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Getting It
by: amirynn

They didn't get it.

Maybe it was because they were first years, but they honestly didn't get it- why did Kikumaru-senpai always yell at Fuji-senpai for "giving up to easily" whenever Inui-senpai's juice was involved? Even when the tensai was matched up against their buchou...

Then again, they always saw Kikumaru-senpai with Fuji-senpai, and after a few weeks of observation, they began to see little, though significant things. Like, how Kikumaru-senpai always seemed to have hot sauce in his bento how Fuji-senpai always seemed to carefully protect Kikumaru-senpai.... It made them wonder how close the two where. When Kachiro made the casual comment that the two must be close friends, Horio pounced on the idea and adopted it immediately. Of course, then the loud mouthed first year wanted to know how close they were- were they best friends?

Katsuo and Kachiro weren't very clear on why it was important, but they followed along faithfully when, tired of wondering, Horio had marched to a friend and demanded answers. The other two freshmen had to hold in their laughter when Ryoma-kun further infuriated the already irritated Horio by merely tugging his hat down to cover his eyes, smirking as he said.

"Mada mada dane."

Of course Horio completely lost it after that- the arrogant, though well meaning, self-proclaimed leader of their trio had wanted answers, and naturally Ryoma-kun gave him nothing. However, Kachiro saw his friend's smirk and something clicked. As though realising this, golden eyes pinned down the observant first year with a clear warning.

Don't mess with them- if either one gets hurt, I won't be the only one after you.

Chills had crept up his spine when it was once more driven home that he and the other first years really weren't on the same level as Ryoma-kun, even if they claimed friendship with him. Despite his realisation, and even if Kachiro wondered about slightly different things, the general overtones of his thoughts still tied him to the other two first years.

They all didn't get it.

Why, exactly, were Kikumaru-senpai and Fuji-senpai so close?

How did they become so close?

Eventually, they forgot about it, as they eventually forgot all things. After all, there were other, more important and far more interesting, things to worry about; like Momo-senpai, Tezuka-buchou and Nationals.

Still, every once in a while, the bright laughter of his senpai-tachi pulls at Kachiro's attention and he looks up, no longer with surprise, to see his senpai-tachi nearby.

With no surprise, he sees Kikumaru-senpai with his arms around Fuji-senpai, both laughing freely within the group of regulars. And now it no longer takes effort to see what it was that was different when he first brought up the two's friendship weeks before. Kikumaru-senpai relaxes more with Fuji-senpai around, and Fuji-senpai himself smiles a little more genuinely when the red-head cuddles up to him affectionately in the pretence of a glomp. Not only that, but the two shine with the brilliance of those who are happy, content and in love.

That small observation alone causes a tiny smile to blossom on Kachiro's face.

So, even if he-the most observant of the first year trio-doesn't get it, he knows that he really doesn't have to.


:is fully aware of how little sense that actually made, but um… it flowed? yeah…. *cringe*: