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Chapter Four:

Now, some of you may be a bit confused about what has happened. First let me tell you that I was not the first to fall down the enchanted well. My mother did so twenty years before. There she too met an inu youkai. His name was Inutaishou. She had a son named InuYasha. After his birth she returned to our time and married a human man, and had me.

Next, my brother thought I had been with Kouga in a romantic way when he found my footsteps and scent that night. And when he found Kouga dead, he knew I had killed him. At first he was in denial, but then he refused to defend himself with the truth because it would have meant my death. Perhaps the most important thing to InuYasha was his little sister and he would never have caused me pain.

Next I will say, yes I did die. My soul now floats in a strange kind of inbetween state. Not really here...not really there. I just...am. I suppose, this is what hell is like. Not being able to interact with anyone. Not being able to influence anything. And yet seeing all. I watched my body fall to the ground. And I watched two days later when both Sango and Miroku were killed by the miko, Kagura. You see, she wasn't really a miko at all. She was an agent of Naraku. She allowed things to unfold as they did so that he could gain Kikyou who gave to him the Shikon no Kakera she had gathered. He then stole the shards I possessed off my corpse used the completed Shikon no Tama to become a full demon and conquer the world.

My only consolation comes from two things. First, Kikyou never ran off with Naraku. That's one body that'll never be found. I can almost feel a wicked smile as I think of that. But alas, I can no longer smile for I have no physical form. Second, there was another reason I didn't want to marry Kouga. A reason that rose fifteen years later from the only place left untouched by Naraku's evil. The Western Lands. A powerful female hanyou who destroyed the evil creature and united Japan under her father's rule. Her name was Midoriko and she was the eldest child of Sesshoumaru. No one remembers her mother, but some say she was a strange human miko. She had a younger sister, Chihiro, who was full demon. And in a style true to their family, they fought one another bitterly.

Yes, as I think of this...I almost smile.