So I just found this on my old, dead computer...this thing I wrote forever ago that gives the gist of how this story was supposed to end. I thought I'd share it with all of you for the sake of your sanity.

After Tea runs into Malik…things get hazy. Leaning towards her being saved by the sudden appearance of Yugi, Tristin, and…and…and…Duke. Right. Geeze. And she would breeze by him, or something, remembering that she'd left Joey with Bakura. Picture her being as frantic as she was boarding the elevator in the previous chapter.

More haziness. Thinking that Joey could have maybe been under the influence (of…someone) and I'd have Tea tackle him to the floor, like she usually did to Bakura when his Yami had a hold of him—idea is hazy. Not certain.

Think I was going to have Odeon and…and…and…and…who? Joey duel. Right. So like, he'd appear and pull off his hood and Lira and Tea would look at each other and be like "he has HAIR?!" (like, a full head) Anyway, he would lose, as would Joey…somehow…thus causing Malik to go unstable. Tea would notice his sudden change in demeanor, and, as a result, would run towards him and crush him in a gigantic hug, whispering things like "it's going to be okay," and "breathe. Just breathe." And he, being so strained, is unable to do anything but quiver, eyes wide, body tense. End of chapter: him pushing her to the ground, emerging as this terrifying beast, or YM, and Tea just screaming. "NO!"

The next chapter was going to start with everyone crowded in Odeon's room, Tea sitting on the bed, looking dejected, trying to find someway to explain how she knew Odeon, Ishizu, and the eerily nice-guy-turned-psychopath that was currently no where to be found. So she explains it to them. And about the bracelet. And her apparent past. And apologizes for not saying anything sooner. Sorta. Everyone seems surprised but Yami. Think I was going to have them forgive her. Obviously. Can't remember. This is when Ishizu gives Tea her necklace, saying something along the lines of "maybe it will show you the way." Or something. Then, Seto and Ishizu are called up to duel. Tea doesn't watch it. She remains with Odeon as everyone piles out.

Was going to have her sit there, talking to him in either low-light or the dark with nothing but the moon to light the room. It isn't long, though, before Malik-turned-Marik knocks out the on-staff doctor, bursts into the room, and pins her to the window, his staff at her throat. He says he needs to kill her before she can ruin anything. But for some reason, he can't bring himself to do it. Idea is hazy, but…thinking of having him change forms for a brief moment to say that he's sorry. That he's an idiot for wanting things that are impossible to attain by sheer force alone. That he's missed her terribly and that, even if everything fell to shit, it would have been worth it because he got to see her again. Thinking of having him lean his forehead against hers and close his eyes, like he finally found some peace. But he can't remain that way for long before the spirit overcomes him once more. He laughs like a mad-man, muttering things about death and destruction. Then, he's called in to duel Mai—ensuring Tea that their little chat isn't over. He creams Mai, of course, thus causing her to crumple into a pathetic heap on the deck. This causes Joey to freak out, and he remains by her bedside for the entire evening, proving, once and for all, that he does in fact care deeply for her (instead of having her dead unconscious, thinking of having her go in and out so she can be aware of Joey's presence). That night, at the end of the chapter, thinking of describing Tea laying in bed, debating whether or not she should put on the necklace. She decides to, lays back down, close her eyes, and, just as Ishizu had described earlier, the world around her spins out of control and she is plummeted into darkness.

Next part is certain: basis for story.

Next series of events reveals the half-deleted story written on the stone tablet Ishizu brought in from Egypt: Anzu's last hours. The girl standing over her bed was a servant girl. One that slightly resembled Serenity, but not entirely. Thinking of naming her Shizuka, for the hell of it. Not sure on the dialogue, but, after of few moments of utter disconcertion, I would have Tea realize that she was merely a second set of eyes looking out at the world of Ancient Egypt through the body of Queen Anzu. She has no control of anything, however, she retains all her senses and is able to see, smell, taste, and feel everything that the Queen does. She would also notice that she was wearing the Millennium bracelet. After getting a quick survey of the room, Tea would get a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She would look the same, maybe a bit older than her actual self, with long, wavy brown hair, tanned skin, and blue eyes that were much narrower than her own. It was like a future vision of herself. From there, I was going to have her, with the help of Shizuka, garb herself in the clothing of a peasant and slip from the castle she was apparently residing in. As she passes through the gates, a strange sensation would pass over her, and her attention would be drawn to the crunching underneath her feet. Somehow, Tea manages to identify the strange material as flowers made of paper. She doesn't realize it yet, but there is a connection between this phenomenon and the face down card that appeared when she played her Goddess card. What it is: a defense card called Paper Flowers (which I have totally stolen from an Evanescence song). It's a non-existent card that only appears when the Goddess is put into play. When activated, it forms a huge, rotating shield of flowers around the user, thus blocking any attack, no matter how strong. She couldn't see it coming out, but, as Anzu turns around to get one last glimpse of the castle as she runs, a giant tower of rotating flowers could be seen surrounding the entire castle, coming up from the ground and disappearing in the clouds. In fact, the whole ground would be covered with them. Tea would be aware of the dark magic that existed during that time and would assume that it must be some sort of spell to protect the royal family.

Tea can only watch as Anzu, in a dark, hooded cloak, takes her down numerous winding roads (giving her a brief glimpse of what Ancient Egypt had looked like) until she collapses in front of a certain house at the end of a block. The door opens to reveal the last person she thought she'd ever see: Malik, but a version of him hat was at least 10 years older, with longer hair and a taller, leaner physique. When she goes in, she discovers the truth about her marriage: that it was arranged. She never loved Atem. She loved Malik. Always had. So, whenever she got the chance, she would stow away to his house, dressed as a peasant, so that she could be with him. Thinking of having him, once she regains her breath, pin her to the wall and shower her with kisses. Unfortunately, she isn't with him long before someone starts banging on the door. The two jump apart stare at each other in horror and Anzu goes to hide in the back room, but peeks from behind a curtain so she can see what's going on. Malik cautiously goes to answer the door. It is his older brother, Odeon. He's out of breath as he tries to explain that Atem knows she is here; she was followed by one of his guards. Apparently, Atem had Shizuka bound and tortured until she gave the whereabouts of her mistress. He goes on to say that Lira is trying mislead the oncoming horde, but they still need to get out of there. He then departs, hoping to assist Lira. Anzu and Malik quickly gather provisions and prepare to leave. But before they can, the house is overtaken by royal guards, one of which strongly resembles Joey. He gives Anzu a sympathetic look, as if he is sorry this had to happen. The two are taken back to the palace. She is taken to the temple, where Seto is, and confined to a small room in the back—as much as she fights, she cannot overcome her captors; and since her bracelet does nothing to help, she gives up and crumples to the floor. Malik is taken to the dungeons at the base of the castle. Seto, unable to keep her confined, lets her free, but warns her to be careful. Apparently, the two are close because Anzu would often go there to pray when she was feeling sad, which was more often than not. Anzu quickly but carefully makes her way to where Malik is being held. The room is swarming with guards, three of which are Joey, Tristin, and Duke; or at least, they're men that resemble them. The Tristin look-alike appears to be furious, and Tea briefly wonders if it has anything to do with Shizuka. She doesn't dwell on it long, though, because at this precise moment, there are twenty bows and arrows pointed directed at the blonde's shackled body, as well as the angered glare of a deranged King that looks exactly like Yami, just taller. Joey gives her the same sympathetic look, for he too is wielding a bow and arrow. That's when Anzu does the unthinkable: she throws herself in front of Malik's body and prepares to block the attack. But once again, her bracelet does nothing to protect her, and she is sliced apart.

Even though she's not technically part of Anzu's body, Tea still feels her pain. But neither she nor Anzu cry as they fall to the ground in a bloody heap. Malik's screaming and teary face is the last thing she sees as her vision and hearing slowly fade. But, for some reason, Tea feels a sense of calm spread over her; like Anzu is okay with this. She even finds herself smiling. The ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation: so Tea figures that perhaps Anzu believes they'll meet again in another life. A few moments later, she wakes and sits up, finding herself atop a bed of flowers in the midst of the temple. Seto is kneeling at her side, mourning and praying. And, surprisingly enough, standing at his side is an exact replica of Ishizu, dressed in the magnificent garbs of the high priestess. She tries to get their attention but can't. That's when she realizes that she has emerged from Anzu's body and taken control of her own spirit. She sits there for a moment, disoriented. Before she departs, she waits for a moment, watching as Seto rises and embraces the Ishizu-look-alike. She embraces him back and starts to cry, murmuring something about her poor brother. Seto kisses her on the head and rests his forehead against hers.

Tea wonders what their deal is, but doesn't dwell on it for long as her thoughts are encompassed by her suffering friend. Barely thinking, she rushes back to where he was being held, half-floating and walking through walls, only to find the room empty. She scours the castle frantically, but can't seem to find her way. That's when she runs into the forms of Joey and a blonde woman dressed as a priestess that strongly resembled Mai. She was half-crying, half-screaming, banging on his chest as she begged him to do something. But Joey does nothing but stand there, looking forlorn. He mumbles something incoherently, but Tea manages to catch the words "millennium" and "objects". With wide eyes, she looks down at her wrist and discovers that she is still wearing the Millennium bracelet, and, even though it's just as transparent as she is, all seven of the golden extensions are still gently tugging in a certain direction. With one last glance at the forlorn pair, Tea follows her bracelet's lead until she comes to a sort of shrine room where all of the Millennium items are being held. She arrives just in time to see Atem bring out a brown, gourd-shaped container. Malik is once again shackled to a wall, except this time, he has company: a Bakura look-alike is also shackled to the wall, looking as dejected as Malik is. As the gourd is brought fourth, Atem, half-crying, half fuming, curses Malik in the name of Ra and sentences him to an eternity of pain and suffering. He also addresses the white-haired man beside him, saying that he too will suffer for his misdeeds, which were apparently thievery and murder of countless royal guards. How the two are connection…haven't quite decided, if at all.

First Atem commands his guards to seal Bakura's soul in the Millennium ring. After he is sucked from reality, much to her and Malik's horror, he commands his guards to open the gourd and force Malik to swallow whatever was inside. Tea tries to stop it from happening, but realizes that she was only watching what had already happened. The end of the beginning. So she can only look on as Malik screams until his throat bleeds and the monster emerges from within him, his eyes wide and mouth set in a horrifyingly smile. And what was even more horrifying was the fact that, as the possessed blonde snatches the Millenium rod from its respected case on the wall and stabs himself in the gut with it, she could have sworn that he was staring directly at her, like he knew she was there. And then she is pulled from this reality and thrown into her own, screaming like she never had before. But she had no time to dwell on what has happened, for her bracelet yanks her from bed and smashes her into the door.

In the next chapter, she was supposed to meet up with YB and YM, who are on the dueling deck arguing. She discovers that Bakura, who was once a thief king, despises this particular spirit. Haven't exactly figured out why yet, but, much to Bakura's surprise, was thinking of having Tea take his side and assist him curse the spirit into the ground, saying that he'll never get away with what he's doing, Malik will be freed, yadda yadda. She then goes back to her room until the second part of the finals was to begin. She is the last to emerge from her room and out onto the dueling deck. And as she does, everyone stares at her like they've seen a ghost. Apparently, Tea had kept Anzu's hairstyle, her hair long and wavy as it had once been 5000 years ago.


In the finals, was going to have Yami face Seto (and have Yami win) and Tea face Marik. She wins and manages (this was the second duel I was going to describe) to get the spirit out of his body, with the help of her Goddess and the defense card, Paper Flowers (she figures out what it was because of her excursion of the past and knows how to use it). Malik crumples and a white, ghostly mass with hollow eyes and mouth set in a silent scream comes hurtling towards her, straight from Malik's mouth. It throws her off the dueling deck and onto the ground, but it cannot penetrate her body because she is protected by her bracelet. It knocks her out though and she awakes in a hospital room in Domino. She never gets to face Yami, but she does find it in her heart to forgive him. He had apparently felt awful about what he'd done and imprisoned himself in the puzzle as a result. (or something like that).

Her friends come visit her soon after she awakens, bearing a note that they claim they cannot understand. (Was also going to have her confront the spirit of the ring, who comes to see her apart from everyone else, and create some sort of truce with him. Or…something…) The note she receives ends up being from ishizu—something she'd written to Tea in Arabic so no one else could read it—explaining how Malik had insisted he return to Egypt, unable to understand why he was in Japan. More importantly, Arabic was the only language he seemed to respond to, he refused see Tea when asked, claiming he had no time for fraternizing, and was apparently completely oblivious to everything that had happened. She goes on to say that she wishes for Tea to either catch him before he departs with Odeon, or, if she misses their 5:00 flight, follow after them—jog some sense into his befuddled brain. For some reason, she feels like Tea's the only one that can. Tea wonders why Ishizu didn't go with him, but the note doesn't reveal anything.

So Tea, being as riled up as she was, immediately rushes to the airport, her friends close behind, but it's too late. They're already gone. Lira is there, though, apparently waiting to hear her decision. Unsure what to do, Tea goes back and fourth. On one hand, she desperately wishes to see Malik—for REAL. On the other, she's terribly pissed that he'd leave without saying goodbye to her and go so far as faking amnesia (yeah, she thinks he was faking. Cause he totally is). Yugi, who's currently in his Yamified form, tells her to go. That it's about time things were set right. She pretends to not understand (cause Yami doesn't know what she'd seen) and, with the help of Lira's credit cart, she decides to head back to Egypt. She obviously goes back to the hotel first to pack and notify her aunt, who isn't entirely able to understand Tea's uber fast explanation of everything. But she lets her go.

On the plane ride there, Tea asks Lira why Ishizu didn't return with her brother. Lira smiles and says that she had a dinner date with a certain CEO that evening. She says that Ishizu claims it was so that he could return her card, but doesn't buy it. Tea smiles as well, knowing full well that Lira's hunch is probably right.

Once in Egypt, she is taken to the place where Malik and Odeon were staying. It turns out to be the underground labyrinth they all used to live in as kids—they'd gone there on Malik's insistence. Dropping her stuff by the main staircase, she makes her way into a large, open space towards the back while Lira goes off in search of Odeon. There, Tea finds Malik sprawled across a couch, eyes glued to an old television set that barely works. He doesn't even look up when she comes in. She decides to play his game though by speaking in Arabic. He doesn't seem to care that she's there though, and, after screaming at him for 20 minutes in three different languages, she finds herself standing on the surface in the midst of a vast, open desert, fuming.

Things get hazy again, but was planning to have him eventually come outside with her, speaking in Japanese or English or whatever again. They would talk. She would smack him around a bit. Eventually hug him. As she hugged him, he would ask her if she still loved him. She would pull back and look at him strangely for a moment. Like; "Um, WTF are you talking about?" But the more she stares at him strangely, the more she begins to understand. She had told him she loved him in that very spot, six years ago, as she was being taken away for what she thought to be forever. Then, she'd smile and say yes, she does. And he would simply say "Good." And then he would kiss her.

Or…something like that.

Who knows.

And that's the end.