Lizzie POV

I left Heather to her new dress and discovered that I had one too! Mine was ivory with flowing sleeves of a darker shade, an over-skirt lined with lace and a small train. I squealed and put it on in the talan. Breakfast was fruit, lembas, bread, and milk. Heather made a face at the lembas but I ate some. I finished eating before everyone so I sat at the table waiting. "Are you ill?" Rumil asked me. I shook my head no but didn't say the truth. My dress neckline was low and it was making me uncomfortable. But the rest of the dress was fine. I noticed the little half looks that I was getting from all the men elves and smirked. 'Just wait until Legolas gets here!' Oh yah!

Heather POV

About an hour after Lizzie and the Lorien brothers left Haldir's talan, I was ready to go. The dress fit snugly like a glove. It was a day dress, as I have already told you. It had a scooped neckline (almost off the shoulder!), bell sleeves underlaid in shiny silk. It was empire waisted with a long skirt and no train. It was so pretty! I stuck my yoga shoes on underneath and pulled my hair back into a messy bun. Haldir came out of his bedroom dressed in grey leggings, a black undertunic, and a grey over tunic. He looked yum!

I grabbed my sunglasses as we strode out the door and to the dining halls.

He looked at me, "You look nice," he said gruffly.

I smiled sunnily, "I know."

He scowled playfully, "I should teach you how the Elves braid their hair," he said looking at my messy do.

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever."

We entered the dining halls and sat at the table where the others sat.

"Finally!" cried Rumil.

"What was taking you so long?" Orophin asked playfully, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

I grabbed a chunk of bread and threw it at him, "Your brother takes longer than I do!" I said laughing.

Haldir scowled and we all laughed at him.

"So what's for breakfast?" I asked, surveying the table.

"We have lembas, fruit, and water or miruvor," Orophin said, sounding like an infomercial.

"Oh great, lembas!" I said.

"You don't like lembas?" Haldir asked.

"Not exactly," I said, curling my nose in disgust.

I grabbed an apple and watched Orophin feed Lizzie pieces of lembas. I smiled.

I munched on my apple and looked around the dining halls. The Elves were laughing and joking, all around having a fabulous time.

I scowled. I wish I could be happy. I have a test on cognitive development today at 2. Oh wait, no I didn't because I WAS STUCK IN MIDDLE EARTH.

Rumil looked at me curiously, "What's wrong sister dear?" he asked.

Wow he was beautiful. I smiled weakly, no use on explaining psychology to Elves. "Nothing, I was just thinking about what we were going to do today." I said easily, falling back into my thoughts. I really wanted to go for a run and go somewhere where I could meditate and practice my Yoga.

"Excuse me," I said hurriedly, rushing out from the dining halls and back to Haldir's talan. I reached his talan and changed quickly, pulling on my shoes as I half walked, half hopped out the door. I began my run, clearing my head of everything, enjoying the freedom of running like a wild deer. The breeze in my face, the burn in my muscles. Yes this is what I lived for. My breath was ragged, tearing through my lungs. My frustration released in sweat. After about what I could guess was two miles, I slowed down and found a spot among the trees to do my yoga. The fluid motion of the stretches relaxed me and as my heartbeat slowed, I began thinking about my fate here. My deep breathing made things clearer to me. So I was stuck here. Whoopie. And I began to accept my fate. To live among Elves and to always be an outsider. Perhaps I would go to Rohan or Gondor or something. To be among my own kind. But what about Haldir? Lizzie? Rumil? Orophin? I sighed.

As I was meditating I was unaware of the person who was creeping up behind me.

"Heather?" said the voice.

I jumped, and shrieked.

I opened my eyes to reveal Rumil and Orophin.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked breathlessly

"We were wondering why you left so abruptly," Orophin explained.

"I just needed to get away and think."

"We also wanted to let you know that today we are taking you and Lizzie around Caras Galadhon to show you the finer points of the Galadhrim's daily life," Rumil said, smiling.

My stomach decided to growl at that moment. They laughed and Rumil asked, "Lembas?"