Hi. Macross fic number 2. This has nothing to do with Iron Curtain ( it's not the AU ), but it is AU. Hope no one will kill me about the plot. Hehe. Enjoy. Oh! Wait! The dialogue at the beginning is taken from the show.

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One Moment

by Shinto Red

Part 1:

Misa and Hikaru had run out of the movie premier of "Shao Pai Lon". Due to Shammy's inexperience, the ship quickly went through its transformation. As a result, Misa and Hikaru had been stranded for several hours in a section of the Macross.

Hikaru's hands were resting on one bent knee. " What do you think we should do? "

" Live for today as much as we can. That's all we can do, isn't it? " was Misa's response.

" Only that? " he asked in a low voice.

" Only that. " she whispered.

Their eyes were caught in the other's gaze. Their bodies were pulling them towards each other; their eyes fluttering shut. The two pairs of lips barely touched, neither side quite knowing what to do. One side leaned forward. Her hands were on his back; his hands were holding the small of her back and the back of her neck. They were drowning. The hands' movements had become more frantic. The rustling of clothing could be heard. Heated skin was cooling on the metal floor.

The floor shook and the walls started to pull away. Neither looked the other in eye as they dressed.


The click of the door announced her return; her white sneakers nearly muffled her footfalls. She placed a beige folder on top of her desk before she sat down. She pushed her wire-framed glasses up her nose, afterwards tucking away some of her silver streaked hair that had come loose from her bun.

She picked up the folder and scanned its contents. Her focus turned towards the person sitting across from her. She was strangling her handbag's strap. Her pallid skin nearly resembled her uniform.

The older woman put the folder down, folded her hands and searched the young soldier's eyes. Convinced she had found what she was looking for, she gave the results the young woman had come to hear.

" Well, Capt. Hayase, you suspicions were correct. You're pregnant. "

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