linguist... I speak many languages," he revealed.

"So what are you doing in Japan, if I may ask?"

Matthew shrugged and ran a hand over his tussled black hair. "As I mentioned, I'm just drifting. There's money in my pockets, and a wanderlust in me. Therefore, I go."

"That sounds very wonderful," Belldandy commented.

Matthew blinked, as if noticing her for the first time. "Yes... well, traveling is in my nature after all."

Belldandy cocked her head to a side. "I'm sorry, but have we met? I feel there is something familiar about you."

Matthew stared at her face for a moment, and she stared back impassively. Then he shook his head. "I doubt it. This is my first time in Japan. Unless you have been wandering the world like I have."

"No, I haven't."

The blue-eyed American shrugged again. "There you have it."

Seized by a flash of jealousy, Keiichi's mind scrambled to get back into the conversation. "Exactly what happened to your bike, Matthew-san?"

Chihiro began to break into a sweat. Noticing her discomfort from a corner of his eye, Matthew smirked.

"Well, I was just happily driving along the road..." Matthew began.

"Let's not get into the details, shall we?" Chihiro interrupted. Matthew laughed, and seeing his easy going demeanor, she too joined in. For a moment, Keiichi and Belldandy stood there stupefied as they laughed.

As the laughter died down, Chihiro turned sombre. "But, what will you do? The parts won't be here for at least a week... You're lucky I've got contacts in the UK to actually get them."

Matthew waved a hand is dismissal. "I'll wait. My visa won't expire for another six months, so I've got all the time in the world."

"No, that's not what I meant," Chihiro insisted, "what I meant was, what will you do in the meantime?

"I'll just get a hotel or something."

"And burn your money while waiting? Because of my fault?" Chihiro was aghast.

"There really is no alternative, is there?" Matthew smirked.

"Keiichi!" Chihiro pointed at the startled Japanese man.

"Yes?" he managed to squeek.

"Let him stay at your place!"

"What!?" Keiichi and Matthew chorused at the same time.

"It's ok isn't it, my dear employee?" Chihiro insisted, her eyes gleaming and rubbing her hands together.

"Eh, well..." Keiichi was hesitant. On one hand, he had hardly enough 'quality time' with Belldandy as it is, with Urd and Skuld being near-constant irritations. On the other, one wouldn't dare to incur the wrath of chihiro Fujimi, who was rumored to have the strength to beat bears into submission...

"No, I can hardly impose!" Matthew interjected. Before Chihiro could mount another tack he vigorously shook his head. "I don't want to be a bother," he added.

"Oh, you won't be a bother at all," Belldandy cut in. Keiichi and Matthew blinked at her in surprise.

"But... how could I?" Matthew mumbled.

"Please don't worry, everything will be alright," Belldandy added.

Again, Matthew blinked. 'This girl... she's... something different...' Matthew thought jarringly to himself. Something deep within him pulsed... almost painfully...


In the dimension known as Heaven, there was a huge, near omnipotent, living computer named Yggrasil. It literally, ran the universe(s). Perhaps the universe(s) were growing at a too fast a rate for God to control, perhaps He was bored, who knows.

But Yggdrasil ran everything.

And it, in turn, was supervised by beings known as gods and goddesses. Before Belldandy's fateful contract with Keiichi to stay with him forever on Earth, the Yggdrasil was supervised by three Norns. But when Belldandy left, Urd and Skuld soon followed, leaving the monumental computer unattended.

After several incidents resulting from their absenteeism, Peorth was promoted to supervise the massive, living machine. The Goddess of Forever headed a sizable department directly responsible for the maintainence of the universe.

Even so, God had seen it fit to keep an eye on his three wayward Norns, despite being so busy with Other Important Stuff. Despite His vast responsibilities (or lack thereof, depending on which subordinate god you asked), He devoted a slice of His attention on scrunitizing the interesting effects of Urd, Belldandy and Skuld living together with the mortal, Keiichi Morisato.

A fragment of his consciousness now recognized the encounter between Belldandy and Matthew, and something clicked deep within his memory...


"We're home!" Keiichi called out as soon as he opened the doors to his temple-cum-home. Chihiro had closed shop early and given the day off to them, as well as giving Matthew a ride to Keiichi's place. Her bike rumbled away in the distance even as the trio was taking off their shoes.

"Nice place you've got here," Matthew remarked, "how did you come to get it?"

Keiichi looked at Belldandy and blushed. "You could say... it's something achieved with incredibly dumb luck."

Belldandy merely smiled, fondly remembering their first encounter, so long ago it seemed...

"Keiichi? You're back early..." a voice called from within the temple. A moment later, Matthew found himself staring at Urd, who had folded her arms and stared back at him. Again, something painful within him pulsed at the first sight of the goddess.

"Who's this?" Urd questioned.

"This is Matthew. He's going to stay with us for a while," Keiichi said.

Something about Matthew stirred a nostalgic feeling in Urd. "Say, do I know you?" she asked.

Matthew's throat suddenly felt dry. "No, I don't. I think I would have remembered someone like you," he found himself saying.

"My, a charmer," Urd laughed.

"Who's that?" Skuld asked as she came up. She stopped in midstep the moment she laid her eyes on Matthew, who again felt another pulse.

"I'm Matthew," he said and bowed politely to the young goddess.

"I'm Skuld," Skuld automatically replied. Like Urd, she too frowed and asked, "Say, have we-"

"No, we haven't," Matthew interrupted, anticipating the question.

"This is very strange," Keiichi said, "all three of you seem to ask the same thing about Matthew."

Matthew took the opportunity to compare the three women in the area. "Those markings on your faces..."

"Oh these? These are religious marks from where we came from, they are unremovable," Urd lied easily.

"Then you three are..."

"Yes, they are sisters," Keiichi confirmed. "This is Urd, Belldandy and Skuld."

"But... they look so different! Where I come from-"

"You're not where you came from," Urd interrupted. "By the way, why is he staying here?"

"Eeh!?" Skuld exclaimed, having heard about it for the first time.


Back at Heaven, Peorth sighed with boredom. Sure, being the head of the department sounded like a cushy job, but it also entailed delegation. Meaning, giving the actual work to her peons. Not that she missed it, but on slow days, it was really very boring.

What does a bored Goddess do in her free time?

Spy on her friends, of course.

She manipulated the controls so that one of the monitors displayed the place where the three Norns and Keiichi call home.

"Let's see, what's going on here..." Peorth smiled slyly as she zoomed into the Morisato temple home. Urd was mixing potions, Skuld making more machines...

'Where's Belldandy and Keiichi...' she wondered, before realization hit in. 'Oh, they must be at work.'

Just then, she caught sight of two bikes entering the temple's compound. It was Keiichi and Belldandy on their usual side-car-equiped bike, and she recognized the other as the mortal known as Chihiro Fujimi. Even though they had not really formally met, Peorth made it her business to know about the people revolving around the Belldandy-Keiichi pair. Peorth inwardly winced when she remembered how she had mistaken Keiichi for having a preference for overgrown oafs instead of a hot, desirably goddess like herself.

She noted with interest about the fourth visitor. 'Another new face... hmmm...' she thought. She commanded her console to identify the stranger. Peorth had considered about the moral implications of prying such information about people that she had never met, but she rationalized with herself that as long as it was just basic data it wouldn't hurt.

Besides, she was curious.

A few beeps later, it produced some non-satisfactory results:-

Name: Matthew ???

Age: Undetermined

Affliation: Unknown

"Unknown!?" Peorth yelled, jumping up to her feet in shock. Several of her subordinates glanced at her with curiousity, but she paid no mind.

'This is impossible! How could he have an unknown affliation!? He must either be a God, a mortal or a Demon!' her mind thundered.

And then, all of Yggdrasil went berserk.

Peorth and the other goddesses were transfixed in their places, frightened by the sudden activity. An alarm blared as the entire control room was bathed in red light.

"What's happening?!" Peorth called out, struggling to remain calm.

Her goddesses frantically worked their stations to no avail.

"It's no good! All controls are not responding to our commands!" they wailed.

"ANOMALY DETECTED. ENGAGING SAFETY PROTOCOL LEVEL ZETA OMEGA ONE. NOTIFICATION SENT TO GOD AND THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT," a feminine, emotionless voice boomed all around the control hall, leaving no doubt as who the source was.

Peorth was shocked. So was the rest of her crew.

It was the first time they ever heard Yggdrasil speak.

"I don't understand! Why the Justice Department?!" Peorth demanded. Her knuckles had turned white because she had clenched her fists so tightly. They were shaking... with fear and with a sense of helpless rage. She had never even heard of Safety Protocol Level Zeta Omega One, whatever it was. If it was within Yggdrasil, she should have known about it.

The Justice Department prided itself as the ones closest to God. They were His direct instruments, His first servants that were created long before Yggdrasil went online. The Justice Department regulated the law and sees that they were enforced, though their powers and influence have diminished somewhat with the construction of Yggdrasil. The formation of the Combat Division had also decreased the Justice Department's roles in active battle against the Demons, so much that the Justice Department had been reduced to being an administrative role above the newer branches. It was noted in the history databanks that the Justice Deparment had suffered a reversal in fortunes right after the establishment of the uneasy truce between Gods and Demons so long ago...

For something to bypass the Combat Division as well the Yggdrasil System was quite unprecedented.

To actually get all the way up to the Justice Department and even straight up to God Himself...

"What is going on?!" Peorth yelled, thumping a fist on her console.

She had no answers.