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Chapter One

       Harry just wished the pain would end.  Things had always been bad at the Dursley's but this was the worst summer ever.  The abuse he received from his uncle was getting increasingly horrible.  It was still over a month until his fourth year at Hogwarts and he had nowhere else to go.       

"Oh Hedwig, what am I going to do?" he moaned softly.  Hedwig hooted sympathetically and flew over to him. Before she could peck his ear gently, his body shook with coughs. He pushed his head into the pillow to try and muffle the sound. He had already received quite a beating earlier for not trimming the flowers the 'right way'. All he needed now was to wake up his uncle and incur his wrath again. When he pulled away from his pillow he saw the spot of blood on it that was spreading.

"Bloody hell," he whispered before falling to the side of his pillow, unconscious.

Hedwig knew her owner did not want to bother people but things were becoming very serious now. She flew to retrieve a letter that Harry wrote to Sirius earlier, dipped it into the blood on the pillow, and flew out the window. She needed to find help for her owner, and needed it soon.


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