Title: Forgive Me, Love
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Description: Harry has a hard time accepting the end of a relationship. Song lyrics by Alanis Morissette.


I stand on the sidewalk and stare up at our house. Your house. I long to see you again, for the past that somehow slipped through my fingers. I spend my days haunted by the distance in your grey eyes the day you said goodbye, not a trace of love hidden in those complicated depths. Maybe I only imagined the love that I once saw there...wanted to see there.

I stub my cigarette out under my heel, and walk up your stairs. I open the door and walk inside. A million memories flood my mind as I stand there. A million kisses. A million caresses. The touch of your fingers. The weight of your gaze. The bittersweet life we lived together for such a short time.

I walk down the hall and into your room. Our room. The all too familiar smell of you surrounds me. I close my eyes and breathe in; I can feel you wash over me, filling me like never before. My heart aches with regret for all the times I was with you, had you right beside me, and didn't cherish those moments as much as I could have. But I thought it would last forever.

I shouldn't be here, without permission, shouldn't be here...

Would you forgive me, love, if I dance in your shower?
Would you forgive me, love, if I laid in your bed?
Would you forgive me, love, if I stay all afternoon?

I open my eyes and stare at our bed. Your bed. I reach out and touch the silk of your favourite robe. I let my fingers slide across the cool material, then reach for the buttons on my coat. Soon I am standing naked by our bed. I clutch your robe in my hands and hold it against my cheek. I slip it over my bare shoulders. Your body is once again wrapped around me, warming with my body heat, caressing my skin.

I walk down to the den and find your cd's. I sit in your leather chair and aimlessly rifle through the pile of recently played discs. A smile pulls at my lips as I look over your favourite music. I reach out and play the waiting stereo. Joni Mitchell fills the room and I idly trail my fingers over your robe as I listen and smile, and remember.

I shouldn't stay too long, you might be home soon, shouldn't stay too long...

Would you forgive me, love, if I dance in your shower?
Would you forgive me, love, if I laid in your bed?
Would you forgive me, love, if I stay all afternoon?

I rise from the chair and make my way into our bathroom. Joni's voice is still singing out from the den and a tender smile is still in place as I look over your various bath potions. A copper incense burner is resting on the counter. I take out my lighter and ignite the small, white candle. The aroma of vanilla fills the room. I turn the silver tap and put the stopper in place as the bathtub fills with steaming, hot water.

I wander back to our room and suddenly notice a letter addressed to you on the desk. I unfold it and read the elegant script, it says: 'Hello love. I love you so, love. Meet me at midnight.' The paper falls from my fingers.

No, it wasn't my writing, I'd better go soon, it wasn't my writing...

So forgive me, love, if I cry in your shower.
So forgive me, love, for the salt in your bed.
So forgive me, love, if I cry all afternoon.