HIYA GUYS! Liz Inc here again with a new fic. And guess what? Sunday is my birthday! Yeah for me!

Anyway, before I begin, there are a few things that I think I should explain to you first 'cause otherwise, ya might get confused…

First off, Tea might be a little OOC, but tons of people write her that way, so it's not that big of a deal. Why? Well first off, she will be a duelist in this story, and she will ROCK! Also, the way this story occurs and ends will be different from the actual show. See, I've never really seen/heard about the end…I haven't even watched all the aired episodes to be honest with you. (-.-) Yeah, yeah, I know. So don't get mad if it doesn't go just right…'cause it won't. I'm going to be skipping around a lot.

Tea will be OOC for another reason. See in this story, she's half Egyptian and half Americano. She's not Japanese at all. Plus, she's gonna own an eighth millennium item that I have dubbed the "Millennium Bracelet." (yeah, I'm sure its been used before. I didn't say I owned it, did I?) It will have the same gold diamond shapes hanging off of it like Bakura's Millennium ring, except it doesn't detect other items…it detects spirits (like Yami, YB, and YM).

Also, I created another Egyptian God card…actually, it's an Egyptian Goddess card. It's called "Evareena (eevuh-reenuh), the Wing Goddess." (got Evareena from Pilot Candidate, and Wing Goddess from the Esca Flowne movie, so it's like I don't even own the damn thing!) I'll explain what she can do and what she looks like in the story. Tea will be the one to possess it in the Battle City Finals.

SUMMARY (it's a bit longer): Tea is taken to live with the Ishtars and the other tomb keepers because after her mother's death, she becomes the last living descendent of the Pharaoh's Queen (it just so happens that she's the actual reincarnation of that ancient queen). While living with the Ishtars, she becomes best friends with Malik and Ishizu, yet when Malik turns 12, she is forced to leave the lair. 5 years later, Tea discovers a shocking truth about her former best friend - that he is cursed with a horrifying dark side. How will she react, and what will she do to stop his evil conspiracies and save him from the evil that resides within him? Dunno…guess you gotta read!



Disclaimer: I don't own YuGiOh, 'cause if I did, the thought of Tea being a so called "friendship preacher" and the concept of "Tea bashing" would be unheard of! How I would accomplish this exactly, I do not know…haven't gotten that far yet. -.-U


Chaper 1: The Arrival

"Come on now, Tea. Everything is going to be okay…I promise you," the young woman coaxed as she reached out towards the petrified girl with welcoming arms.

The young girl slowly backed away from her golden-eyed guardian. There was no way she was going to go down into that dark and scary hole that lay deep within the Egyptian sands. She was fine right where she was…on top of the ground.

The woman, noticing her fear, stopped dead in her tracks. "You know you can trust me, Tea. You were there when I promised your mother that I'd take good care of you…remember?" She smiled soothingly as she tucked her long, black mane behind her ears, holding out her arms once more.

Tea glared up at her with hateful, azure eyes. Mommy. Where was she? As far as she was concerned, this woman was an intruder. She didn't even know her name - well, actually she did. It was Lyra, but she still considered her to be a complete stranger; one that had seemingly replaced her mother but a month ago, shortly after she had fallen into that deep slumber that she yet to awaken from…

Lyra frowned sullenly. It was kind of sad that the small, auburn-haired girl refused to believe, let alone understand, that her mother was dead.

"Mommy…" Tea whispered. She paused for a moment as hot tears began to slowly cascade down her tiny face, leaving pale stains along her lightly tanned cheeks. "Mommy, where ARE YOU?"

Lyra cringed. "Oh, please don't do this again. You know she isn't here right now, nor is she ever…" Her voice faded off as inevitable tears began to fall from her own glazed, golden eyes. No…she couldn't cry now. Not now - please not now…

"NO!" the tiny girl screamed. She wasn't going to listen to this. Her mother was coming back. This stupid lady had no idea what she was talking about. She was about to bolt off in the other direction, but froze as a young, placid-faced girl emerged from within the dark, daunting hole. Her crying immediately ceased. What the heck was a girl like her doing down in a place like that?

Tea eyed her intently. She was actually quite beautiful and couldn't have been much older than she was. She had long, jet-black hair and striking, blue eyes…kind of like her mother's.

"Let me try," she whispered in Lyra's ear. The young guardian was slightly startled by the girl's sudden appearance, but still nodded in consent.

"Hello," she said cheerfully. "My name is Ishizu, and I live down there in that 'seemingly' scary hole."

"…Y-you d-do?" Tea stuttered. She was extremely confused. How could that girl not be afraid to go down into that hole, let alone live in it? Wasn't it scary?

"Yes, I do. I don't usually come out either, but father let me just this once because the others had told him that you were too afraid to come down." She slowly strode over to where the young girl stood and held out her hand.

"Others? What others?" Tea asked, wiping away her excess tears on her cream-colored sleeve.

"Why, the other tomb keepers. Didn't you know? There are lots of us!" When the Tea didn't respond, she continued: "Now come on. There's nothing to worry about." She carefully took the brunette's hand within hers and began leading her towards the entrance of the hole. Tea tried to resist, but Ishizu was much stronger than she was. "Come on now, Tea. I already told you that you have nothing to fear. Don't you trust me?"

Tea narrowed her eyes and frowned. She just met this girl…how could she possibly trust someone that she had just met? She slowly nodded her head in an effort to satisfy the girl's insistent gaze…it was beginning to frighten her.

Ishizu smiled. "Good. Now come on. I'll be right next to you the entire way down, and she'll be right behind you." She pointed to Lyra who quickly nodded in response.

Oh yeah. That made her feel tons better…


Tea carefully walked over towards the top step of the opening and peered down inside. The descent's walls appeared to be made out of some sort of opaque, beige-hued stone; was lined with flickering torches; and had long jagged cracks and prominent jutting rocks scattered all along and throughout its midst.

Scary? No. Terrifying? YES.

She silently gasped as she felt her lower lip begin to slightly quiver, biting down on it as hard as she could to prevent any more cries and tears from escaping her horribly contorted visage. Why did she always have to act like such a baby?

She glanced over at the young, Egyptian girl. She was really brave…how did she do it? She would live, sleep, eat, breathe, and play down there day after day like it was no big deal. How could she not - hey, wait a minute! Tea returned her gaze to the serrated stone steps that appeared as if they led to an instant doom. If Ishizu wasn't scared of going down into this hole, then why should she be? She took in a deep breath and swallowed hard as she lowered her foot onto the next step.

Hey…nothing happened! To be honest, she had half expected the ceiling to come crashing down on top of her head or something.

Ishizu smiled warmly. "See? That wasn't so bad now, was it?" She lowered herself onto the next stone step as well.

Tea nodded, except this time, she meant it. She felt Lyra give her shoulders a reassuring squeeze from behind, and it, surprisingly enough, gave her a little extra comfort. A small smile crossed her lips. Maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as she thought it'd be...

Finally convinced that everything would be okay, she leisurely began to descend into the deep, dark depths of the unknown, leaving behind the fear that once consumed her fragile little heart.


After what seemed like forever, they arrived at the bottom. Tea was extremely alert and furtively glancing in all directions. They had entered a large, yellow-hued room that was covered in the shadows of dancing flames.

"Hello father!" Ishizu called out.

Tea stopped walking and looked up. There stood a tall man in dark purple robes; he was actually quite strange looking for an Egyptian. He had bleached blonde hair and piercing violet eyes that sent an uncomfortable chill up Tea's spine. What a creepy man…

Ishizu pointed to her. "Father, this is An- I mean, Tea!" A sheepish smile crossed her lips. "Tea Gardner."

The man looked down at Tea and asked in a deep, raspy voice, "So you're the girl…very good. We've been expecting you for a very long time now." He crouched down to her height so he could get a better look at her. "Yes, yes. I see the resemblance."

"Y-You've been waiting? For me? Why?" Tea asked, cocking her head to the side in a confused manor. The man just laughed as he stood back up. He looked over at the woman who stood quietly behind the two girls. "Why Lyra, you didn't tell her?"

The woman bit her lower lip. "No - well I thought that you'd want to. Besides…" She stopped talking and walked over to where he was standing and whispered, "Mr. Ishtar, she's hardly able to comprehend the fact that her mother is dead. If I told her that she was a reincarnation of the Pharaoh's queen, she'd…she just wouldn't understand! You should really wait until she gets older- "

"Ms. Lyra…don't you think I know what's best for the girl? I mean she is going to be under my care and the care of my many dedicated tomb keepers for the next decade or so, isn't she? You must think I'm at least somewhat dependable if you brought her here…if her mother specifically instructed you to bring her here," he responded coldly. "And anyway, it is her destiny to receive the bracelet if she is indeed the person we think she is." He then whirled around in the other direction and clapped his hands a couple times. "Odeon! Bring it here!"

Lyra stood on the tips of her toes so she could see over his shoulder. Approaching was a young man with bright gold eyes and no hair except for a thin, black ponytail that originated from the back of his head. He was carefully carrying a pillow that had the most magnificent piece of jewelry sitting upon it. Her lips slowly parted and her eyes widened as she carefully took in its every detail…

It was a thick, golden band that had a large Egyptian eye in the center of it, and dangling off the sides were tiny golden diamonds. Wow…she had never expected the Millennium Bracelet to look this spectacular. Then again, she had only read about it in the ancient scriptures, and you can't really envision something's true beauty and radiance by merely reading about it.

Mr. Ishtar grinned. "Now, the only way we'll find out, is if she tries it on…"

All of a sudden something hit Lyra. Something she hadn't thought of before…"Wait!" she screamed. Tea looked up from the game of rock-paper-scissors that she was playing with Ishizu. She wanted to know what all the fuss was about…

"Secrets, secrets are no fun, now you must tell everyone!" she began chanting. Ishizu giggled. Tea then rushed up to Lyra's side and began pulling on her robe. "C'mon Lyra, you can tell me! I promise that I won't…say…" The young girl trailed off as her eyes became transfixed on the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever seen. She felt her hands slowly begin to reach out for it…like they were being guided by some sort of ubiquitous, invisible force.

"No!" Lyra screamed again, grabbing the girl by the arms. "Tea, you mustn't touch it!" She looked up at Mr. Ishtar. "She cannot touch it! If she does…if it rejects her, she could di- "

"BUT…you see, we have nothing to worry about now, do we? Her mother was a direct descendent of Queen Anzu herself, was she not? What makes you think that little Tea here isn't the one? I mean, I could have sworn that you had just told me that she was," Mr. Ishtar asked annoyed. He had to know. He and his family had been waiting for the return of the Pharaoh for 5000 years now, and as the prophecy states, "He shall rise a single decade after she."

"I know, but…" Lyra began as she continued to tightly hold Tea's hands within hers. The girl wasn't paying any attention though. She seemed to be locked in some sort of a trance.

"Lemme go," she mumbled, trying to squirm out of the young woman's grasp.

"Please, Lyra. Let her go. I can assure you that nothing will happen to her," Odeon spoke softly. Lyra looked up at him with teary eyes. He merely smiled and continued. "For I have seen the ancient carvings of Lady Anzu herself, and although Tea is very young, I can still see a strong resemblance."

Lyra was reluctant, but she slowly let go of the girl's hands and closed her eyes. She couldn't lose her now…she had promised to protect her…always

Tea slowly extended her arm and at the same time, the bracelet began to glow.

"Yes!" Mr. Ishtar exclaimed. Other tomb keepers began to gather around them, including a small boy who greatly resembled the head of the tomb keepers himself…"It is awakening! The Millennium Bracelet is finally awakening! My fellow Tomb Keepers, it has begun!"

Tea continued to slowly reach out for it until her small fingers wrapped around the thick, golden band. A huge burst of light filled the darkened tunnels of the lair, blinding everyone. They shielded their eyes with their arms until the light had finally died down to reveal…

"OOO!" cried an excited little girl as she fingered her new toy. "It's soooooo pretty! Can I keep it? Please can I keep it? Please, please, please!" There, in the center of the room, stood Tea…and she was wearing the bracelet. It had shrunk to fit her tiny wrist exactly. It had actually accepted her…she was really the one…the reincarnation of Anzu Mazaki had finally arrived.

She continued to jump up and down in circles like she was on a sugar high until something caught her eye…a young boy peeking around the corner with platinum-blonde hair and violet eyes…

All at once, everyone began to talk excitedly.

"Lady Anzu is here!"

"Only a decade away!"

"The Pharaoh is coming! He's really coming!"

"Yes, and we're going to be alive for it!"

Mr. Ishtar looked over at Odeon with a huge smile on his face and said, "It looks like Malik won't have to wait too long after he receives the Tomb Keeper's initiation, now will he?"

"No sir, he won't." Odeon replied, smiling as well. He looked over at Lyra who was crying hysterically. 'Quite an emotional girl, I must say.'

Lyra squealed with glee as she bent down and squeezed Tea in a tight embrace. "Thank Ra you're all right!" Tea continued to stare at the boy with great interest, but he didn't seem to notice. He looked very close to her age as well…probably closer than Ishizu was. All of a sudden, his violet eyes met her blue ones, and before she could smile or wave, he quickly darted around the corner and disappeared.

"Alright! My turn!" Ishizu yelled as she struggled to pull the overly happy woman off of Tea. "My turn!"

Lyra was reluctant to let go of the girl again, but did so anyway. She watched as she and Ishizu danced around in a little circle, acting as if they hadn't a care in the world…

Tea meant so much to her. She may have not been her mother, but she sure loved her like one. She WAS, after all, her overprotective, teenage nanny. Her mother, Kalila, and the girl's mother, Yasmine, had been best friends since they were mere children. And since Tea's mother was a very busy woman (she was, after all, a prominent Egyptian Noble), the responsibility of watching over the girl was administered to her: Yasmine's best friend's fifteen-year-old daughter. However, due to the sudden and tragic death of her father, Lyra was forced to leave the one-year old girl until well after her fourth birthday. Tea was currently 5, but that three-year absence was more than enough time to allow the little girl to forget her…

And that really broke her heart.

She wished that the girl would just learn to accept her, succumb to the fact that her mother had already departed from this world - move on, but…the brunette was a very stubborn child. Being accepting and understanding probably wasn't on her top-ten list of important things to do…

Oh well…one can dream, can't they?

Mr. Ishtar began to clap his hands, silencing everyone who had been talking. Tea and Ishizu stopped playing their game and looked over at the tall, robed figure as he began to speak in his deep, raspy voice: "Since Tea has deemed herself worthy of the Millennium Bracelet, I think it's safe to assume that she is more then welcome to permanently reside with us. Who agrees with me?"

There were synchronized shouts of, "Yes!" and "I agree!"

The head tomb keeper smiled and looked down at Tea. "So what do you say? Would like to stay with us? We would be honored to have you, my Queen…"

Tea gasped. Queen? Was she really a queen? But why? Ok, what did she miss this time? She was always missing stuff. Maybe it had to do with the bracelet she was wearing. As she looked down at her wrist, she noticed that there were two tiny words written across the golden band in a weird language that she didn't seem to recognize. She held her wrist up to Lyra, hoping she'd be able to read it to her, but stopped short. Wait a minute…she could read it. Even though she had never seen those kinds of letter and words before, she still understood them as clear as day…

They read: Anzu Mazaki.

"Who's Anzu?" Tea asked still looking at her wrist. A numerous amount of murmurs spread throughout the room.

'She can read the ancient scriptures…this is amazing,' Lyra thought. 'She must really be the reincarnated queen!'

"That would be you, my dear," Mr. Ishtar said standing up straight. "Or at least who you once were - ah, well, you'll learn soon enough. That is, if you would like to stay down here with us…would you?"

Live down here? In this hole? Which wasn't really all that bad? Tea thought for a moment. "If I stay…am I stuck here forever?"

The robed man didn't answer her at first. He was too busy instructing the other Tomb Keepers to leave because their presence was no longer needed. He then turned around and walked over towards her. "What was that, my dear?"

"She's afraid that if she stays here, she won't ever be able to leave," Lyra pointed out. Tea looked up at her and nodded sadly. "Yeah, what about Auntie Gardner?"

"You may visit her whenever you wish," Mr. Ishtar replied smiling. Miss. Gardner was Tea's aunt. She lived in Japan at the time, trying to run a newly opened branch of the Holiday Inn (A/N: Don't own that either) within Domino City. She was Tea's last living relative; her American father had died long before she was born.

"REALLY?" the young girl cried.

"Does that mean you'll stay?" Ishizu asked hopefully. Tea nodded her head. Yeah, she was gonna stay…but what about Lyra?

"Can Lyra stay too?" Tea asked clinging to her arm. The golden-eyed woman looked down at her in surprise. Had she heard her correctly? Cause she had been under the impression that Tea hated her! Where ever did this sudden burst of adoration come from?

She smiled. "No, honey. I will go back and live with my mother, but I promise I'll visit you often!" She watched Tea slowly lower her head. Oh wow…she looked really upset. Was she really going to miss her that much? Well, if that was the case, something had to be done.

"Hey Tea?" The little girl slowly raised her head and looked up at her guardian. "How about whenever you decide to visit Auntie Gardner, I'll be the one to escort you to Japan. We can visit her together!"

Tea's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Of course!"

"Come on, Tea! Let me show you around," Ishizu said, pulling on her arm.

"Okay…" Just then, she remembered that little boy from around the corner…did he live down here too? "Hey, 'Shizu? Who was that boy I saw?"

Ishizu gave her a confused look. "Boy? What boy are you…oh! You must mean my brother, Malik."

"Your brother?"

"Yes. Would you like to meet him? He's kinda shy."

"Umm…okay." Before she left with Ishizu, she turned around and gave Lyra a hug. "You know what?" she began. "You were the best tem-po-rary mommy I ever had!"

Lyra was quite taken aback by this. It was strange how this girl had gone from hating her to loving her in just one short night. "And you were the best temporary daughter I ever had!" She let go of her and smiled. "Goodbye my little Tea…Mr. Ishtar…Odeon." She then quietly mouthed to the men, "Take care of her." With one last wave to Tea, Lyra exited the lair, closing the hatch behind her.

Well, there was no turning back now. She was going to live down here even if it killed her! But she was a queen, remember? Queen's were fearless! Queens could do anything!

"Come on, let's go meet Malik!" Ishizu urged as she continued to tug on her arm.

As the two ran off, Odeon turned to his master and said, "If you'll please excuse me as well, there is much work that I have yet to finish." He bowed low before following the girls out of the room.

This left Mr. Ishtar to think for a moment. Sure, Tea and Malik were going to grow up together, but that didn't mean anything would possibly happen between the two…did it? He would under no circumstances allow that. Oh well. They were young. There shouldn't be anything he had to worry about…


Done:) Just so ya know, only this and one other chapter will take place in the earlier years. Most of it will occur in the present during BC. Oh, and since Tea is the reincarnation of Anzu, I suppose Yami is most likely going to fall in love with her forming a Yami/Tea/Malik triangle. I hate triangles…they confuse me. (-.-u) Whatever. Guess I'll just have to wing it. Okay, now. Tell me whatchya guys think, okay? Hope this sounds interesting enough…it was actually really fun to write!

And do ya know what I also noticed? That by blasting loud music, such as Good Charlotte, while you write, you can think a hell of a lot better…or is that just me?