Last time, the major forces in the Digital World was planning, preparing themselves for the fight against the demons, who was bent on finding what was 'theirs'...

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Chapter 11: Before the Storm

In the Digital World, there's an oddly light atmosphere in the air; it wasn't anything related to the digital environment, but rather the feeling of being in the middle of the eye of the storm. It's a feeling that cause many to loosen up, their guards lowered, after a horrifying experience, not knowing if the yet to be happened future will be pleasant or dreadful, despite much rants and exclamations from their resident paranoid, overly superstitious Digimon. This cause the population to be commonly split, between those who are cautious and the rest wishing for ignorant bliss.

But despite it all, after the news of the demon attack from days ago, the atmosphere did fell before the Digital World. While some Digimon try to feign ignorance, even they couldn't help but sense that something was amiss in the air...


The city was buzzing with talks, as the residential Digimon and Digimorphs of Morphopolis heatedly discussed the latest demon attack news with their neighbours and friends. Some strictly stuck with the factual information, others relay second-handed gossips from a friend of theirs, while the rest was either ignorant, not bothered with it or just plainly making up conspiracy theories. Which was not surprising, really; for every person talking about the facts, there's tended to be someone else discussing unseemly strange yet related subjects.

"...I'm telling you, if we don't act fast, those accursed demons will eventually discover our beloved city and get to us first..."

"...How about having our defence built up first!"

Wizard walked along the streets of Morphopolis, mostly intent on arriving at his destination, but he couldn't help himself from hearing parts of the conversations as he went by.

"Will the Council ever decide to form ties with the Three Great Angels?"

"What did I look like, a mind-reader?"

'There it is, the Station.' Wizard thought, when he spotted the Station in the distance. The Station was really a gigantic headquarter with a Trailmon station split into two sides, law enforcement for the police and military army for possible war and defence. It was originally a train station for certain Trailmon to travel to and from, carrying then-future residents and visitors into their city. Before long, it ended up expanded to include a police station to keep the order and uphold their law, and the army, as a general consensus, just in case of war or the need to defend themselves.

"...Have you heard? Some kinda super 'mon came out from nowhere and kicked some demonic ass!" A young teenage Digimorph said to his friend, catching the Wizarmon hybrid's attention.

"Eh? What kind?"

"That's the thing, a rare, one-of-a-kind 'mon!"

"Are you sure you're not pulling it out of your ass?"

"I'm not! A friend of my mum said he saw a Flamon!"

He paused. 'A Flamon?' He pondered, thinking about it. It was understandable, Flamon was a rare Digimon, not once seen since, if following rumours and theories, the time of the Ten Legendary Warriors' fight with Lucemon. But it was just that, rumours and theories, with no absolute, solid base. Some say a Flamon appeared once afterward or even before Lucemon's reawakening, but none of them has enough evidence for it. 'Yet...let's see, one of the Digimorph Miss Wings was watching over...isn't one of them a Flamon...'

"Hey! Wizard! You're going to come in or stand there blankly?" Someone called out, snapping his attention back to reality, causing him to blinking several times, as the other person, a lanky blue-haired man rolled his eyes.

"Huh? Oh, coming, Rai!"


"Whoa... There's so many Digimon here," exclaimed Neemon looking around at the nearly full room of volunteering Digimon, many of them Adult level and higher, with the occasional Armour level spotted here and there.

"Of course there is! This is the recruitment room; of course there'll be a lot, Bakamon!" Bokomon said, giving his friend a swift yet non-lethal whack on the head, receiving a satisfactory 'Ow!' as a response.

After the Digital World was saved by the Chosen Children, Bokomon and Neemon found themselves employed by the Three Great Angels for work. Bokomon received the offer partly because of his experiences travelling with the Chosen Children, his wide range of knowledge and lastly, although not publicly voiced or admitted, because of Seraphimon's fondness from when the male humanoid Angel was a Patamon. Neemon joined his friend, since it was discovered that the generally dim Digimon worked better when he's with Bokomon, as his presence seemed to encourage the Child level Digimon to do better.

Which was why the both of them currently were here; Bokomon in managing and sorting the information and data, and Neemon doing his simple manual work nearby, often carrying things for the book smart Digimon if there's too much items to carry. Walking behind the registration table, Pidmon, a red-clothed Angemon with a single pair of wings, glanced at them and nodded his mutual greeting, as Bokomon took some of the filled up sign-up sheets and Neemon, the rest of them.

Piddomon resumed the registration process, as both Bokomon and Neemon exited the room to hand in the forms.

"Bokomon..." Neemon began, looking over at his friend.

"What is it?" Bokomon replied, making sure not to divert his attention. Last time he did to answered one of Neemon's questions, they both ended up walked into a wall and send their carried items flying. It was amusing to some of the other Digimon working here, but to Bokomon, it was hardly funny when he and his Child level friend had to clean it up by themselves.

"Who are the bad guys?"

"Isn't it obvious? They are..." He trailed off, realising that unlike Neemon's usual (and blatantly rhetorical) questions, this was one of the few times in his life that Bokomon doesn't know the answer to.

Bokomon paused, stopping to think for a moment. Somehow, Neemon went from beside to behind his scholar friend. Then Beast type Digimon walked into Bokomon, knocking them both over and the reaction caused all of their papers flying around them.



"I want them. I want my Digimorphs back." Shinoko stared at demons kneeling before her, her highest ranking officers and a scientist within the demoness' army, sans two of their own, Sharoto and Suoko. "Bring them back however you wish; coercion, threats, capture, persuasion, but they must be in one piece and not mentally broken beyond our orders." If possible, her eyes became ever more chilling. "I won't tolerate a repeat of Sharoto's failures to capture them, or even Suoko's inability to overcome a bunch of children, understand?"

If they felt panic, nervousness or discomfort, they show no signs of it. "We understand, Lady Shinoko." They said, in unwavering unison. Unlike themselves, Sharoto and Suoko were the weaker fighters of their group, even the demonic scientist can perform better than the disgraced and dead demons.

They were subjected to their lady's cold stare for some time before she dismissed them, allowing them to go back to their usual duties.

Once they exited the throne room, they mostly split up and went their separate ways; each one with their own plans to bring back the escaped Digimorphs, they just needed some time and gathered resources to put them into motion. It wasn't long before one of them was deployed with Shinoko's permission and approval.

With a grin, a winged demon looked around at the ensuring preparation below, using his reptilian wings to keep him airborne. Most normal demons would tear apart a jocular demon for not doing work; but they did not, especially not toward someone vastly superior in strength and rank to them. As for the rest of them, they just deal with it or are simply Digimorphs, who were raised after that scandalous escape years back.

"I know you can work faster, so move it! Move it!"

Hearing his words, the demons just kept their complaints to mere grumbles while some of the Digimorphs, ordered to help out, continue to work diligently, voicing nothing that can cause repercussions and ignoring the taunts and insults from the demon workers.

The winged demon officer kept an eye on the workers, as if in deep thought, but really deciding who was worthy or not to be recommended. More often then not, the diligent working Digimorphs held his attention the most. His grin returned to his oddly youthful face.

At the dawn of the next day, his unit began their assault.


While walking to meet up with each other, six cell phones gave their respective beeps, signalling a new voice mail. Just seconds after they heard who the voice belonged to, their owners swiftly changed their direction and ran toward Shibuya Train Station.

Another group of friends suddenly has a sudden shiver, having a sense of foreboding feeling. Quickly, they, depending on where they are and what they're doing, made improvised arrangements in order to be free for the moment and to settle down their hunches.

'Please, let it be just paranoia, please.'

To be continued.

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