Falling in Love

Chapter 1

Mirkwood Meeting

Prince Legolas Greenleaf stepped out of his palace in the heart of Mirkwood Forest.

It was a beautiful day. The Sun was high in the sky, the sky was a clear blue and cloudless, the breeze was soft and gentle.

Legolas was wearing a pale green tunic. His white blonde hair was partly tied back, and it fluttered gently in the soft wind. A quiver of arrows was swung on his back, and in his hand he held his prized bow.

Legolas stopped at a large oak tree, and looked up.

A small nest of birds was up there, twittering slightly.

Legolas climbed the oak, and went to the highest branches.

The male bird in the twig nest was singing loudly. It was soft and sweet. Having a great love for singing, Legolas joined him, putting Elf words in.

"Namaarie, namaarie, au'i'sul nora lanne'lle. Namaarie, namaarie, aa'lasser en lle coia orn n'omenta gurtha..."

But the bird suddenly stopped singing. It took its family higher up into the tree. Legolas used his keen senses to find the disturbance.

He found using his hearing the sound of hooves on soft grass. There was someone approaching.

Using his eyes, he saw three riders, upon three horses. Their cloaks were flowing behind them in the wind. One rider looked strangely familiar.

Legolas climbed down his tree and landed gracefully with a soft thud on the ground. He began to run towards the riders. He hid behind a tree, just incase.

The riders past the tree, which Legolas was behind. He stepped out to confront them, with his bow ready.

"Halt! In the name of Mirkwood!" he called as he fitted an arrow to his bow.

The riders pulled their horses round, facing Legolas.
One wore a pale green cloak, and had a bow and some arrows. He also had a sword in his belt. His name was Faramir, son of Denethor.

"Were you going to shoot me?" said Faramir uncertainly, as he wasn't sure that the Elf would remember him.

Legolas lowered his bow to see the smiling face of a friend he'd long forgotten.

"Faramir!" said Legolas heartily, as he ran up to meet him.

"It's good to see you too, my friend!" said Faramir.

"What brings you to this neck of the woods?" asked Legolas.

Faramir dismounted his horse to shake Legolas' hand.

"I bring news," he said with a large smile, "from Aragorn!"

"Aragorn?" said Legolas in disbelief. "Aragorn hasn't been in touch with me for nearly thirty years!"

Faramir rummaged in his cloak for something, and then pulled out a piece of parchment.

"Here, read this," he said, handing it to Legolas, who opened it.

Legolas read the letter, and his widened more and more.

"It's Aragorn's thirtieth anniversary as king?" he said faintly. "He's throwing a party?"

"Oh, yes," said Faramir. "You will be riding with me to Gondor in two days."

"Come inside!" said Legolas. "We have much to talk about!"

Faramir followed Legolas deep into Mirkwood, and into Legolas' home.

Legolas showed Faramir many of the beautiful places in his palace. Faramir began to grow hungry, so Legolas led him to a dining area.

"Here," said Legolas, pointing to a seat at a beautifully engraved oak table. "I'll be right back." He left the room.

Faramir took a glance around the room. As the sunlight form the high windows fell on the walls, it illuminated Elvish text. The door frames were decorated with highly skilled artwork. There were solid looking ribbons which were twisted around pillars of stone.

Legolas came back in, followed by another Elf.

"If there is anything you would like to eat," began Legolas, "Nestor will bring it forth willingly."

The Elf named Nestor bowed.

"I wouldn't mind a goblet of mead," admitted Faramir.

"Excellent," said Legolas. "Kindly also bring us some meat and fruit, if you wouldn't mind Nestor."

"Of course, my lord," said Nestor, bowing once more and he left the room.

"Do you like my home?" asked Legolas as Faramir was practically staring into space.

"Much," said Faramir, "much indeed."

Nestor returned, carrying silver platters of meat, goblets of mead, fruit and cheese. Legolas then dismissed Nestor, and raised his goblet.

"To Aragorn!" he said. "And may he be happy and healthy this present day!"

"To Aragorn!" said Faramir.

"To Aragorn!" repeated Legolas.

As the two drank their mead, they thought of their dear friend Aragorn, and wondered what he might be up to at that moment.


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