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"blah" = spoken dialogue between characters

blah = unspoken thoughts, also used for emphasis on words or phrases

Prologue: Expectations

"Swoosh . . . twang . . . . . . swoosh . . . twang . . . . . . swoosh . . . twang . . . ."

The sounds of tennis rackets swinging and rallying balls filled the air. Summer had just ended and everyone was back in school. A new year was beginning and changes abounded, but not just in the classrooms, on the tennis courts as well.

Seigaku's tennis club was practicing hard after the long vacation. Excitement radiated from every member of the tennis club, anticipating the new season and what it would bring. Led by their undefeated captain, third year, Tezuka Kunimitsu, and vice-captain, third year, Oishi Syuichiro, Seigaku's tennis team was strong. Advancing far the previous year, Tezuka and Oishi vowed to reach Nationals this year. Nationals was their ultimate dream and with strong players on the team this year, they hoped to make that dream a reality.

Coached by Ryuzaki-sensei, an aging yet brilliant tennis instructor, Seigaku's nine regular members were tough, each unique in their own way:

Singles 1 player is the captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu. A strong left-handed player, Tezuka was always calm during the game. He led the other regular members with a stern and formidable attitude that didn't forgive laziness or arguing on the courts. His wind-blown hair and coldly-beautiful features set many girls hearts astir, though he never seemed to return the interest. Often stoic and considered antisocial, Tezuka rarely responded with more than a cold stare.

Singles 2 player is Seigaku's first ever freshman regular, Ryoma Echizen. Constantly underestimated due to his short height and low grade level, Ryoma is a strong player, second only to the captain. His piercing gold eyes and lazy, at times provoking, attitude conceals a sly and clever mind that toys with its opponent before beating him into the ground.

Singles 3 player is Takashi Kawamura, a third year student. His kind, yet shy, gaze fools many until he grabs a racquet. Once in hand, Kawamura becomes a raging powerhouse who fearlessly attacks his opponent without holding back.

Doubles 1 team is Oishi Syuichiro, the vice-captain, and second year Momoshiro Takeshi. Oishi is a very deliberate player who sticks to the baseline, planning his moves carefully. Considered to be the "mother of the Seigaku tennis team," Oishi constantly worries about every member and tries to insure everyone's happiness. His partner, Momoshiro, is a very social person and skilled in net play. Always ready to jump for a smash with his signature move, Momo is a reliable player as long as he keeps his calm. Friendly with nearly every member of the club, Momo's purple eyes are always sparkling with joy and laughter. His one enemy and rival is his childhood friend, Kaido Kaoru.

Doubles 2 team consists of Inui Sadaharu and Kaido Kaoru. Third year Inui keeps track of the club members' profiles and calculates everyone's tennis data. Using it against them, his style is known as 'Data Tennis.' With spiky, dark blue hair and square-framed glasses that conceal his eyes, Inui also prepares training programs for the regular members. To encourage his friends to do their best, or die trying, he concocts energy drinks that everyone tries their hardest to avoid. The taste is not usually reflective of its benefits. His partner, second year Kaido, also known as Mamushi or Snake, was known for his rather frightening manner and dark attitude. Focused on body training to develop the ultimate level of endurance, Kaido is often seen running around town. Despite the respect he shows toward his senpai-s, he constantly bickers with Momoshiro, each seeking to outdo the other on any and all levels.

Seigaku also has two substitute members who are always on reserve in case of an emergency. They are second year Arai Utachi and second year Keisuke Idori. These two have terrible tempers, hating to be outdone by those beneath them, but are both skilled players. They rarely, if ever, see game time, though.

These nine boys are expected to go far this year. Seigaku's tennis team has hidden depths of strength and stubbornness that always seems to persevere. Led by Tezuka and Oishi, every member in the tennis club is devoted to strengthening the team and themselves. Everyone there had big dreams and felt confident in Tezuka's and Oishi's ability to lead them to victory. This year, everyone believes the Seigaku tennis team would go far.

So, as classes began and club activities resumed across the campus, many eyes stray to the tennis courts. So much is expected to happen this year within those fences, but also because of another fact: the courts are more than a place where boys practice their swings, play matches, and learn new techniques; the courts are a place where friends are made, dreams are pursued, and maybe even love is found . . .

To Be Continued

Coming Up Soon: Chapter 1 – A Transfer: Fuji and Eiji, best friends since childhood, prepare to move due to their families' business decisions. They reflect on the changes this move and a new school will bring to their lives, their friendship, and their tennis.

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