Whatsoever You Do

By Dreamstrifer

Disclaimer: I only own Nindariel, because I'm not special enough to own anything else.   

Author's Notes: *dodges random LoTR books chucked at her by her readers* I know, I know. I just haven't felt like writing Misadventures of Madness lately. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning it! I'm not that heartless.

Oh, and don't be turned off by Nindariel's appearance. She may SEEM perfect, but as the story progresses, it will become apparent that she is anything but (in fact, she only got an 8 on the Mary Sue litmus test. Go me!). In fact, she is kind of clueless at times. Anyway, I hope you like this new story that has been bouncing around in my head for months.


Nindariel wasn't what you might call an ordinary elf. Oh, surely, she had the grace, beauty, knowledge, and eternal youth like one would expect. She was kind, had a lovely singing voice, and was not only gifted with working with her hands as her mother taught, but she was gifted with some slight fighting ability as her father taught.

All in all, Nindariel was completely and utterly frustrated with herself. Her complaint, as one would not expect, was that she thought herself entirely too perfect.

Her parents often tried to make her see her talents as something she should be proud of. Certainly, Lady Galadriel had even complimented her a time or two. Her sister was ever exasperated, partly from her envy of her talents, and out of her own frustration that Nindariel couldn't be happy with them.

Although, as much as everyone seemed to think, Nindariel was not perfect. In fact, a few reasons made her very imperfect. Nindariel had, above all things, a vile temper. The only reason she hadn't yet strangled her cousin for his teasing was the fact that Nindariel would be absolutely mortified to strike someone and get in trouble for it. And besides, Lady Galadriel was the only one who knew how bad Nindariel's temper truly was. She had taken the much younger elf to the side, and had a little chat.

So, for the past three hundred years Nindariel didn't dare let her temper show, lest she really ruin her reputation. Not that Nindariel minded, but Lady Galadriel could be right scary when she wanted to.

And another thing, Nindariel found herself quite... intimadated by the male elves. She really had no reason to. She was pretty enough, and kind enough. But everytime one asked her to dance at a feast, she blushed crimson and stuttered an excuse.

Which came to the third reason why Nindariel wasn't perfect. Elves do not stutter. However, every time Nindariel was nervous, she stuttered. Worse than a human, really.

Despite her intimidation, she did have one male friend, besides her cousin (who wasn't always teasing her). He was Rumil, brother to Haldir, the Marchwarden of Lothlorien. Rumil didn't seem to her like the other male elves, and certainly not like his brothers. Truly, the two elves that scared Nindariel the most were Haldir and Orophin themselves.

And most of all Haldir.

It's truly Ironic, then, that Rumil had a Very Sadistic Plot in mind, considering Haldir thought very little of his brother's friend. Perhaps it was that she was too perfect, as she thought. Or perhaps it was because he was just Haldir, with an ego the size of Middle-earth.

And Rumil's Very Sadistic Plot was truly very sadistic. Because Rumil, the matchmaker that he was, took it upon himself to bring Nindariel and Haldir together. And not just together, but to fall in love.

And that, truly, would take all the talent in the world.