Title: Digimorphs: Takuya's Secret

Summary: Takuya holds a secret, a secret which only his family and few friends know. How will the other Chosen Children react? What does the new evil want Takuya? This secret lies in his identity...

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Note #1: This idea was developed back when Digimon Frontier was aired in Japan and most people relying on fansubs at the time. I push it aside to do the now old and very amateur-level Tamers of Australia (no plans to restore it, sorry) but it resurfaced later and gave birth to this.
Note #2: If the genre is incorrect, I'm willing to change it.

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"This is Demonese"


Hello, my name is Takuya Kanbara and I'm not what you'd call a normal human being. How come, you ask? Let me explain from the beginning...
There's a demoness called Shinoko and she is the very reason why I'm different.

Over the years, Shinoko has ordered her dark minions to gather pregnant women from the Real World, where humans lives, and bring them to her castle in a parallel world, the Digital World, the world of data and computers. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, my mum was one of the pregnant women.
Like Shinoko herself, her minions are demons; especially the much despised scientists working for her.

The scientists have been collecting DNA data from the Digimon, strange and unusual creature, whose body was compose of data, living in the Digital World; well, the majority of all the Digimon. They didn't get DNA samples from the Three Great Angels, yet, which was a great relief.
What do the scientists do with the data? I'm getting to that.

When the demons bring the women in Shinoko's castle, they had been force into the laboratory, where the scientists is. The scientists - how do I describe this - somehow transfer the DNA data into the women's womb, where the unborn baby is. It's because of this, that the babies' development was changed, regardless if the mothers protest or not.

When the babies were born, they were drastically different. Instead of normal human beings, the data that has been transfers to them has changed them biologically. They became hybrids, or Digimorph, which the demons dubbed us.
If you figured it out, yes, I am a Digimorph. I'm different from other hybrids; the data the scientists transfer to me before I was born is what they believe to be remains of an ancient Digimon.

I have AncientGreymon's data. (1)

Yes, I know it's hard to believe but it's true. I can feel the hidden firepower in my body. But the scientists didn't have the exact DNA, which is old and affected by time, so my hybrid form is different from AncientGreymon's expected Rookie form, Agumon.

But I'm not the only Digimorph that's different from the others. There's my friend, Lee; he has both the data of Monodramon and Guilmon, with a small data of V-dramon combined. With all three data, he became a one of a kind hybrid, a Ryumon hybrid. A result of mixing up data as an experiment; possibly to find the strongest match-up of Digimorph's digital sequence.
But right now, I'm inside a dormitory with my roommates, including Lee, plotting on getting way from this prison. Sure they had feed us three times (assuming we behave) a day and gave us education, but the demons never let us outside the castle ground, unless if it's for our surviving sessions. Believe me; they're not fun at all.

Another reason is that we had heard of Shinoko's plan to rules over EVERY single dimension in existence, with us Digimorphs as her army.
We're plotting on escaping; our mothers were back in the Real World because Shinoko wants them to be pregnant for more hybrids. As we continued to plan, few things in our mind that keep us determined to escape.
Freedom; we all wanted to be free, to go as we wish, to do what we want, to even learn out of our own will.
Family; we wanted to see our family, wondering if we have relatives out there, wondering about our fathers we never seen.
For that, we're praying that we'll escape tonight...


In one of many dormitories, high up in one of the castle's towers, five young male Digimorphs, currently in their human form, were planning on the floor.
The first boy's a redhead, but his hair more like carrot orange. He wears an orange T-shirt, cargo pants, white socks and orange sneakers. His green eyes look over the plan on a paper he and his friend plot.

The second boy has blue hair with navy blue streaks and a yellow strand, and red eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt with a strange blue symbol or logo with intriguing pink patterns, and white shorts. He has a blue wolf fur scarf around his neck with red "claws" at the end; finishing it off with some white socks and a pair of yellow/ red runners to complete his appearance.

The third boy also has blue hair and red eyes. His outfit is a blue jacket over a white T-shirt and jeans. What stood him out the most is the yellow "V" facial mark on his forehead, which is hard to tell if it's a tattoo or not.

The forth boy seems to be Chinese with his light tan skin and wild raven hair with crimson high lines, and matching crimson eyes. He wears a red/black patterned Chinese shirt, black slacks and comfortable black/white shoes. What stood him out the most is the scar down across his left eye he received from his daily training a while back, giving him a dragon like look. Fortunately, however, his left eye wasn't damaged.

The fifth and last boy is Japanese with cinnamon brown hair and reddish- brown eyes. He wears just a pair of cargo pants, red T-shirt, white socks and red and yellow sneakers.

Four of them continued talking about the plan while the fifth boy was deep in thought.
'It's been a while since I seen my mum, all I knows is that she somehow escape from Shinoko's scientists. I hope she's okay...maybe she has another child, a human sibling for me. When we escape, the first thing I want to see is my family,' The Japanese boy, Takuya thought, and then listened to his roommates.
"...So when the guards comes in to check on us, we quickly knock them out, grab the keys and get the others out" The first boy, Andrew, a Agumon hybrid, going over the plan yet again.

"One problem, Andrew" The second boy, Gabriel, also known as Gabe, began, "We don't know HOW strong the guards are. For all we know, they can be as strong as a Perfect or even Ultimate!"

"I agree with Gabe, Andrew" The Chinese boy, Lee, a Ryumon hybrid, said.

"But," The other blue hair boy, Jake, a V-mon hybrid, began, "we can defeat them, and we have to! I want to get out of this place!"

"What do you think, Takuya?" Andrew asked, looking over at the fifth boy of the group.

Knowing they're looking at him, expecting an answer, Takuya considered his thought before replied: "Let's do it, I'm willing to take the risk."

Once that was said, all five of them hoped the plan would work or they'll suffer Shinoko's much feared punishments, something all Digimorphs wanted to avoid.


Later that night...

The hybrids were hiding, waiting for the usual night guards. Hours ago, they had told the other Digimorphs the plan during dinner, though with much difficulty to avoid detection. The other hybrids are willing to follow the plan as long as they escape Shinoko's fortress.

The plan is the females Digimorphs made life-size dummies of almost every hybrid in the fortress. The dummies were tucked in the beds so the guards thinks them they are asleep. When the guards about to leave, the Digimorphs attacked the guards, takes the keys and escape. Even if there weren't enough dummies made in time, they improvised on that flaw by stuffing random things underneath their blankets.

Takuya looked around the dorm, the plan has just started and everyone's in position. Earlier, Andrew, Gabe and Jake have a problem hiding, because of their appearance; their colours don't blend well with black. Thanks to a black cloak they've found, Takuya's roommates able to blend in.
Lee's blend in the darkness easier, due to his Digimon side being naturally dark-coloured, meaning he needn't cover his hair while in hiding.

Takuya saw the hand signal Andrew send his way, telling them to be ready, knowing he can't see his nod, the brunette give a quick wave in reply.

The dormitory was silence until they heard footsteps; the guards are coming toward their dorm.

The door opens slowly, a male demon guard looked around the dorm; as far as he knows, he saw the five Digimorphs fast asleep in their beds. He turns around and spoke to this partner.

"The brats are asleep, let's go to the next dorm," The guard grunted in Demonese, the language of the demon.

While the hybrids were "raise" in Shinoko's fortress, they've learn how to speak and understand Demonese just for knowing what their instructor were saying, even if they're forced to.

The guards just about to walk off to check the next dormitory, until...

"NOW!" Jake shouted, as the real Digimorphs jumped out from their hiding place and onto the surprised guards.

The two demon guards were caught off guard at the sudden attack, giving the hybrids the opening to exploit.

Splitting up into two teams to deal with each demon; Andrew slashes with his nails, Gabe grabs the spike ends of his scarf and uses it as claws, Jake gives one of the guards one a very hard head butt, Lee managed to tackle a demon onto the floor and as for Takuya...

Takuya focus the power of his Digimon self, Flamon, inside him, allowing it to comes out without forcing it. He was surrounded in a flame-like aura, and lash out a punch towards his "opponent".

"Baby Salamander!"


Fortunately, or unfortunately if viewed differently, the male hybrids' dorm was soundproof and now, stank of singed demons.


"I think you've overdo it," Lee whispered to Takuya, as they and a rather large group of Digimorphs were quietly walking through the halls, using their memory and knowledge to find their way to the exit. Earlier, they had stole the keys from the unconscious guards and unlock other dorms of hybrids whose didn't follow the plan, whether they're afraid to do it or otherwise.

"And what about you?" Takuya shot back, quietly. "I don't remember tackling being your kind of thing."

"What? I have to let out some irritation from certain girl who was stalking me!" Lee replied in a loud whisper. "And a demon guard is a perfect target!" The Chinese boy looked over his shoulder to see his stalker, an Alraumon hybrid, which was a Palmon with purple flower.

The Flamon hybrid was about to say something, but the glare from the Ryumon hybrid send his way which pretty much said "Shut up or else" and he shut his mouth, knowing Lee can carried out his non-life threatening threats.

The corridors they were in were dark and eerie, easily fit Shinoko's style and her heart. Then, the Digimorphs saw a large double door, definitely the way to the outside and freedom.

"Takuya?" A YukiAgumon hybrid asked.


"Isn't this a bit TOO easy?" The Ice-type dinosaur hybrid asked as the other Digimorphs began to whispers among themselves.

"Yeah," Jake began. "This is a bit too easy, it almost feels like a..."

"A trap!" A female Hawkmon hybrid exclaim, as demon guards suddenly appeared, seemingly from nowhere, charging through the corridors towards them with their weapons drawn, ready to attack and capture.

Then a net fell over the Digimorphs, trapping them.

The Digimorphs about to shift into their hybrid form until Takuya shouted. "Wait!! Vixen is the only one who escapes the net, let her to free us!"

The Digimorph in question quickly shift into her Digimon form, a Renamon, jumped up and cross her arm and spread them out. Glowing diamond shards appear in front of her, pose to fall.

"Fox Leaf Arrowheads!"

The barrage of diamond shot towards the net, slicing it into pieces, allowing the trapped Digimorphs to escape.
The Renamon shift back to her human form and give some others hybrids a silent signal. Jake and other Digimorphs, who know what Vixen's signal means, turned to the door and proceed to knock it down.

"V-Mon Head!"

"Air Shot!"

"Cat Punch!"

Those were some of many volunteered Digimorphs' attacks. The attacks dented the door before it fell down, causing a small tremor upon impact.
Just before the hybrids ran out the fortress through the door, a Kunemon hybrid shouted: "Run for it!"

And they run, run away from the prison towards freedom, like they have always dreamed off when they're young. Now, it's not a dream but actual reality!
As they run through the dark forest surrounding Shinoko's fortress, they had come across a clearing with five separate portals in the middle.

"Hey, here's our ticket to freedom!" A Terriermon hybrid exclaimed.

Gabe turns to the large group of hybrids and spoke in a loud, clear voice. "As you already know these portals are our tickets out of this place, to the world our parents come from and make sure you're in your human form for it. So I wish you all a good luck and let's get out of here!"

The Digimorphs cheered at his words and started ti jump through the separate portals one by one.

"Hurry!" A Lopmon hybrid shouted. "They're coming!"

The Terriermon hybrid turns to Takuya and said, "Takuya, while we're running, I've manage to knock down some trees on the path to slowed them down"

"Good job, Teria" Takuya congrats the light-haired boy.

"No problem, Takuya!" Teria, the Terriermon hybrid, said before jumping through a portal with the Lopmon hybrid.

As the hybrids quickly jumped through the portals, three of the vortex eventually closed up, leaving only two left, and Takuya and Lee as the last Digimorphs.
Lee about to jump into one of the remaining portals, but turn to Takuya and hand him a pair of grey, square goggles. "Here, Takuya, you can have this"

Surprised, the Flamon hybrid blinked before he took the goggles and asked. "Why?"

"Think of it as something to remind you of myself, Takuya. It's because we would probably separated by the portals and I just want you to remember me," Lee answered.

The brunette looked into his friend's crimson eyes. He was one of the very few friends of the Ryumon hybrid. The Chinese is usually quiet and kept to himself, if it weren't for Takuya dragging him into their circle of friends. For those who have Lee's trust are very close to him and can see through his quiet behaviour.

Lee walked in front of the portal on the left and said, "Takuya, in the future, I know we'll meet again somehow," Then he gave his friend a mock solute and jump into the portal.

Takuya clutched the goggles in his hands and whispered, "We will, Lee, we will."

"There! There's that Flamon Digimorph!"

"Get him before he escape!"

The brunette turns around to see the demon guards running towards him, keeping a firm grip on the goggles, he jumped into a portal. When he went through it, the two remaining portals close; he slowly slipped into unconsciousness after he heard the last words.

"Shit! Lady Shinoko is going to be pissed!"


It was night time at the Kanbara residence, Yuriko Kanbara (2) was crying in her husband's arms. The woman was used to be one of the pregnant women Shinoko's guards taken away. Takuya's mother managed to escaped, along with several others women. Although she's glad to be away, what kept her from being truly happy was her eldest son, Takuya.

"Dear, I'm sure Takuya will be okay" Takeshi said, trying to comfort his spouse.

"But what if...if...he never...c-came back?" Yuriko cried.

"Yuri..." Takeshi began. "I'm sure Takuya will be okay, he's a tough kid"


"Shh, I know Takuya will be okay, so quiet down now"

Takeshi knew about Shinoko and the Digimorphs. Though he can't prevent the demoness' plan, he tried his best and reassured his wife that everything will be okay.

He may never know what his first son looks like, but his hunches was telling him it'll be fine.

Typically, as if almost cliché, a generally tender, sweet or important moment tend to be interrupted. In this case, it was by their television's screen.

A bluish-silver portal opens and a boy fell out of it, startling the married couple. After recomposing herself, Yuriko recognize the brunette boy. "T-T-Takuya? Is that you?"


Takuya grumbled to himself and stand up groggily. The dimension travelling is like the saying, "Buckle your seatbelts, this going to be a bumpy ride!" with 'bumpy' being an understatement.

"T-T-Takuya? Is that you?"

The Digimorph looked up and saw his mother and a man sitting on the couch. The boy first thought the man is either his mother's brother, friend or...

The Flamon hybrid's eyes widen; it was his father.

Takuya finally regain his voice and weakly said, "M-Mum?"

Yuriko's eyes burst with tears, tears of happiness, and runs and hugged Takuya.

Takeshi (though Takuya didn't know his name, yet) smiled at the scene. One of the things that make him happy is seeing his spouse happy. He walked over to his wife and son.

Takuya looked up at his father, someone who he hasn't seen before in his entire life. He wondered what his father is like; is he a kind person, confident, gentle?

"...Dad?" He said, trying out the word for the first time, which came out awkwardly.

Takeshi gave his eldest son a soft smile. "Yes, it's me, Takuya. I know what happens, your mother told me."

Takuya does one thing he rarely has done since his life with the demons; he smiled back.

To be continued...

(1) Agumon is really AncientGreymon's Rookie form, with the difference in Digivolution requirements, since most, if not all, Digimon have different Digivolution lines aside from their main one. E.g. Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon and WarGreymon

(2) A while back, I found a list of family names of the Digidestined/Chosen Children's family. Unfortunately, I forgot Takuya's father's name, only his mum's manage to stick to me.