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Chapter Two

Setsuna woke up feeling groggy. The battle was hard and she was really tired. She tried to sense if Ranma was still alive. She only sensed some strange power far away, but it vanished after a moment. Fortunately there wasn't anybody near that block, but still she thought that was a dangerous move to use in a city.

Setsuna was so tired, she needed to rest, so she teleported up to her room. Fortunately everyone was already asleep.

Ranma woke up early feeling very sore. "Looks like I won." He mumbled, rising from the water. When he got up he began to look around. "But where the hell am I?"

Meanwhile a certain little black pig in Nerima sneezed and had an immense desire to ask Nabiki how to sue someone.

Ranma rose from the bathtub and began to search for his clothes. But among the garments in the closet, he only found women business suits, a green and clearly feminine bathrobe and some casual women's clothes. "Great, they took my clothes," he muttered angrily and grabbed a towel, "better get out of here before anybody comes."

He was about to leave the room when a girl about thirteen or fourteen years old caught him. "What are you doing in Setsuna-mama's room?" She asked cutely. Ranma, thinking it wouldn't be very pleasant to be attacked by a cute girl, decided to not answer.

Hotaru became curious. "This boy doesn't seem to be dangerous. Why is he in Setsuna's room?" She thought about it for a moment and then came upon another realization. "And why doesn't he have any clothes on?"

"Better distract her from the subject," he thought, "hey, can you lend me some clothes; I need to go to the school." Ranma said, while waving his arm in front of a pensive Hotaru.

"Hmmmm, I think Haruka-papa might have some clothes that you can borrow" Hotaru replied and then entered Haruka's room.

Ranma was waiting on the stairs looking at pictures when it sank in. "I can't believe it. I am in Ten'ou Haruka's house. I talked with his daughter, and now I'm going to be borrowing his clothes!" Ranma excited exclaimed. "He is my favorite racer. Maybe I should ask her to introduce me to him."

Just as Ranma was deciding on this, the girl returned with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "These should fit you," she said, handing the clothes to Ranma.)

He thanked her, got dressed, and returned a few minutes later. "So, umm, what did you say your name was?")

"My name is Hotaru," she replied, "and yours?"

"Ranma Saotome" he answered.

"So what is your relation with Setsuna-mama?" she asked.

"With my luck she is and un-cute fiancé." He muttered under his breath. Unluckily Hotaru only heard the fiancé part. "Well, I need to get going, see ya later." Ranma said, and then jumped out of the window.

Hotaru plopped down onto the bed in amazement. 'Wow, I can't believe he just jumped from a second floor window and didn't break anything! Hmmm, he said he was Setsuna-mama's fiancé.' While thinking this surprising fact over, Hotaru came to a conclusion. "Ranma Saotome, I am going to make sure you marry Setsuna-mama!")

Ranma suddenly shuddered. "I have a feeling that I screwed something up." He thought about it for a minute and then dismissed the feeling. Since it was too late to go to the school, he decided to go to the Tendo dojo instead.

While Ranma was on his way to the dojo he began to think. 'I wonder who Setsuna is. She cannot be Haruka's girlfriend, because Michiru is. Hmmm, maybe she is his sister or cousin. I don't know. I better return these clothes though.' Ranma then had another thought, 'maybe I can get Hotaru- chan to introduce me to her father.' Ranma smiled at this thought and decided it would have to happen.

Ranma rushed into the dojo 'It's a good thing Akane is still at school. If this fight was on Saturday or Sunday; first she would punish me for my lateness, and then twist my words to blame me about something. Some times I think Akane looks for excuses just to hit me with that damn mallet. It's like she enjoys beating me with it.

"Tut tut, skipping school?" Nabiki greeted Ranma in a mockery of a scolding voice.

"Skip the sarcasm and tell me how much this time." Ranma replied with a voice full of hatred he still was hurt and angry with her over the failing wedding.

("That hurts. Why should I charge you?" She answered with apparent mock concern.

"Um, ok......." he said, knowing that she was going to get something from him and he would not be able to escape.

"Well.......I wasn't going to charge you for skipping.....but....since you are so willing to share, maybe just a few pictures of both forms would do it.

"Wait a minute, you skipped school too. Why should I give you anything" he said after thinking about it for a second.

"Because, one: I didn't skip school. I had permission because I needed to take Kuno to the hospital," Nabiki began, "and two: money is tight because of two freeloaders that eat like horses." She continued and began to walk to her room, after first giving Ranma a knowing look. "And finally, three: I am not going to charge you this time. I know you have enough troubles to last a lifetime and if you lose your mind guess who will be the first to get a bashing," she said pointing to herself, "and I don't really want to die young."

Ranma sat stunned, that was unexpected. He was so confused, he couldn't decide whether she wanted something or not. 'I suppose she is right, even though I don't like it. Pops and I do waste a lot of money, and that's not counting the fights and hot water,' he mused, 'Oh man, I hate it when she wins these.'

Ranma walked to Nabiki's room. "Alright, you win. Let's do this quick and painless please." He said upon entering her room. He wasn't surprised to see her holding a glass of cold water.

"Better if we begin with some pictures of your female half," she said in the calm tone that she uses for business, and splashed him with cold water expecting a redhead girl to appear. But when she witnessed the unusual change that took place this time, she fainted on the spot.

Author notes: I finally ended another chapter, originally I thought it would be Kasumi who found the new curse, but after a minute of thinking I decided it would be better for Nabiki to find it. she is my fav character. I have been using male pronouns for Haruka, but that is b/c Ranma thinks his favorite racer is a guy, so please be patient with me