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One Moment

by Shinto Red

Part 5:

He ran his fingers through his hair once more before knocking on the door. A few moments later a pair of startled eyes that were the color of spring leaves came into view.

" Hikaru... "

He was wearing a pale blue button down shirt, khaki pants and black dress shoes. He even attempted at grooming his wild, dark brown hair. His right hand, which had been hidden behind his back, swung forward to reveal a bouquet of flowers. Misa was still standing in the same stunned pose.

He cleared his throat. " Are you going to let me in? "

Misa, still dressed in her white uniform, shook herself out of her trance. " What...What is this? "

" I think we need finish that conversation. "

" But what does all this ", she said while gesturing with her hands. " have to do with that? "

" Can't someone dress up once in a while? "

She raised an eyebrow. " Well, it's just... well, um ...don't you like it? "

" I do. " she said shyly. " It's certainly different to see you in civilian clothes, but I don't think it's quiet fair that I'm still in uniform. "

" It doesn't matter. You look great in your uniform. " he said with a hint of a blush. " Um... do you think you could hold these? "

He handed her the flowers and picked up a plastic bag that Misa failed to notice when she first opened the door. " I thought I'd bring dinner since it's probably going to take a while. So... are you going to let me in before someone gets suspicious? "

She gave him a small smile before fully opening the door. " Come in. "

Hikaru scratched the back of his head. " So... this is what your place looks like when I'm not freaking out. "

She chuckled lightly while she searched for a vase to place the flowers in. She took the plastic bag to her kitchenette. After preparing her small breakfast nook, the two sat down and ate in silence. Hikaru helped with the dishes when they finished.

" We haven't been talking much. " noted Misa when the two sat down in her small living room.

" Yeah... "

She looked down at her folded hands. " What...Where do you want to start? "

" I...I...I want to say that whatever you decide, I'll support your decision. So...what did you decide? "

He felt like his heart was trying to push through his ribcage.

" I... " started Misa while she wrung her hands. " I'm keeping the baby. "

Hikaru didn't respond for several seconds. " Hikaru...? "

" Wow... " he breathed. " I'm going to be a dad... "

Misa let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She felt his hands wrap around her own. This caused Misa's own heart to speed up.

" If you're... no we're going to have a baby, I think we need to get to know each other a bit more. "

" I agree. " she said a bit breathlessly.

" Do you want to go out sometime this week? I mean are you free? "

She nodded her head. " I think we can work something out. "


The pair had been dating for two months. Misa was in her third month of pregnancy. Though she didn't show much, Misa already found it to be a bit of a problem to button up her jeans. ' Guess, I'll have to get a bigger size. '

She heard someone knocking on her door. " Coming. "

She opened the door to find Claudia also dressed in her civilian clothing. " How are you? " said Claudia while she leaned down. " Both of you? "

Misa laughed. " We're fine. "

Claudia smiled at her. " Ready to go? "

" Of course. "


The two had enjoyed a girls' outing. They walked around the shopping district and after some purchases ( namely looser clothes for Misa), the two decided to stop by a cafe. Claudia was enjoying her cappuccino, while Misa just had some juice.

" You're definitely pregnant. " said Claudia.

Misa gave her a questioning look. " If you can't drink coffee, which is your lifeblood, then your pregnant. "

Misa gave her a smile. " I guess your right. "

" So, do you know what it is? "

" Not yet. There's still time and I'm in no hurry. "

" This is going to drive me mad. "

" I have to disagree. I think Hikaru has you beat. "

The two shared a laugh. " How is Ichijyo? "

" Hyper. He insists on going to every appointment. I feel sorry for that poor doctor when he starts quizzing her. "

Claudia smiled at that image. " He's really into it. "

Misa gave a small smile. " He is. Though I know he's just as scared as he is excited. "

" I think he forgot who's pregnant. "

Misa chuckled at that. " I think you're right. "

Misa glanced at her wrist watch. " I have to get home. Hikaru said he's planning something for me and that I should dress up. "

" Well, I certainly can't allow any delays to happen. "

" Bye. I had a wonderful time. "

Misa picked up her purchases and walked out of the cafe. Claudia took

another sip of her coffee. The clatter of a chair disturbed the tranquility of the cafe.

" Misa! It's not what you think!"

Claudia searched for the source of the disturbance. She found it at a

table located on the sidewalk. Misa's eyes started to fill with tears. Hikaru, who had knocked down his chair when he stood up, tried pleading with her. Claudia got up and headed towards the couple and saw the source of Misa's pain.

" Minmei..."

Minmei was sitting with a bewildered look at the table. Misa took off

running, leaving her bags behind. Hikaru went after her.


Hikaru searched around and found a dark haired young woman wearing sunglasses and a hat waving at him. A smile lit up his face. " Hi Nyan-Nyan*. "

" Hello Hikaru. I'm so glad you could make. It's been ages since we've seen each other. "

" Yeah, it has. "

" I finally finished all the publicity shots for my new album. I just had to take a break before they released it tomorrow. "

" It must be stressful. "

" It is. It just never ends and my manager is such a bore and..."

Minmei caught Hikaru's amused expression on his face. " Oh, there I go again. Enough about me. What's going on with you? "

He looked down at his folded hands before looking her in the eye. " I'm going to be a father. "

Minmei's eyes widened and a smile spread on her face. " That's wonderful! "

People glanced at the overly enthusiastic girl. Minmei pulled her hat lower. " Oops. "

She decided to speak a bit more softly. " When? "

" In about six months time. "

A frown appeared on her face. " Wait! Don't tell me I missed your wedding. "

" You didn't. It just sort of happened. "

" Oh. "

" Actually, you're not far off topic. I need a woman's opinion on something. "

" What? "

He pulled out a small black box. " I want to know if this engagement ring is ok. "

" Oh Hikaru! I'm so excited! Of course I'll help! You're my friend. "

Hikaru had a melancholy look on his face. " You know, I loved you once. Or at least I thought I did."

Minmei blinked in surprise. " Hikaru... "

" I just never had the nerve to tell you. With your career and all... and Kaifun... "

" I'm sorry. I...I didn't know. "

" It's alright. We were going in different directions. But, it turned out for the best. "

The two shifted in their chairs. Minmei decided to end the uncomfortable silence. " I'm going to sing at your wedding. "

" What? "

" It's the least I can do for all the trouble I caused you. "

" There's no need... "

" I insist. " said Minmei. " Now... let's see the ring. "

He gave her a puzzled expression. " You said you wanted a woman's opinion. "

He slapped a hand to his forehead. " Right. "

He opened the small box up. Minmei tried to look serious and thoughtful while she made her " analysis", but she failed miserably and started to giggle. " It's perfect. "

" Really? "

" Yes, it's beautiful. I think she'll like it. By the way, who is she? "

Hikaru paled slightly and looked at something behind her. " Misa. "

Minmei turned her head to find a woman, the first officer of the ship if she wasn't mistaken, staring at the two in disbelief. Her hand was just in front of her mouth. Her eyes started to fill with tears.

" Misa! It's not what you think! "

The woman bolted and Hikaru followed her. Minmei called after him. " Hikaru, wait! You forgot... "

Claudia went up to her. " What happened? "

Minmei remembered seeing her with the Major. " I don't know. I asked Hikaru to meet me and he wanted my opinion on an engagement ring he bought. "

She held up the box. " And then I asked him... who... Oh no! I've made a mess of things. She's the one. I've got to fix this. "

Minmei suddenly took off after them. Claudia sat down on a chair and raised her head up to the artificial sky. " When will the soap opera end? "


Misa squeezed in between a group of people and jumped into a narrow alley, pressing her back against the wall. Hikaru squeezed in between the group that Misa had gone through only seconds earlier, only to find that he had lost her.

" Damn it! Where'd she go? "

He thought he saw a familiar head bobbing in the sea of pedestrians. He headed towards his only lead. Misa held her breath until he passed.

" Hikaru wait! "

She pressed herself against the wall again. " Shoot! I lost him again! "

Minmei placed a hand on the wall to support herself while she caught her breath. " How can a pregnant woman be faster than an active soldier? "

Misa rubbed the tears away. ' How does she know? '

Minmei glanced down at her sandals. " Ug! Why'd I wear heels? "

Misa tried slip away to other side of the alley only to step on a tin can. ' Damn. '

" Hello? Is anybody there? "

Misa was far too exhausted to run anymore. She turned around and faced her fate. " Hello Minmei. "

" Misa? Is that right? Thank goodness I found somebody. "

Misa's curiosity was piqued by this woman's behavior. ' Why does she want to see me? '

" I'll never catch up with Hikaru and I won't have a chance to see him because of an appointment I have. "

She pulled a small velvet box from her purse. " I know he probably wanted to do something special, but... he was going to give it to you anyway. "

She looked at her like she had grown a second head. " Hikaru just wanted my opinion on the engagement ring he got you. "

" For... me? "

" He was so nervous. He just wanted a woman's opinion. "

Misa looked horrified. " Oh no. I... I've ruined everything. "

" I think that's my line. But, I think I can fix that."

She pulled out her mobile phone and dialed a number. ' Hopefully he didn't leave it at the cafe. '

After several rings she heard a familiar masculine voice. " Hikaru? No I haven't found her. Her phone's not with her? Why don't we meet at the park and plan what to do there. In ten minutes at the fountain? Fine. I'll see you then. "

Misa gave her a confused look. " What are you doing? "

Minmei had a smile on her face. " You're going to the park. "

" In ten minutes from here? How? I won't make it. "

Minmei made another phone call. A few moments later, a luxury car with tinted windows pulled up. " You can with my driver. "


Hikaru sat hunched over on the bench with his face buried in his hands. " I just have the worst luck. First I lost Misa and now the ring. "

" Who said you lost me? "

Hikaru's shot up. " Misa... "

Hikaru got up and went up to her with his hands raised but stopped short of hugging her. He lowered his hands, unsure of what he should do. " How... "

" Minmei. "

" Minmei? "

" She found me. She said she had been trying to catch up with you because you forgot something back at the cafe. "

She took his hand and placed a small, velvet box in the center. Hikaru's eyes widened. ' The ring... '

Misa had her poker face on. " She said you were planning on doing something with it. "

He was still staring at the box. " But, I think we can skip what you planned. I can already give you an answer. "

Hikaru stared at her with wide, frightened eyes. He was more than a little surprised when she placed her hands on his face and leaned in for a kiss. " I think you know the answer now. "

His shaky arms enveloped her in a warm hug. He pulled away from her briefly so he could slip the ring on her finger and then kissed her. At that moment, the two could have cared less about what anyone thought.


A tall, broad shouldered man wearing a grey military overcoat stood patiently on the runway. In the distance he could see a white shuttle with a UN Spacey insignia coming in for a landing. In addition to the shuttle, a valkyrie was flying parallel to it. As it rolled passed him, the dignified man with the defined chin could see holes in the tale of the shuttle. His bushy brows knitted together in concern.

The valkyrie landed next to the shuttle. The top opened and the pilot

removed his helmet to reveal a dark haired man with a head of wild hair. The man in the overcoat ran towards the shuttle; he adjusted his cap while he waited for the shuttle to open. The young pilot ran towards him.

The pilot saluted him. " Lt. Ichijyo Hikaru, UN Spacey, sir! "

The admiral returned the salute. " I flew as part of the escort for the shuttle. "

' Why did a valkyrie escort the shuttle till the planet's surface? '

He was about to ask when the door opened and the young lieutenant ran to the stairs that were rolled in. The admiral followed him and saw a young woman with light brown hair standing at the opening. She was wearing the same type of overcoat he wore. He noticed that she was carrying a wrapped bundle in her arms, which she held onto protectively while she carefully went down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, she handed the bundle with the same care as before to the pilot before saluting him.

" Capt. Hayase Misa, UN Spacey. By order of Captain Bruno J. Global I stand ready with a report, sir! "

" Well done. " he said while he saluted her.

" I also have another person for you to meet, father. "

Admiral Takashi Hayase was surprised to hear his daughter drop the military formalities before they were in private. " Misa, what are you talking about? "

The bundle in Hikaru's arms made a sound. He handed it to Misa and he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. The action had not gone unnoticed.

The admiral was thrilled. ' She has a man in her life. '

She looked up at him with a glowing smile. A wave of nostalgia hit Takashi. ' Her late mother looked like that when...'

" I'd like you to meet your granddaughter, Miku. "

- End -


* Nyan-Nyan is Minmei's codename for Hikaru when she calls him.

WAHOO! Finished! Yes, Misa and Hikaru did have a daughter. I just decided that she would come in earlier. ;-) I decided not to demonize Minmei. Personally, I don't dislike the SDF Macross Minmei. The Robotech one... I think you can figure that one out. I hope everyone enjoyed the fic. Thanks to all those that reviewed. Oh, and the line where Misa adresses her father is from the show.