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Later that evening the gang sat around the Solo residence laughing about the day's events. Everyone seemed quite surprised when told the about the misunderstanding between Mara and the vornskr. Han's reaction was by far the best. He had actually turned red. No one had ever seen him blush before, except maybe Leia, thus it created a roar of hysterics from the crowd at Han's expense. For once, he was struck silent. He just stood before everyone opening and closing his mouth, searching for a witty retort that wouldn't come.

Still more surprising to everyone was Luke and Mara's sudden, yet subtle displays of affection. Their casual caresses and lingering stares were not wasted on anyone, but all seemed inclined to make a pretense of allowing the new lovers to believe their secret was undiscovered. It might have worked, had it not been for Leia, who's smile seemed to gush with happiness whenever she looked at Luke and Mara. So wrapped up in the fun of the evening, no one took notice that two members of the usual posse were absent.


Two droids walked through the city as the sun set. The taller, golden rod shape was speaking. "Oh my, Artoo, we just made it. The nice sales lady said our ad would go out in tomorrow's edition."

He listed to the smaller dome shaped droid beep a response and then affirmed, "Of course I'm sure we did the right thing. Trader Jade will be most grateful of our help."


Intergalactic Inquirer Issue 13

Classified Section

Wanted: Husband for a former imperial, Force strong, pregnant assassin. Must be able to stand up for self, possess strong piloting skills, and know how to take a punch . Experience in the trading franchise a plus. Jedi Masters need not apply.