Lady Burgundy


Stillness reined the whole room for an hour until somebody broke the ice.

"I want YOU.

You're MINE."



The two stopped talking and went down the stage. Others began to fix the other props that were used for that day while the director scanned their script. She looked exasperated though it doesn't show much.

"Okay, guys, excellent practice today. I just hope you achieve perfection by tomorrow," she half-shouted.

"The practice is over?" asked the stage manager Oliver, who also picked up the used props and crossed-over at her." The play's going to take place 2 days from now, and you're talking about being perfect to win. Added to that, how can we win if we don't extend to practice, Ryanne?"

"Don't twist it, Oliver," was all she replied, and Oliver looked at him skeptically. "Somebody's going to use this place and we're only supposed to stay here until 5, but it's already 5:30 so in other words, we're overdue. That's why I suggest packing your things up and get going."

No one argued about this though their faces show consternation. But as Ryanne told them, they can't do anything about it so they obeyed and sighed for the hope that Ryanne will change plans.

Then Mariah blurted, "Hey, guys, can't we practice somewhere else?"

Finally, a suggestion was made.

She's anxious and tensed from the start for she haven't memorized her lines yet she was one of the important characters. "I mean somebody's place, like for example, at Oliver's or at Rei's. Anywhere can do just for the sake of this performance," she almost begged or rather begged. Everybody looked at each other and murmured.

"Oh, a house a practice. Sounds like fun," Bryan commented. Rei looked at him meaningfully.

"You're sure?"

Bryan sighed and looked around. "It can be great," he replied. "And besides, it's still early… who knows we might finish this day," he completed with a satisfactory grin.

The jet-black haired girl turned around and thought of it. Of course, they wanted to win. And to achieve that, they must do things professionally.

And of course, PRACTICE makes perfect.

So, solution came up to her, which pleased her crew.

"I see no wrong with the suggestion, so OK. At your place, Kuznetsov," she replied.

Everybody cheered.


The neko-jin teen exchanged looks with the seductive yet mysterious purple- haired guy. It's like they're talking through mind that said:

"At your place? What's gotten into you?"

"What's wrong? They're not going to do harm, relax."

"I hate it when you think like that"

They all turned to the raven-haired guy that had spoken. Eyes of suspicion looked at him and before he knew it Bryan jerked him and he was back.

"Is there something wrong, Rei?"

Rei looked like he was having cramps. "No, nothing, guys, I'm just having hallucinations, that's all," was all he replied.

Shit. Just as I've thought. They might found out something that's not worth forgiving, in my place.

"So, can we go now?" Ryanne asked, eyeing him and all.

And Rei nodded thoughtfully, and the rest agreed too.

Something strange might happen there all right because it's Bryan's, and I'm not sure if that's because of him since somebody behind his back had been acting strange lately.


I wonder.