Chapter: 1

"Ginny! Get up now!"

Ginny rolled over in her bed. She looked at her clock. It was 5:30 in the morning and she still had to pack before 8:00 so they could leave the Burrow at 9:00 and be at Kings Cross Station at 10:15.

"I'm up!" Ginny yelled towards the door which was ajar.

Her room was fairly big and square. In the one corner was a big bay window which looked out over the garden and pond. You could just see the clearing where Ginny and her brothers often practiced quiditch during summer break. Her bed was made of mahogany wood that was her great-great grandmothers. On it was a quilt Mrs. Weasley had made during her pregnancy with Ginny.

Ginny got up and walked over to her dresser and looked at her reflection in her mirror. As she looked into the mirror she saw a girl with big bright green eyes, a sprinkle of freckles that went a cross her upturned nose and over the tips of her checks, and deep bright red hair that flowed to the middle of her back, looking back at her. Most people who looked at Ginny saw this pretty little girl who was still trying to find out who she was in the world, While Ginny saw a plain girl who nobody ever noticed. If they did she was simply just "another Weasley" or "Ron's younger sister" or "Fred and George's little sis." Ginny was use to this by now. She had six older brothers who were all talented at something.

"But I will have my turn too!" she thought to herself. "And maybe when that happens Harry will see me for me and not Ron's little sister." She now had a smile on her face and laughed a little at herself.

"What are you doing Virginia?" Ginny turned around and looked at her mother who had just entered her bedroom.

"Umm, I was just getting up." she trailed of because her mother was giving her a fierce look.

"Well you better stop looking in the mirror and start packing and getting ready or we will be late!"

"Yes mum." Ginny said with a groan because that comment about her looking in the mirror she was sure Fred and George had heard and knew they would make fun of her for it later. Ginny then walked over to the closet and started going through her stuff pulling out a couple things and looking at them then throwing a couple of things into her trunk which was now on her bed. She then started to put her new second hand school books in her trunk as well.

"Hey Mum!" Ginny yelled down the steps. "Mom my cloak is too small!"

"Go up in the attic and in a box marked Molly's old School Clothes there should be a few to choose from!" Molly Weasley yelled back up the stairs to her daughter. She herself was in the kitchen making breakfast for all the kids and herself before they had to leave for Kings Cross.

"Ok if I were a box of clothes where would I be? Hmm, maybe over there?" Ginny scrambled over towards a corner in the attic by a window. She moved a few boxes around. On box read "Bill's Baby things". Ginny opened it up and looked at some of the things. There were pictures, no doubt that Bill had drawn, and some toys, and other bits of stuff. She laughed at a photograph of Bill on his first broom. Ginny closed up the box and continued on her search for her mum's old cloak.

After a few minuets she found the box. Inside were four or five cloaks. Two were black, one was a deep green, and the other was a midnight blue. There were a few more things in the box. Ginny reached down and pulled out the contents. It was two dress robes that matched the green cloak and the blue cloak.

"Wow! These are so beautiful!" Ginny thought. "They are a little out of style but I am sure they will look great." Ginny grabbed the six things and hurried over to the stairs when something caught her eye. It was a gold glint. She turned and set her things down. She walked over towards the glint and moved a lacy thing out of the way. It was a gold necklace with a pyramid that had rubies on its thin gold chain. Ginny grabbed that too.

"This will look good with my new dress robes." And she then raced down the steps off towards her room to finish packing.